Monday, April 21, 2008

Adult Product of the Week

Adult Product of the Week: The Wascally Wabbit Vibrator
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I bought this off of the Adam and Eve website a bit over a year ago, though you can get one from any adult site. My first vibrator. I have problems with arousal and orgasm, so I can't give you loads of stories about how amazing it is, but I can tell you that it is very well reviewed. Someone certainly likes it.

Let's start with the basics. It's fairly large, round, pink rabbit vibrator, which means it is a penis-shaped dildo with a rabbit shaped vibrator attached to the top. This is done so that you get the internal vaginal sensations with the dildo, and the external clitoral sensations with the vibrator. The texture isn't particularly life-like, but I do like the way it feels, texture-wise.
It also has a section in between that contains a bunch of multi-colored beads, supposedly to stimulate the vaginal opening. Personally, it doesn't do much stimulation in that area, but few things do for me, so I'd love to hear if anyone else has used this and how these beads (or anything else, for that matter) felt or worked.

And I must mention the faces. The rabbit part itself has eyes, and a little bitty nose, and I just think that's darling. Then there's- and this is great- a smiley face just under the glands of the "penis". Quite literally, it's a face for the head. ^-^ The glands look like hair, and then there are raised dots going down the back of the dildo, looking like the buttons on a shirt, and two bigger ones on the side, almost like shoulders. It may not be particularly beneficial for your pleasure, but I think it's an adorable touch.

I really prefer the vibrator part itself, over the dildo, but mostly because I'm all for clitoral orgasms. They're there, they're great, what else is needed? Because of the way it's set up, you can even use the vibrator by yourself, if that's all your looking for. This is good because, due to the girth of the dildo, it can be uncomfortable to squeeze in if your not looking for that kind of pleasure.

The whole thing is attached to a big square battery pack, and uses three AA batteries. It has two sliding "buttons", one for the rabbit vibrator, and one for the spinning motions of the beads and the dildo (which does a sort of twisty movement while the beads spin).

It's a bit loud but the only real vice I had with this product was the actual holding area for the batteries. I cannot tell you how often I had to stop whatever I was doing to click a battery back into place, because there aren't actually any ridges or dips for the batteries to fit into place, they're just supposed to hang there between their...whatever the sides are called.

Other than that, it's pretty okay. Its a bit wide for my tastes, but it does it's job. And I love the rabbit vibrator, it is fantastic.
I would recommend it for someone who has a very sensitive vagina and vaginal opening, because that's what would be great for this, to keep the vibrator low but the dildo's movements high.
I would also like to mention that although this is a masturbation toy, it can be used (meaning I once used it...) during sex as well, if you turn it around and just use the vibrating rabbit. I assume it could also be used for double penetration, if your lover is taking you anally, and you insert this into the vagina. I can't imagine all those sensations at once.

Have fun!


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