Monday, January 19, 2009

(Late) Sunday Sex Position :: Running With Scissors

Also known as: Spooning, Intersextion, Tribbing,

Disclaimer:: This article contains a bit of cartoon nudity, as well as graphic explanations and erotic text (nothing too good this week, unfortunately). Read at your own discretion.
Missionary just didn't leave enough room for my vibrator. A Double Bullet Egg Vibrator, it was strong like a rocket, but took up too much space for conventional positions. He lifted his hips, grabbed my side, and rolled me over, falling quickly behind me, his still-hard member resting snugly between my thighs. He entered me slowly, pushing his upper leg between mine and sliding his way inside. As my body adjusted, I twisted, my back flat against the bed while my thigh clenched around his side. He began a slow, steady rhythm, giving me time to get the vibrator started again, sliding it over my pubic hair, between my soft lips, to rest gently against my swollen clit. I moaned softly, my head falling back, watching the movement of our conjoined hips. As the vibrator sent shivers through my thighs, I worked on clenching my insides, using the muscles I'd built through daily kegel exercises to squeeze my muscles around the firmness inside me. He let out a sudden moan, surprised by the new sensation. As I pumped my body against his, rubbing the vibrator harder and harder agaisnt myself, I tried to squeeze harder, pressure building inside me in hot, sharp waves of tight pleasure, harder and harder, tighter and tighter, until I couldn't take it any more. My whole body bucked against his hips, my muscles clenching tight, a warm, trembling sensation found its way throughout my body. My thoughts disappeared, my breath caught deep in my chest as every muscle in my body spasmed, sending shockwaves of wonderful, hot pressure that made me cry out in pleasure, as he began to mimick my sounds, his body shuddering...releasing...relaxing...

For a while, when money was tight and jobs came first, Coal and I got pretty down and dull about sex. But now, by some miracle, we're back up and having fun again. With that fun comes lots of movement between the sheets. Missionary turns upside down, Doggy Fashion goes flat, and Cowgirl...kind of flips over.
One position we always come back to is a variation of the Scissors position.

Here, you lie next to each other, man behind woman, "spooning". Either simply entering from behind, her legs outward, or a little more comfy, with her lower leg between his, and her upper leg over his thigh, he enters from behind. Or with both of his legs in between hers. And despite the South Park "Scissors" joke, this is somewhat similar to what is commonly called Tribbing when done by two women.

We particularly love this position because it leaves lots and lots of space to use just about any clitoral vibrator, regardless of the sex of your partner (if everyone watches where their legs are going, that is).

Great to incorporate new toys, bring yourself to orgasm (him pumping with the vibe buzzing is fantastic, I swear) with your favorite vibe, or just enjoy the new sensations the change can give you.

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Have fun, Play safe.


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Amazing how finances can reach so far into the bedroom.

Good to hear sex is on the up!

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