Saturday, May 9, 2009

3 Months and Quite A Few Orgasms Later...

Here I am, attempting to be "back".
One final left to take, a bottle of Blood Orange Mimosa champagne to drink, and 8 orgasms under my belt in the last 24 hours.
Am I ready to chat?


The Phone Sex enterprise went okay for a while, but then suddenly dropped out horribly. I made a pleasant $600 in the first month, and a pathetic $20 (if even) in the last month. I'm not sure what happened, and I am planning to try to keep up with it a little, but it just stopped feeling worth it.
The days with no calls, then days with nothing but 1 minute hang-ups, just got to me too much and I stopped clocking in.
I really want it to work, I'm desperate, in fact, for it to work, and I still feel a sort of glamor and excitement in working in the sex industry, but I just can't seem to make it work. I still take the occasional call, when a mysterious guy requests one, but I rarely clock in for hours at a time like I used to. It just gets too depressing.

Next week I head back to my day job, so hopefully my world will be filled with mediocre paychecks, good books (just started Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, am waiting on the 5th Obernewtyn book, and another Francesca Lia Block book, and plan to read the Vivid girl's How To Have An XXX Sex Life eventually- courtesy of G) and-hopefully- lots of exotic foods (went to Chapel Hill a while back and got fantastic(!) ethiopian food that I got to eat with my fingers!!!). And, with much luck and effort, Sin's Secret will be back up and running and more interesting and sexy and fun than ever.

That's my goal, anyway.
Will it work? Maybe. Maybe not.

In the future I may have some interesting stories from my phone sex exploits, a long overdue toy review for, and many new sex positions. Next time I stop by the used book store, also, I'm planning on grabbing some sexual history books, and teaching you guys some dirty naughty facts. You can also look forward to a HNT every week, and possible some erotic stories about food. It is definitely my obsession at the moment....

In the meantime, I was hoping some people could send me submissions for a possible print and web-zine that I really want to put out. No pay, just coolness. This could be art or writing, and anything sexy, erotic, etc. I've been wanting to do this for a long time but only have like 3 friends that writer erotic works, so I need some extra content, and you guys would be perfect, I know it! So if anyone is interested, please email me. SinSekret AT Gmail DOT com, as usual.

Much Sexy Luv!


Sexie Sadie~ said...

Let me know what you are looking for exactly. I may be interested!!


Sam said...

I'm also wondering wtf's happening to the phone sex industry. I was making 400-1000 a month for the past 6mths, then in April - sweet f.a.

Currently I'm with the crew linked to in my name. Not a bad bunch. But we're all feeling a bit nervous atm. Perhaps it's time for a new career?