Friday, May 22, 2009

The OverDue Review: Selene Pump

Hello babes!

I'm extremely behind on everything I was supposed to do forever ago, so I'd like to go ahead and get caught up on what I can. First off, a new product review!

Today's product (which should have been ups WEEKS ago, I apology) is the Selene Vibrating Clitoral Pump.

This clitoral pump comes from's sex toys. (I love how easy it is to navigate their site; some companies make it so difficult to find what you're looking for...)
It's in the clitoral stimulators section, along with all the rest of my favorites. ^-^

The idea behind it is that the suction-cup action increases blood flow to your intimate areas (specifically, your clit), allowing you to experience more sensitivity and pleasure.
How awesome is that?

The Selene Pump, a made by California Exotics, through their "doctor approved" Berman Center line, comes in a neat box with plenty of informational reading material.

The toy itself is very girly, with a light purple color, glittery areas, and hearts all over the hand pump. It comes with a cute sheer bag and two interchangeable suction heads (one with little tendrils, one without).

It works by, basically, pressing the suction-cup head around your clitoris (or your nipple, or any other part of you), squeezing the hand pump a few times, and letting the pressure clamp the thing around your skin. For me this wasn't particularly a good feeling, in fact, it really started to hurt after about 5 seconds. There's a heart-shaped release button on the bottom of the pump, and I used it quite a bit while experimenting with the toy.

The Selene also vibrates, but I'm not quite sure why. The vibrations on this thing probably aren't going to do much for you. The two AAA batteries it calls for don't supply nearly enough power, so unless you're already pretty sensitive in general, that part isn't likely to get you off.

Now, anyone who's read up on my reviews should know that I don't kiss ass for these things; if I don't like a toy, I don't like it. I try to point out its good spots yeah, but if it's not good for me I say that.
This toy is... one of those cases. I didn't like it for me, but I love the idea of it and what it's supposed to do.

And, actually, there are two reasons I don't blame this toy for the fact that it didn't work on me. One, is this extremely positive review from the wonderful Curvaceous Dee (watch out, NSFW). I remember her review being my inspiration for wanting to try it out, and it's really a shame it didn't work so well for me.
The other reason is my own anatomy.
I actually have a sort of...hidden clitoris, which doesn't ever come out. I mean ever. I blame a lot of my arousal and orgasm troubles on this problem, and while I hope to one day get it fixed, I really can't blame a clitoral pump for not getting more blood to my clitoris when it can't even find it.

I was really excited to try it out, but as soon as the plastic-y circle took hold of my flesh, failing to attach when I didn't pump it enough, and squeezing everything when I did, I was no longer aroused at all. I tried different positions, different numbers of pumps, different angles, pulling the skin this way and that, whatever I could think of. I also tried it on my breasts, but with similar results. Perhaps my skin is just too sensitive; all it did was sting.

So, all in all, the sensations it gave me weren't particularly pleasant, and the sensations that were left afterward (when I should have been incredibly aroused and ready to go), were equally not-pleasant.

But, as I said, I don't blame the toy for this, I mostly blame my own biology, and am actually more disappointed in my own body than I am with the toy. I still think it's a cool idea and worth experimenting with, if you're body's up for it, and you're willing to cough up the $30. Not too bad of a price if it works for you.

Have Fun, Play Safe!

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