Friday, April 10, 2009

Yet More HNTness

I've never really understood the whole "innocent girl next door" fetish, not really.
But these socks, so smooth and high up...leaving that cool flesh between my short skirt and the colorful socks completely bare......
it does feel sexy.......

PS. I have a great story for you guys this weekend. Check back!


Mistress said...

WOW! Veri nice ;)

Anonymous said...

wow, very sexy!

figleaf said...

Hey, Sin!

I don't care much for the innocent look either. Innocence is fine. And wanting to learn is fine. But the combination that's sort of implied by the "innocent look" fetish kind of squicks me.

But as you say the actual clothes have a lot of erotic practicality and they're great when worn with conscious intent.

So cool photo, great clothes, and you look very nice in them.

Happy belated HNT,


Daniel said...

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