Thursday, June 26, 2008

Position of the Week $

Currently Watching: The Secretary :: Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal & James Spader

This weeks position is: "The Rising"
Also called Right Angle Position, The Yawning.

In movies and porn you often see couples going at it in something like missionary, but with the womans legs against the guys chest, her high-heeled feet dangling behind his back. This is something like that, but just a little bit more complex.

Here the woman lies on her back, the man standing on his knees in front of her. He grips her legs and she supports herself with her hands above/behind her on the bed or headboard as he lifts her legs up and rests them against his body, her ankles on either side of his head. The woman now should have her hips off the bed/ground, and both her legs firmly against the mans body, with their pelvises in line with each other. The guy can hold her legs either at the ankle, knees, or thighs, but preferably her hips while her legs rest inside his elbows, and he penetrates in this position. Traditionally, he should move in "slow circular motions" while she stays still.

So lets talk about this one, one gender at a time.

Guys: You're probably going to love this. Probably. Despite the work it takes to get everything situated, the depth of insertion here (according to W) is fantastic. The womans vagina is shortened a little bit, so your penis goes all the way in, and completely "fills" her.
There's little effort on your part really, except for the fact that your standing on your knees, which can get tiring after a while. And here you have almost total control over speed, pressure, and depth.
"It was hard to keep a grip, but the angle of penetration was...nice. It felt good. It felt open." -W

Ladies: You...might like this. If you have decently strong abs, don't get tired too easily, and don't mind your legs falling asleep halfway through, sure.
The angle isn't uncomfortable once you get used to it, it's just a bit odd the first time, so comfort isn't a really a problem here. Except for your legs... But if you're really into it, my negative comments can be thrown to the wind, because all this one really takes is practice.
The angle does give lots of space for a decent view, or for a vibrator to slip in and give you an extra boost when wanted.
I bet this also burns twice as many calories than regular missionary, simply because of how your fighting to keep up your hips. A great ab workout. Mix that with the good vibrator area, and you've got yourself a pleasurable-and productive- time. ^-^
Although you should definitely skip this one if you have neck or back problems.

I have to say that this is one worth trying, at least, especially if your willing to do the practice ("make research", as W says quite often). I only tried it once, and only for a little while, and because I definitely don't have the abs to hold myself up like that, my personal discomfort shouldn't deter you from at least trying it next time you hop into bed. If you're looking for something new and interesting, this should be on your list.

The angle and depth alone make it worth trying, if only for the guy, and if your the adventurous type, it's pretty cool just to be able to say "Yeah, I did that one". So I say give it a shot.

Tried it? Loved it? Hated it? Found one better? Let me know! Email me at or AIM me under SinSekret.

Sorry no erotica this time, but I've got the next one almost done (already!), and there is a short story, and it's by W, so it's something different.
By the way, we've hit over 1,000 hits so far this month! Fucking awesome!!!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Sex Toy Reviews and The Mini Dolphin

Okay, so.
Recently I created an account with This is an online adult toy store (like Adam & Eve) that I just stumbled onto. I LOVE their stuff. I mean, I haven't bought anything from them yet, but everything just looks so COOL! I'm sure that sounds silly, but seriously, you have to just stop by and look at the main page (link right over there). The toys are so curvy and colorful and neat! I mean, they have regular toys too, but the aesthetics of these interesting ones is so awesome.

Anyway. I started an Affiliate account with them, but more importantly, I am now a Contributer. I'm going to be writing reviews for them. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but I think it's cool. The best part (for you) is that it means that I'll be doing reviews more often, which is something I've been slacking on lately.
The bad part is that I'm not allowed to post the reviews I do anywhere else outside of their site. But that's not a big deal, I've solved it.

When I do a review, I'll also write a short paragraph about the toy and post it here, along with the link to the on-site review over there. That way you get a summary here no matter what, and you can check out the full review (and the toy) over there, if you want to.

So, for today, I give you my first EdenFantasys Product Review.

Interactives Mini dolphin

This is a simple strap on vibrator made specifically for hands-free play, as well as couples use. It's strong, waterproof, and fun to use. It's hard to keep in one place, but when you can get it where you want it, it works well.

For couple play, it's a bit big, and I've ended up with quite a few pubic bone bruises (I don't mind them, but I'm sure most of you might).

It's a great beginners idea for people who want to try out couples vibrators.

I gave it a four, though I probably should have given it a three, but that's okay. I've used it for the last seven months, and it's only now dying on me. I appreciate it and the pleasurable wonders its done for me. ^-^

Mini Dolphin Review

And so you know, if your a blog owner or whatever and you become an Affiliate, my Partner Code is 9K9. ^-^'

Oh! And it must be said, I almost forgot...

R.I.P George Carlin.
Heart failure, yesterday. I couldn't believe it.
We'll miss him.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sin on News

Some news stories today that BUG me:

Shakopee heeds parents' concerns on sex-ed course

Okay. No. There is no - and I mean NO- logical reason for kids not to learn about sex. Seriously. The time for sexual morality is OVER. Sex is biology. Sex is nature. Sex is going to happen whether we like it or not. Parents can't normally opt their kids out of Biology, or let them skip European History, so their friggin body's sexual DEVELOPMENT class should also be REQUIRED. There is no LOGICAL reason why it shouldn't. People should know their bodies, and that's that.
The fact that they're segregating the sex ed classes is just a laughable after thought for me. Separating boys and girls in a sixth grade class only perpetuates the idea that boys and girls are unequal and sex is something dirty and secret. And I think it's just silly.


Pharmacies Should Be Allowed To Refuse Contraception...

Nothing so wrong with this post. But it revealed the fact that some Pharmacies refuse to fill contraception orders. Wait, what? No, really, WHAT? Okay, what they say about upholding their own morals without pushing them on other people is great, really, but not filling contraceptions? Not holding condoms? What if they're the only Pharmacy in town? Ick. I don't like this. But's not all bad. I guess.

Secrets in the Suburbs: I'm a Dominatrix awesome.
That's all I have to say.
Go you, Mrs. Dom-Mommy.

Oh! And did I mention that Gay Marriage is legal in California? Finally!

W is currently trying to get me to "make research", being that I haven't posted a Position of the Week in for-fucking-ever. (I'm saying fuck a lot tonight; sorry, I'm just in that -fucking- mood.) So I'll go. For science. Yeah, right.

Before I go, four things I realized today.

1. Simba and Nala had sex in the Lion King.

I know, I know; either What the Fuck? or Duh... but for some reason this never occurred to me, but dawned on me suddenly at work as Can You Feel the Love Tonight played.

2. I haven't done a post here about books yet, so I really should. ASAP.

3. The new Doctor Who episodes are better than sex. Period. Seriously. Way better than any sex you could possible have., never mind.

4. I haven't written anything of worth lately. I really do feel bad, I swear. But I'm back from my sad excuse for a "va-kay" and don't work again till Wednesday. So I have three days to force myself! And by force myself I mean be completely lazy until someone actually tells me I should do a new post so I feel like anyone cares. ....... .....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Advice to an Over-Blow-Jobed Wife.

Currently Reading: Sleeping Around: Secrets of a Sexual Adventuress by Catherine Townsend

Sorry I have been soooo crazy slack, but I've been on vacation, and just forgot to say I'd be gone. I'm heading home soon, but till then here's something quick and easy.

I was recently invited to give advice on the sex part of a forum, Ask Dan and Jennifer. I've answered a few so far, and I think they've been pretty good questions (and pretty good answers on my part ^^').

So here's the most recent question and reply. Enjoy ^-^
Husband prefers blowjobs, please help!

Since I had my baby a year ago our sex life seems to have gone down hill. Which yes I can understand why. It used to be twice a day, now it's a few times a week.

However, my problem is my husband seems to prefer a blowjob to sex. I have said when it's that time of the month I don't mind doing it for the week, everyday if he wants!
But for the other 3 weeks I want sex, yes blowjobs included but not all the way.
This afternoon he made it clear he wanted a blowjob, I started and then stopped because I could see it was all he wanted. He was disappointed and nothing else happened, no sex or anything.

We have talked about this loads of times and I actually thought he understood how crap it makes me feel.

Oh its great, knowing your husband wants a blowjob but not sex with you. It's not even like I get anything after or during giving him one.

I am so sexually frustrated. It just seems to be either a blowjob for him or a blowjob leading to sex (a quickie) I might add.

The problem is it has gone that far now I don't even come onto him because I feel he doesn't want me. Like I said, I have spoke to him about it and he says yes I understand I am sorry, it will be different.

We used to always watch porn together and I miss it, but there is no way I could watch it now because I feel so low about myself.

Advice please?

Hey there Heaven.

It's seems quite common that guys don't think in a balanced way when it comes to sex. Especially oral sex.

Going in a similar yet opposite direction of the post before me, his reciprocation is a good idea, but why not make a deal with it? You said you're sexually frustrated, why not make a bargain where you'll give him oral if he gives you oral. And if he's all up for that, but he is only half-hearted and you're still left unsatisfied, make it a deal where you'll give him a blow job every time he makes you orgasm. It doesn't matter if he likes it or not; I doubt you like doing it to him all that much either.

And while usually I don't condone trading sex for power, if oral sex isn't your thing, and he's really stuck on blowjobs, try exchanging your sexual favors for housework. Sounds a little odd, but you just had a baby, and I'm sure your list of chores and responsibilities has doubled and his hasn't changed all that much. So, for every time he makes the family dinner, mows the lawn, cleans the kitchen/bathroom, or does the groceries (perfectly), he gets a blowjob. Not right away, but when the time is right.

And if you don't like the idea of bargaining on this, than try more communication. You said he promises to change, but it seems he hasn't, so try simply restricting him. Be honest that you don't like doing it all the time (if ever), and tell him that until you are no longer sexually frustrated, you don't want to do it. Or that you can only give him oral for every time you have successful sex.

Or, just stop doing it altogether, and let him know that your choosing to stop. That you don't like it, it makes you feel bad/degraded, and that when you feel like it (or he deserves it), maybe it can happen again.

I know these sound...harsh, but you seem desperate in a way. Guys can be selfish about their sexual gratification, and you have to show that your gratification (sexual or otherwise) needs to be acknowledged and satisfied. Especially if you actually don't like giving oral. That doubles the problem. You do it for him, even though you don't like it, so he should at least do it for you, if not something else to please you in some way.

If nothing else, communication and understanding (in this case, understanding on his part), is key.

I wish you luck, I hope things work out.


Monday, June 9, 2008

A Personal Message...

Currently Reading: Sleeping Around: Secrets of a Sexual Adventuress by Catherine Townsend

Reading the Sexual Memoirs I love so much, I've started feel a bit down. I feel sort of disconnected; like I'm trying to measure up to these writers but inevitably can't.
Not because they know more, or because they're older or more successful, but because of their infamously long "lists".

I, with my total of four sexual partners, cannot compete or compare with a published writer with more than fifty men under her belt. (Why I envy these women in the future post on Casual Sex and Promiscuity.)
And while W and I have talked about and considered considering bringing a third party into our sexual activities, we are both still nervous about the idea. And it's a bit hard to hope for our relationship to succeed when I envy those with more past lovers than me, and wish I were one of them.

I don't feel that quantity of experiences has a dramatic effect on quality of knowledge. I know what I need to know, what I want to know, and I try to know more to help myself and others. But here it doesn't matter what I think, it matters what you, the reader, think. So here I am, asking you myself.

I don't have loads of hilarious sexcapades to share with you, nor sexual wisdom gained over years of trial and error.
What I do have is my ideas. My opinions. My knowledge; gained through limited experience, extensive reading, late night conversations, and occasional research. My body; the way it feels and behaves. My life; the few experiences I have had, as well as those of my closest friends, lovers, and strangers.

I can't always be funny, and I can't always be smart, but I will always try to be both and more.

Do you think that's enough?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

ABCs of Sex

Currently Reading :: Sex and Sensibility

Thank you to Bell (her new personal blog is HERE, by the way) for her ABC idea. She tried to get me to do it a month ago, but completely forgot until she did her own. <3>

A. A is for Apple.
I could have chosen Ass, Anal, or Asphyxiation, but no, I chose apple.
The Original Sin.
The crucial piece of evidence against poor, beautiful, sacred Eve.
A historical image of the mixture of nature and sex.
Crisp, delicious, and bright, sexy breezer red.

B is for Boobs.
These joyous orbs of love have been a symbol of sexiness for more years than just about any sex symbol, and in all those years men have given life, limb, gold, and gods to ogle them, feel them, taste, tease, and squeeze them, and made them an endless source of pain, pleasure, and annoyance to women everywhere.

C. C is for Clitoris.
And condom. And cock.
But lets stick to the important one.
The clitoris is the female sex organ that runs underneath the sides of the labia and up out of the tip, and (all together) is about the size of the average penis.
Bet you didn't know that.
This luv nub has one purpose and one purpose only; to create pleasure for the body it resides in.

D. D is for Dildo.
And Dick.
But their pretty much the same thing.
The great thing about a dildo is that it works just as well (if not better) than any dick out there, and doesn't have the asshole attached to it (read however ye will). The downfall, however, is that it can't cuddle with you or buy you expensive shit.

E. E is for Erection.
Useful for late night booty calls, not for early morning biology classes.
Fun to play with, occasionally fun to look at, and supposedly feels like "having an extra finger stretched out in your pants, taking the best feeling stretch in the world."
Erection=(masturbation X coming)^2

F. F is for Fuck.
Once was the only "curse" word I refused to say. I had this theory about it being the only curse word that actually began as a bad word (versus bitch, ass, and damn, which were their own words first), so it was the only one that shouldn't be said.
But then I changed my mind.
Is now my favorite word. (Right next to Quixotic)
Has a beautiful, harsh, sharp sound to it.

G. G is for Geisha.
Beautiful images of the East, these represent both the beauty of female sensuality, and the traps of masculine rule.
Not the Asian whores we tend to classify them as, geisha were meant to be the perfect woman.
Quiet, beautiful, mysterious, and subservient.
Sex was not normally involved (until a certain point), but they were meant to be everything the men they served wanted.
Serving them, laughing at their jokes, praising them.
The stuff real women wouldn't do, so the guys have to pay for it.
Much like todays hookers, who men go to for their kinks.

H. H is for Hell.
This is apparently where I'm going.
I told my mother recently that I think one of her very christian friends hates me, and she said "No, I think she's just worried for your eternal soul."
But eternity is a very long time. And if I'm going to burn in it forever anyways, I might as well enjoy what I've got while I'm not tiptoeing over the flames.
But don't get me wrong, religion is very important for us stupid little mortals.
I, myself, am very religious, very spiritual.
You need something to have faith in. To believe in wholeheartedly. To follow brainlessly. To always defend and never really think about. To justify your prejudices with. To kill people for.
That's what religion gives you. That special something to believe in.
I believe...
in love.
Love is all you need.

I. I is for Innocence.
That imaginary attribute that people put so much value into.
Most modern girls hold onto their "virtue" for dear dear life.
While boys leave theirs in the dust as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, statistically, this can't work quite right unless that female virtue is lost one way or another.
Usually another, involving coercion and heartbreak.
This is typically accepted.

J. J is for Jizz.
Never mind.

K. K is for Kisses.
The most average, simple, and acceptable form of sexual expression.
A small motion made with your mouth.
That's it.
You kiss your friends. You kiss your siblings. You kiss your children. You kiss your parents. You kiss your lovers.
But hopefully not in the same way...

L. L is for Lesbian.
A woman who is attracted to and has sex with other women (exclusively).
While some choose the definition of a woman who ever has sex/ is attracted to women as a lesbian, I say it's only the ones who only like women, and not men. To me sexuality is lucid, so I keep to my own definitions.
Almost every man's fantasy; watching two girls have make out.
Who the fuck knows.

M. M is for Masturbation.
Self Love.
Jacking Off.
Jerking Off.
Wacking Off.
Jilling Off.
But really, haven't we've talked about that enough this month....

N. N is for Night.
Nighttime has often been associated with mystery, sin, and sex.
Nighttime is fun time, and nowadays all the best things happen at night.
Even taco bell is open later to accommodate us night owls.
Usually, sexual activities occur at night.
But it's definitely not limited to it, not in the least.

O. O is for Orgy.
The more the merrier.
I actually only personally know a few people who have orgies, and sadly they're all old, semi-loser pseudo hippies, and I'd never want to see them naked.
But people fantasize about it all the time.
As if one lover to please wasn't hard enough.

P. P is for Porn.
Anal. Oral. Bondage. Rape. Orgy. Lesbian. Dick. Cunt. Pussy.
Hot. Squirting. Massive. Kinky. Throbbing. Barely Legal.
Combine any two or more of these nouns and adjectives, and you've got yourself a porn title/description.
I was once aroused by certain rough pornos and hentai, but that went away after a batch of really really really bad ones. Now they don't interest me at all.
But that doesn't stop the rest of the world.

Q. Q is for Queer.
The term (usually derogatory) used in reference to gay men.
Not women, they don't get the cool sounding word.
Also goes along with Queen, as in Drag Queen.
I suppose.
Queer guys are usually fun, adorable (even if more through personality than appearance), and know more about fashion and fun than you do.
But that's just the stereotype; it can't be close to true.

R. R is for Rough.
Some like it hot, some like it rough.
From bondage to sadism to asphyxiation to domination.
Whatever floats your boat.

Tie me up, pin me down.
Scratch my back, bite my neck.
Rule me.
Excite me.
Collar me.
Spank me.
As long as you
Like me.

S. S is!
No. Really.
S is for Secret.
Throughout much of average people's lives, sex and their sexual activity is kept a secret.
From quickies in the bedroom while the 'rents are watching TV,
to hookers during a lunch hour,
to hiding your homosexuality,
lying about where you were last night,
and a keeping a secret closest full of sadomasochistic play equipment.
Unfortunately society makes us keep our sexual expression under wraps.

T. T is for Testicles.
Like the boobs, testicles are jiggly little orbs of sex.
Unlike the boobs, they are rarely any fun to look at.
Often, however, they are fun to play with, if you're in the mood.
Creates and holds the sperm that will one day end up in a tube sock, napkin, condom, rectum, or some woman's baby oven.

U. U is for Uterus.
Which is actually a pretty scary word.
Female sex organ where babies grow.
I heard a joke once about how men spend nine months getting out of the vagina(/uterus), and the rest of their lives trying to get back in it.
Not much else to say about this.
Gets really fucking big when a womans pregnant.

V. V is for Vibrator.
The fun toys of the sex world made specifically for women's sex spots (and men's too sometimes).
Used mostly for the clitoris nowadays, with special ones shaped for the G-Spot, these are my favorite bedtime accessory.
No need for men. No need for time.
Just put this thing anywhere near your vagina (or anus/perenium for you guys) and your ready to go.
Plus, if you ladies can't orgasm during intercourse, try rubbing this one around on yourself during intercourse.
You wont have problems for long.

W. W is for Wedding.
For many many years, this was the first time most women would have sex.
Which is kind of sad, when you think about it.
This has been made throughout history to be the goal of womens life, and the end of mens.
Women, even today, spend their whole lives searching for "Mr. Right".
Or as Sex & the City has called him, "Mr. Big.
It's also sparked lots of controversy when it comes to gay marriage.
But really, how silly can you get? There is no logical reason for gay people not to get married.
I have little desire to get married.
It's a romantic gesture, and provides some interesting legal rights,
but really, it's unnecessary.

X. X is for X-Rated.
This was once the highest content rating a movie could get.
It pretty much meant that a movie was inappropriate for children.
Since the 90's its been replaced by the NC-17 rating, and is no longer actually used in the US,
while porn has inherited it for their shock value.
I like NC-17 movies better.

Y. Y is for "Yaz"
I didn't do a letter for condoms or contraception, so lets cover it real quick here.
Yaz is the birth control pill that I use.
I like it, and so far it's worked (I also always use condoms).
Yaz is one of many many many many many different brands and kinds of hormonal birth control.
You should try one.
I always stress the importance of contraception.
So here.
This is me stressing it.

Z. Z is for
you didn't really expect me to come up with a sex word for Z, did you?

Sorry I've been so out of it lately. I just haven't felt like writing, so I haven't. But being that I just got a new (real) job, and have been really busy, and I don't actually get paid for this blog, I think I deserve a week of laziness. I'll try to catch up quick though, so keep checking back for new stuff.