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Position of the Week - Numero !

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In my little poll there, I have gotten a decent amount of response on what people would like to see most on this site. As I slightly expected, sexual tips and positions were voted for the most. So, instead of hoping to eventually write about something useful, I decided to do a weekly short post on sexual positions. A simple (PG-13 rated) image will be accompanied by basic instructions, perhaps some history, and why it is useful.
Hopefully this will be helpful and also decently interesting. Please leave as much feedback as possible, and I will work to make the process better as time goes on.
Later this week I also hope to start other weekly posts like books, websites, and toys.

The Lotus Position
This is a fairly basic position from simple Kama Sutra. You know that cross-legged position people use in yoga and meditation? Yeah, that one. It's called the Lotus position, I believe.

Well, in sex, the Lotus position is essentially this, except the two partners are sitting in this position together, with the woman in the lap of the man, with his legs crossed under her, and her legs crossed around him.

This image to the left is a sort of variation of it, where the legs aren't crossed. This can be useful if the woman is too short or not flexible, and straddling him with her ankles crossed behind his back is uncomfortable.
It's very important that you never do something that is uncomfortable for you or your partner- physically or psychologically.

This position is good because it gives a lot of balanced control. The man can be in control by lifting/shifting the woman with his arms or hips, or the woman can be in control by moving herself. And both can happen at once, creating a great balance.
Also great because it allows you to look into each others faces, kiss, and stroke the front of each other.

I do think it could be less useful for men with smaller penis'. It does not typically allow quite as much penetration (although it can if you position yourselves right) as other positions do, so it might not benefit partners with slightly smaller tools. But, that could be completely off track, it worked more or less just dandy for me and mine.

Incorporating hardware, this might be the perfect time for a vibrator For Her. One of those Durex Play vibrating cock rings might work perfectly, because the genital/pubic areas are constantly close, so you'll rarely ever be away from the sensations. Or try a strap-on vibrator (a regular clitoral one would work fine, it's just annoying having to hold it there with your hands squished between bodies), and other toys like blindfolds, and would probably be good to do on a flat surface like the floor.

Hope that's okay for the first one. Don't forget to let me know if there's anything that might make these things better. ^-^

Tried this position? Let me know what you thought of it! Leave a comment or email me to give me your personal feedback.

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