Monday, April 28, 2008

What's Your Flavor; Postion coming tomorrow, I promise!

Unfortunately, no Position of the Week at the moment. I haven't had sex in days, and haven't been up for the research. But tell you what, if your up to doing the research yourself, the position I was going to do this week was the Brazilian Bedlock. Another fairly simple one, not kama sutra, just a position, but it appealed to me when I found it.

On another sort of review note, I finished My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands, and I'm glad I did. It was witty, well done, fun, and-honestly- hilarious. Got my friend G to read some of it in class and she spend the entire period reading it, and now I'm obligated to lend it to her since I'm done. :-) I'm definitely glad I got it. Great read; lots of sex, lots of fun.

With nothing much else to talk about until I deliver on this weeks position, I spent most of the day wasting money- shame on me- and sucking down margaritas, which I now have an unhealthy love for.

Has anyone ever actually looked at Wikipedia's Sexual Intercourse page? It's pretty interesting, although really I just like the paintings and images, which is also why I adore the Guide To Getting It On- which has loads of interesting and awesome drawings.

Lets make it clear that I'm not big on porn, not really, but I'm a bit of an anomoly when it comes to nudity and sexual images. I love them. When W said he didn't think I'd want to go see Harold & Kumar 2, I gave him an astonished look and said "Well, there's going to be boobs, right? Of course I'll go see it." It's the actual sex act that doesn't turn me on nearly as much.

Unfortunately they were really pushing the bar in this sequel, and there was also ugly penis as well, which was a bit frightening, but at least there wasn't discrimination...


Tomorrow there will be a position of the week, I promise. Either the Brazilian Bedlock (above), or another simple one. I'm thinking of going for a different one, because I'm having trouble finding anything on the Bedlock.

So, while I'm on the subject, What's your favorite Sexual Postition?

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