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We All Wanna Change Your Head

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So I know I've been really horrible about updating, and I'm trying to be better,
I promise. There just comes lots of times when I just don't feel like I have anything worthwhile to say. And you shouldn't blog if you don't have anything useful to say, right? So today I would like to explain why I created this blog.

I set out to make Sin's Secret mainly because of a sudden interest- and disgust- with the recent pushing of the government's Abstinence Only campaign.

For those of you who don't know, the AO campaign gives money to pretty much ANY organization (schools, churches, charities, etc.) IF-and only if- they teach their children/congregation/customers about abstinence. And only abstinence. They aren't allowed to teach about SAFE SEX or distribute safe sex paraphernalia or condoms. No, they have to preach the glories of abstinence and why it is the BEST option. Do they really go into details of everyones other options? Nope. They aren't allowed. It's abstinence= Yay Condoms =Bad Sex=Hell

Well how very helpful.
Do you think that a kid has been told their whole life NOT to do something tis really going to worry about being safe while they're breaking that rule? I mean, when you're running from the cops, do you always make sure to look both ways before you dash across the street? No, you're kinda busy thinking about how much shit you're going to be in when they catch you.

I think they had something like this hundreds of years ago, except it was mainly for women and when they found out you had sex you were beaten to death!

Did I mention that this isn't just for children? The Abstinence Only Campaign teaches to everyone below the age of 29 who isn't married. 29!

The idiotic idea here is that if you teach kids about sex, and how to be safe if you choose to do it, you are promoting sexual activity! That if you pass out condoms, you're promoting promiscuity. That kids don't really have sex when you tell them they shouldn't. I mean, young people never do things you tell them not to, especially if God backs you up, right? (I won't even get into the God part.)

How does this make sense? I mean, if I was handed a condom in high school, I probably would have slipped it in my pocket and it would have stayed there. I wouldn't have gone "Ooh, look, I have a condom! I should go have sex! I wasn't thinking about it at all before, but I am now! Thanks to this little piece of latex in my pocket, I think I'll go get laid, turn into a slut, and get Gonorrhea!" I mean shit, do they really think we think like that?

I might not be completely up to par with my facts, but that is the Abstinence Only Campaign as I've come to understand it. And as I've come to hate it.

That's pretty much why I started Sin's Secret. As a way to help people who aren't getting the information they need. Whether they be 12, 20, or 50 years old. Whether they've been having sex for years, planning on giving it a try, or are completely against the idea.

I wasn't taught sex ed. Ever. My first sexual experiences were with an abusive, coercive boyfriend when I was barely into high school. So many horrible things could have happened, I was lucky they didn't. I was smarter than that. But I still didn't know enough. I have spent a lot of time since then learning, to help make up for what I didn't know then.
I want teenagers today to know enough. I want them to learn about sex, to know the dangers, to know the joys; to be safe and enjoy sex.

I am Sin Secret, and this is my personal protest against Abstinence Only.

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