Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spiral of Self Persecution

I don't make very many personal posts. Yeah, my posts are packed with opinions, but only when related to something having to do with sex itself. Now that I'm writing one, it says something, right?

And here I am. While I should be writing that horrifying English paper that is barely started but due tomorrow, I have instead been sucking down Pina Colada's (with the tiniest bit of rum inside) faster than I can pour them, and browsing the Sex-related blogs scattered through Blog Catalog. And now I find myself mourning my hopes for future success as a blogger.

Really, with so many interesting people out there, what use is there of me? I procrastinate far too much to update regularly- mostly because I, as I am now, feel I have nothing of use to say- and nothing I write seems particularly interesting.

How do you make yourself more interesting?

W. thinks I'm interesting. I hope. Otherwise he wouldn't be with me. People think I'm weird, but that doesn't make me interesting.

So I know a decent amount about sex, so what? I don't know how to approach what I want to say in a manner that gets people interested in it, so what's a girl to do?

Here is what I want, as a beginning blogger, for my blog:

*To be informative. To have information that can help people in the things they want to do.
*To be comprehensive. To cover all ranges of topics that people should know and understand.
*To be fun. What use is a blog about sex if there's nothing fun about it?
*To be witty. I have this indescribable longing be witty and interesting. I mean, it's easier to get people to like you when you can make them smile, right?
*To be helpful. Maybe I'm just silly, but I love answering peoples questions. Especially about sex! But with such in and out posts with little or nothing of consequence, why would anyone ask me a question about sex?
*For people to want to read my blog. Not to stumble onto it and say 'oh, that's neat' and pass on through, but to actually want to come back to see what's new. Some of the blogs I've stumbled on, I subscribed to their feed after reading just one post! I just can't see anyone doing that for mine. It's depressing.

I mean, other than to get comments, to get readers, or to be successful (which are all my really selfish ones), that's the base of what I want to be doing.

Now how do I do that?

My new focus is to become more interesting in what I'm doing. Not sure how, but I'll figure it out I guess.

Wish me luck.

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