Friday, October 31, 2008


Hey everyone! I just got done posting an Advice piece, but then I realized what I'd forgotten all morning; it's Halloween!!!

So, instead I'm going to put up the advice piece tomorrow, and just let you chill out and have a great Halloween! ^-^

Have fun tonight!
Send me pictures!

~Little Red Sin

Sunday, October 26, 2008

And The Winners Are....

Early this month (or maybe it was last) I called upon readers to send me some super sexy Post-It Notes! Now they're in, the votes have been counted, and we're ready to declare a winner! (Or two...)

Before I reveal them, let me explain how prizes will go. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winner from each category (Popular vote and My faves), and the 1st place winners from each will be our main 1st Prize winners. The 2nd Place winners from each will get 2nd Prize, and the 3rd place winners get a great big pat on the back and an honorable mention, and maybe some sex candy if they so wish it. ^-^. I only have so much money...
I will also, FYI, include who wrote what post it, just so we're all finally on the same page.

If you didn't get to read them, stop by the Sexy Post-It Contest Entries back there and check them out!

Popular Vote!

1st Place: Entry 6~ MPD by ...Jenny D
2nd Place: Entry 2~ Finally Alone by ...RK. Marie
3rd Place: Entry 3~ Senseless by ...Kay

My Favorites!

1st Place: Entry 8~ Fingertips by ...PhoneGirl
2nd Place: Entry 3~ Senseless by ...Kay
3rd Place: Entry 4~ Remember by ...W.G.

That means...

1st Prize goes to ~~
Jenny D. and
Phone Girl
2nd Prize goes to ~~
RK Marie
And a big wonderful hug goes to W.G. for his super sweet and sexy one that I <3

So, winners. Please choose one of the available prizes below in your placement, and email me with your choice, preferences, and address. ^-^

I know, a bit run down and dull this time around, but it's my first contest, so I expect to be a bit lacking... ^-^'''

First Prize:
Choice of:
A best-selling book of erotica of my choosing (but negotiable. I mean, I'm not going to send you a book you already have or would never read.)

A mini sex kit
(i.e.: BDSM kit might contain handcuffs, blindfold, warming oil, Basic kit might contain condoms, flavored lubricant, mini-vibrator, Massage kit might contain mini bottles of massage oil, candles, or oils, ETC. Kit type would depend on the content of your entry, or simply your preference.)

Second Prize:
A small book of erotica (once again, of my choosing but negotiable.)

A bag of sex-inspired candies. (You know those penis candy necklaces and boob lollipops? Yeah, a bunch of those.)

Until next time! Thanks for playing! Have fun and play safe!!
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I Lied.

Sorry, I lied. I went out of town Friday night and didn't have time to post up the winners. I WILL, however, do it tonight. I pprrrrroooomissseeee. No lies. Promise Promise.

In the meantime, how about some light reading from Kushiel's Justice? Check it out...

"Shame." I said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Shame is a spice, my lord," Mignon said softly. "Why have you come
here if you do not understand this?"

"Because," I said, "Alyssum starts with an 'A'."
"Then I will have to show you."
It was not, I think, the way assignations usually went in Alyssum
House; or mayhap it was common. I do not know. Mignon sat on my lap and stroked my face, her fingers quivering. She rained soft kisses on me, her breath quickening, and pressed herself against me. Her body trembled in truth, and yet she radiated heat and the tips of her rounded breasts were taut with desire as they rubbed against my chest. She whispered in my ear, telling me in a broken voice all the things she wished me to do to her, until I groaned aloud.

I understood.

~Jacqueline Carey

Kushiel's Legacy, Book 5

Friday, October 24, 2008


Okay, so, the past two weeks have come and gone without a single peep from me.
Sooorrrryyyy >.<
I got really busy and lazy (the two tend to go together), and just couldn't get myself to sit down and actually write something.
But hey, it's not like any of you missed me any way :-P

While normally I'd give you a little list of what's coming up soon, I think I'll skip that because I never ever really follow it. Something gets in the way.

Instead, I'll just tell you that the winners of the Post-it contest will be up tonight.
I'd go ahead and put them here, but I think they deserve their own post.
Let me go ahead and say thank you to everyone who submitted one, they were all awesome and I lovzes you all.

So, until this afternoon.


Monday, October 13, 2008

An Email From My Master :: By Kay

Hey all! I really hope Mondays don't become the new Sunday when it comes to Sub-B-Kay (my cute little nickname for the series ^-^). I've just been really busy with work, and Kay doesn't bother to do this stuff herself. I don't think she really cares about us that much *sob*. Anyway. Hopefully I'll have something new up by Wednesday. Until then, don't forget to VOTE!! ~Sin

An E-mail From My Master
Part 5 of the series Submission By Kay
Kay --

So when you are doing positions, the goal is to be thinking about what you are displaying. The general concept of the position doesn't change: Knees at least shoulder width apart, straight back, and hands either at the small of the back or behind the head with the exception of presenting your ass.

Standing at attention:
Feet shoulder width apart

Hands behind your head
Eyes forward and head held high

Presentation of Submission:
Kneeling with knees shoulder width apart
Hands behind your head
head down

Presentation of Mouth:
Kneeling with knees shoulder width apart
Hands behind your head
Mouth wide open with tongue out

Head up

Presentation of Breasts
Kneeling with knees shoulder width apart
Hands behind your back
Chest pushed forward and up
head down

Presentation of Ass:
Kneeling with knees shoulder width apart
Hands with fingers laced together just in front of you on the ground
Forehead on top of hands

Presentation of Crotch:
Lying down, face up
Hands behind your head
knees spread almost touching the ground
feet flat against on another
back arched a little pushing your breasts forward

These are your Positions. I will only ever ask you to remember the number of the submission position (your first position).

Assignments: (a few extra since you're going a full week)
Submissives should feel attractive all the time. One day this week, your choice of which day. You will go the entire day without panties. You should also wear something conservative. This should be something that make you look a little reserved. Think about how this relates to your inner submissive in public. Remember how you wanted to shout to the word that you were kinky? You are sexy and kinky while presenting a strong powerful independent female outside of the dungeon.

Remember at least 2 things you should be punished for this week. I also would like you to choose something that you feel guilty about. Something that has made you feel guilty every time you think about it. This will be for your third punishment.

Your submissive name. You should have a name that you are proud of. This should be a name that I can call you to let you know that you are in the scene. It can also become a pen name if you write about your submission.

Watching. watch both of the training of O videos on your own time. I will ask you what you did, and didn't like about them. I will try to have the day 5 videos of those two girls next Saturday so you can see that they actually progressed.

Exploring yourself. You should be trying to regularly explore your vagina. I talked with a few other masters (not using your name of course) and I've placed an order for a toy that I believe will assist you. It's very small and doesn't touch you above the ankles, but it's supposed to assist you with orgasm.

Things that turn you on. You will think of your three biggest turn ons. What are the three things (in or out of the dungeon) that make you instantly wet.

Your Schedule or next week as of now:

Sensation play

Orgasm investigation

This is what you have to look forward to.
Your loving dominant,
Don't forget to come by next Sunday (or maybe Monday) to see if Kay succeeded at finishing all her homework! And what happened if she didn't ;) Or head by her full, unedited blog; A Life Beneath.
Play safe!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Voting Time!

This is a few days late, but I have to put it up tonight because I work 25 hours this weekend, and have a "Personality Profile" to interview people for and write by Monday (*rolls eyes*) so I wanted to get this up.

Here are the entries for the Sexy Post-it Contest!!! Yay!!! Come on, cheer.
Pick your favorite, and if you'd like you can leave a comment stating your second favorite. (If the poll doesn't work, you're welcome to simply state your favorites in a comment or email it to me. It's all good.) You've got about a week.

If you entered a submission, voting for yourself is most definitely not allowed; it wouldn't be fair at all. And everyone only gets ONE vote, but can state a second favorite. The Poll is on the bottom, don't forget it. ^-^'

Good Luck!!

Entry 1 - A Good Lover
Entry 3 - Senseless

Entry 2 - Finally Alone
Entry 5 - Special

Entry 4 - Remember

Entry 7 - Better
Entry - Good Time Doll

Now Vote!!!
Which Post-It do you like the best???

Entry 1: Good Lover
Entry 2: Finally Alone
Entry 3: Senseless
Entry 4: Remember
Entry 5: Special
Entry 6: MPD
Entry 7: Better
Entry 8: Fingertips
Entry 9: Good Time Doll

(View Results)

Create a Poll

Monday, October 6, 2008

Collar Me :: By Kay

Sorry this is late guys. Worked all day every day this weekend, so was too exhausted to do anything online other than space out. Anyway. Here's a short little piece by Kay, to give you a break from all her crazy long posts. Tomorrow I'll have up my second aphrodisiac post, Wednesday I'll post all the Post-It submissions for you to vote on, and by next monday we'll have a winner. Enjoy! <3>
by Kay

I bought a collar yesterday. At PetSmart. I know that's not very official or anything, but I needed one I could afford and I can wear it with anything. I didn't know if I was allowed to wear it, or if I had to officially wait for my Master to collar me.

I believe if he had given me the collar himself, it would be wise to wait to wear it until he officially put it on me. As I purchased it with my own money, for my own comfort and for my own reasons, I believe that it is okay for me to wear it. I will, however, remove it before I enter his dungeon next session. I think wearing it down there would be a bit presumptuous to say the least. Plus, I really don't know if I am allowed to wear it down ever.

At any rate, I was slightly wary about getting a collar without a significant other. I mean I feel a significant other should be the one to collar you. But then I realized I could go through a million different collars and there would be no comfort or familiarity in any of them because they'd most likely be temporary.

So I have decided to have my permanent collar, and people will add the charms to it. I figure I'll give them about a month into the relationship to add their charm to it. I believe a month is long enough for them to figure out if they plan to spend a significantly longer amount of time with me. If they can't, well then I believe a month would be a good time for us to part ways. I know, I know, they may not be into the whole claiming thing, but the basic idea is very similar to wearing someone's charm on your charm bracelet, except with the tags, they can personalize the inscription and I can essentially wear their name around my neck. Or whatever it is that they decide to put on a tag.

Oh and by the way, I will definitely be keeping the tags even after a breakup. Totally awesome souvenir if you ask me and a good way to remember relationships with some manner of decent memories.

Come back next Sunday for Kay's next piece; an e-mail from her Master. Or stop by her full, un-edited blog at A Life Beneath.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Strawberry Sheets Forever

Currently Reading: Kushiel's Scion (Kushiel's Legacy)
Currently Watching: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Aphrodisiac #1; Strawberries!!!!

For the first day of my aphrodisiac experiment, I decided to start with something simple; Strawberries.

I love fruit. So so so much. So starting with strawberries was my way of slipping into the tests easily. It helps that Harris Teeter was having a sale.

I didn't feel like finding something intricate was necessary for these, so I decided to go with what we had. Strawberries, Whipped Cream, and a bottle of Champagne. No need to complicate things, right?

We started the night with the champagne and strawberries, with a ring of whipped cream around the bowl. While watching House (oh, yeah, so sexy), we drank glass after glass of champagne and indulged in the strawberries (most of the champagne went to me, and most of the strawberries went to him).

After getting slightly tipsy, I pushed him into the bedroom. I must say I was pretty ready for action, but it's very likely that was all thanks to too much champagne. It was probably a bad idea to have them both at the same time.

Either way, I was definitely in the mood. The mixed flavors of sweet strawberries and bitter alcohol in my mouth made some things easier to do, and the champagne made my head spin and release my inhibition.

The following is a (erotic) account of how the night went: (read at your own discretion)

Three glasses later I pushed Coal up against the couch where he was sitting. We both stumbled, grasping each other to keep from falling over. I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd had a decent amount to drink, and my mind spun as I pushed my lips against him.
For a moment I was afraid I'd be too rough, pushed into clumsiness by the champagne. I wasn't looking for drunken sex.

But it didn't go badly. I kissed him again and fell to my hands and knees. Walking didn't seem like a good idea, so I crawl slowly towards the bedroom. Coal followed, crawling behind me into the bedroom. I got to the bed, collapsing onto it, my head spinning.
"Oh no you don't" Coal said roughly, most of his clothes already off "Back on the floor". Mine came off easily as he pushed me against the carpet.
He was too dry to enter me from behind, so he slid his fingers in instead, it didn't work enough so he sat up, looking around for a lubricant. Maybe it was the alcohol, but I didn't feel like waiting.

"You need more practice" I said quietly, turning around and slipping the tip of his penis into my mouth.
"What are you...oh god" He moaned, surprised but completely willing.
I didn't stay for long, just swirled my tongue around him and pulled back. Normally I'd cringe at the taste, but all I could taste was the leftover burn of champagne.
I turned back around, leaning on my elbows and lifting my ass, presenting myself once more.
He slid in more easily then, filling me slowly, then moving to thrust, deep and sure.

He lasted so long, all on his own, my body tingled with the pounding sensations. After a few more labored moans, he moved to the bed, grabbing a condom and slipping it on before pushing me onto the bed entering me. He took by breasts into his mouth, one by one, his tongue sliding against my skin while he continued to thrust into my body.

He pushed harder, in small bursts of speed that made my breath catch in my throat, moans escaping my mouth desperately. When he slowed again, he left me gasping for air, only for a few moments before he'd speed up again. I couldn't keep up with the thrust, but reveled in the sensations until finally his voice rose, his body shuddering in tight spasms gradually, thrusting lazily until he was spent.

We lay for a while, our breathing quick and deep, grasping each other from across the bed where we had collapsed separately. Once we had caught our breath, Coal lifted himself out of the bed, cleaning himself off and coming back to where I lay on the bed, this time with our brand new pink whip in hand. I had moved up on the bed by then, back exposed to the air, my hair strewn across the pillows.

Afterwards W tried out our new Pinkline Leather Whip from EF. There's a further account of it at my review for it here, but simply said, I enjoyed it.

I can't say that the strawberries worked at actually turning me on, and W can be turned on by anything, so he wasn't very useful as a subject.
I can say, however, that I was a little more willing than usual, and W lasted longer than he has in a long time.

All together, I definitely enjoyed our Strawberry excursion. I can't say the strawberries worked as far as aphrodisiac properties go, but it was definitely fun to try them out.

As for a recipe for the evening, here's how it went:

One case of perfect strawberries, rinsed

On small can of Whipped Cream
One bottle of Champagne (or maybe wine)

One movie of your choice (perhaps a high-budget porn?)

Arrange the strawberries on a platter or bowl, and spray the whipped cream around the edge of the plate, ready for the berries. Make sure you save some of both, in case you want to use it for more intimate activities later on.

Set a mood and watch or listen to something that makes you both feel relaxed and sexy. Eat up, drink up, and have some fun.

Our next experiment will hopefully be a little more in depth and helpful, but for now at least this was fun. For us at least ^-^'

Have fun and play safe!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Don't forget! The Sexy Post-It contest ends this Saturday, so make sure to read the rules HERE and send your post-it my way ASAP! ^-^

Pinkline leather whip - Whip - EdenFantasys