Sunday, October 26, 2008

And The Winners Are....

Early this month (or maybe it was last) I called upon readers to send me some super sexy Post-It Notes! Now they're in, the votes have been counted, and we're ready to declare a winner! (Or two...)

Before I reveal them, let me explain how prizes will go. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winner from each category (Popular vote and My faves), and the 1st place winners from each will be our main 1st Prize winners. The 2nd Place winners from each will get 2nd Prize, and the 3rd place winners get a great big pat on the back and an honorable mention, and maybe some sex candy if they so wish it. ^-^. I only have so much money...
I will also, FYI, include who wrote what post it, just so we're all finally on the same page.

If you didn't get to read them, stop by the Sexy Post-It Contest Entries back there and check them out!

Popular Vote!

1st Place: Entry 6~ MPD by ...Jenny D
2nd Place: Entry 2~ Finally Alone by ...RK. Marie
3rd Place: Entry 3~ Senseless by ...Kay

My Favorites!

1st Place: Entry 8~ Fingertips by ...PhoneGirl
2nd Place: Entry 3~ Senseless by ...Kay
3rd Place: Entry 4~ Remember by ...W.G.

That means...

1st Prize goes to ~~
Jenny D. and
Phone Girl
2nd Prize goes to ~~
RK Marie
And a big wonderful hug goes to W.G. for his super sweet and sexy one that I <3

So, winners. Please choose one of the available prizes below in your placement, and email me with your choice, preferences, and address. ^-^

I know, a bit run down and dull this time around, but it's my first contest, so I expect to be a bit lacking... ^-^'''

First Prize:
Choice of:
A best-selling book of erotica of my choosing (but negotiable. I mean, I'm not going to send you a book you already have or would never read.)

A mini sex kit
(i.e.: BDSM kit might contain handcuffs, blindfold, warming oil, Basic kit might contain condoms, flavored lubricant, mini-vibrator, Massage kit might contain mini bottles of massage oil, candles, or oils, ETC. Kit type would depend on the content of your entry, or simply your preference.)

Second Prize:
A small book of erotica (once again, of my choosing but negotiable.)

A bag of sex-inspired candies. (You know those penis candy necklaces and boob lollipops? Yeah, a bunch of those.)

Until next time! Thanks for playing! Have fun and play safe!!
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Phone Girl said...

I won, I won, I won, girl if I can have a book by Zane, or something like that, I'd love you but I'm open to ANY good erotic book, you know where to find me....

Jenny DeMilo said...

woot woot! :)
im so thrilled people liked my post it! I'm all about the mini sex kit, cuz im all about mini sex ;)

ha! i will email you with specifics, asap.