Monday, October 13, 2008

An Email From My Master :: By Kay

Hey all! I really hope Mondays don't become the new Sunday when it comes to Sub-B-Kay (my cute little nickname for the series ^-^). I've just been really busy with work, and Kay doesn't bother to do this stuff herself. I don't think she really cares about us that much *sob*. Anyway. Hopefully I'll have something new up by Wednesday. Until then, don't forget to VOTE!! ~Sin

An E-mail From My Master
Part 5 of the series Submission By Kay
Kay --

So when you are doing positions, the goal is to be thinking about what you are displaying. The general concept of the position doesn't change: Knees at least shoulder width apart, straight back, and hands either at the small of the back or behind the head with the exception of presenting your ass.

Standing at attention:
Feet shoulder width apart

Hands behind your head
Eyes forward and head held high

Presentation of Submission:
Kneeling with knees shoulder width apart
Hands behind your head
head down

Presentation of Mouth:
Kneeling with knees shoulder width apart
Hands behind your head
Mouth wide open with tongue out

Head up

Presentation of Breasts
Kneeling with knees shoulder width apart
Hands behind your back
Chest pushed forward and up
head down

Presentation of Ass:
Kneeling with knees shoulder width apart
Hands with fingers laced together just in front of you on the ground
Forehead on top of hands

Presentation of Crotch:
Lying down, face up
Hands behind your head
knees spread almost touching the ground
feet flat against on another
back arched a little pushing your breasts forward

These are your Positions. I will only ever ask you to remember the number of the submission position (your first position).

Assignments: (a few extra since you're going a full week)
Submissives should feel attractive all the time. One day this week, your choice of which day. You will go the entire day without panties. You should also wear something conservative. This should be something that make you look a little reserved. Think about how this relates to your inner submissive in public. Remember how you wanted to shout to the word that you were kinky? You are sexy and kinky while presenting a strong powerful independent female outside of the dungeon.

Remember at least 2 things you should be punished for this week. I also would like you to choose something that you feel guilty about. Something that has made you feel guilty every time you think about it. This will be for your third punishment.

Your submissive name. You should have a name that you are proud of. This should be a name that I can call you to let you know that you are in the scene. It can also become a pen name if you write about your submission.

Watching. watch both of the training of O videos on your own time. I will ask you what you did, and didn't like about them. I will try to have the day 5 videos of those two girls next Saturday so you can see that they actually progressed.

Exploring yourself. You should be trying to regularly explore your vagina. I talked with a few other masters (not using your name of course) and I've placed an order for a toy that I believe will assist you. It's very small and doesn't touch you above the ankles, but it's supposed to assist you with orgasm.

Things that turn you on. You will think of your three biggest turn ons. What are the three things (in or out of the dungeon) that make you instantly wet.

Your Schedule or next week as of now:

Sensation play

Orgasm investigation

This is what you have to look forward to.
Your loving dominant,
Don't forget to come by next Sunday (or maybe Monday) to see if Kay succeeded at finishing all her homework! And what happened if she didn't ;) Or head by her full, unedited blog; A Life Beneath.
Play safe!

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