Monday, October 6, 2008

Collar Me :: By Kay

Sorry this is late guys. Worked all day every day this weekend, so was too exhausted to do anything online other than space out. Anyway. Here's a short little piece by Kay, to give you a break from all her crazy long posts. Tomorrow I'll have up my second aphrodisiac post, Wednesday I'll post all the Post-It submissions for you to vote on, and by next monday we'll have a winner. Enjoy! <3>
by Kay

I bought a collar yesterday. At PetSmart. I know that's not very official or anything, but I needed one I could afford and I can wear it with anything. I didn't know if I was allowed to wear it, or if I had to officially wait for my Master to collar me.

I believe if he had given me the collar himself, it would be wise to wait to wear it until he officially put it on me. As I purchased it with my own money, for my own comfort and for my own reasons, I believe that it is okay for me to wear it. I will, however, remove it before I enter his dungeon next session. I think wearing it down there would be a bit presumptuous to say the least. Plus, I really don't know if I am allowed to wear it down ever.

At any rate, I was slightly wary about getting a collar without a significant other. I mean I feel a significant other should be the one to collar you. But then I realized I could go through a million different collars and there would be no comfort or familiarity in any of them because they'd most likely be temporary.

So I have decided to have my permanent collar, and people will add the charms to it. I figure I'll give them about a month into the relationship to add their charm to it. I believe a month is long enough for them to figure out if they plan to spend a significantly longer amount of time with me. If they can't, well then I believe a month would be a good time for us to part ways. I know, I know, they may not be into the whole claiming thing, but the basic idea is very similar to wearing someone's charm on your charm bracelet, except with the tags, they can personalize the inscription and I can essentially wear their name around my neck. Or whatever it is that they decide to put on a tag.

Oh and by the way, I will definitely be keeping the tags even after a breakup. Totally awesome souvenir if you ask me and a good way to remember relationships with some manner of decent memories.

Come back next Sunday for Kay's next piece; an e-mail from her Master. Or stop by her full, un-edited blog at A Life Beneath.

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Gill said...

Do you wear a collar, during a normal day?

I think that sounds cool, have to see that.

Barry said...

Is that you in the pic? Either way it is soooo hawt!!!

SinSecret said...

@ Barry: That's not Kay in the picture. I found it on Google. Glad you like it anyway.

Thanks for stopping by!


Phone Girl said...

Mmmm A collar, I might have to link back to this post when I do my submission piece... love the tag idea, first I heard of it.

Marlene Hodgson - Passion Parties said...

I had a really good time reading this. You make wearing a collar seem so everyday... and sexy. I'll definitely be back!

Anonymous said...

I have a collar that was made for me. It is of Turin Steel and can only be removed with a screwed in key. I think it means more when you Master Collars you. Good luck! When he finally does get you your own collar from him you will be so excited!!!

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