Friday, January 30, 2009

Get Burned with Jenna Jameson. Wait, No, Don't.

A porn review! Woot...or, no, not really.

I ordered my first porn flick from EF a few weeks back, and spent a whole lot of effort trying to enjoy and write about it.

Probably a wasted effort....

Jenna Jameson (great boobs and an absolute delight to watch when she actually speaks) stars in her first BDSM skin-flick adventure; BURN.

Seemed like a good idea at the time, I swear. Unfortunately, Vivid succeeded at only one thing; turning one of my favorite favorite favorite movies into a horridly acted, badly shot, story-less, and sexually uninteresting.

It's apparently supposed to be an "adult take" on The Secretary. One of my absolute favorite movies, and they ruined it.
I agree that I wanted a little more sex in that movie too, but this is just ridiculous.

The movie basically took a few scenes from the movie (Shy cutter Lee replaced with big breasted lesbian Erica who burns herself with cigarettes), tore them up and made them sexual, threw in a shitload of completely unrelated sex, and somehow managed to do that without having a single woman orgasm. (That last part really bothers me...)

Lots of cum shot oral scenes, a crazy amount of anal licking, and far too much moaning from the girls without moaning from the guys, mixed with a whole boatload of bad actors (Jenna was the only decent actor out of the lot).

In the BDSM club, not a single guy is tied up or being flogged. Not a single one. Whyyyy? That bugs me too.

During one oddly placed masturbation scene (mimicking Lee's bathroom scene), a woman basically gives her dildo a blowjob. When was the last time you did that, I mean, without someone watching?

Anyway. I hated it. Bleh.

You can see my full review HERE, and let me know what you think!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Half Naked Thursday!

I leaned gently against the wall, waiting for the desperate look to appear in his eyes.
The look that came every time his body yearned for the delicate strips of leather resting against my body...

Another image from my little red dress shoot for advertising. There's something about this one I like....

Sexy HNT!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Guy, Little Girl - Some Advice

For those of you looking for my Conversation/Podcast-y thingy (thank you ^0^) You can find a recording of it in the widget to the right. And on the night of the shows you can listen directly from the widget, or click on the title on the widget, it'll take you straight to the site where you can join in.
We're not sure when the next show will be, probably next weekend (not a sunday again), and it'll probably be about Erotica (with a contest!). So make sure to check back for info. And if you plan on stopping by, let me know and I'll keep on the lookout for you!

I am a very short woman with an average build and my partner is a foot taller than I am and outweighs me by about 150 lbs. Can anyone recommend sexual positions that would minimize the awkwardness of our size differences? The more creative, the better.

I can think of just a few in particular that should really work for you. This also applies to most couples with height and weight differences.

1. Cowgirl (you on top). This should work regardless of the size of either of you (unless the girl is really big and the guy's really little, as said before). This gives you complete control and him the chance to relax and enjoy the view. And if you do it reverse (you facing his feet) you have lots of extra space around your pussy to use a vibrator (if the guys got a bit of a gut, using a clitoral vibe can be a bit tough).

2. Standing. The position works well with a shorter woman, when done right. Try standing up against a wall with something nearby to put a foot on. With him in front of you, have him lift you up and push you against the wall (using the stool/chair/whatever to help support you if you need it). Get high enough for him to enter you and wrap you leg/legs around him. Then go for it.
This takes some balance from you and some strength from him, but is great for those passionate, desperate love-making sessions.

3. You sitting, him standing. This is simply when you sit on a surface that's at a good height for him to enter you without having to bend his knees or stand on his toes too badly. Kitchen counters, dining room tables, and washing machines should all work pretty well.
It's good because height shouldn't really matter, and if he's a little too tall, he should be able to bend enough to enter you without too much trouble.

Doggy Style might work, but it depends on how different the height is as far as your legs go. It can be tough when your legs, thighs especially, are too close or too different in height. At least, that's how I see it.

I'm sure you're well acquainted with missionary, but if you have trouble with it because of height or size, try with your legs over his shoulders, or both legs and hips over to one side. Having your legs over the side of the bed (or anything else) might work as well. This is also true with Doggy Style, with you on your knees in front of the bed, or leaning over a table, your chest on the bed and him entering from behind.

Really, you just have to be creative. Buy a book on Sex Positions and experiment with what floats your sexy boat!

Good luck!

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

That stuff that comes before sex....

Tomorrow night at 7pm (EST), PhoneGirl and I will be hosting another TalkShoe conversation.
This... "episode" will be focused on Foreplay. You know; that stuff that's supposed to come before sex.

Personally, I'm not a big foreplay person. Having a distinct lack of physical arousal capabilities, foreplay just gets me bored. And despite the stereotype that women all love foreplay, many of my friends feel the same way.

Just the fact that I'm not really into foreplay will hopefully give us a good and diverse conversation. PhoneGirl and I would really love it if lots of you stopped by, leaving comments in the chat room, calling in (you don't need an account, you can call from anywhere in the world, and it's absolutely free!), or just listening in.

We want lots of opinions, questions, and suggestions from all our readers, and those who are just curious, so please stop by!

PS- did you hear, Obama repealed the Global Gag Rule; now allowing women and families around the world to get the health care and family planning information they really need!

Have fun, play safe!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Half Naked Thursday

There's something delightfully strong and sexy about wearing my boyfriends tighty-whitey underwear (even though they're like a million times too big for me...)

It's something like the thrill of not wearing panties when you go out. That shy excitement and sexy feeling of "I've got a secret...".
But it's different, of course.
Its the sensation of breaking some kind of taboo (I'm wearing the wrong genders clothes AND they're too big ^-^''), as well as the sexy contentment that seems to come from wearing your spouse's clothes. Don't you always feel warm, cozy, and sexy when you wear your boyfriend's (or girlfriend's) super-sized man/butch shirts?
I particularly like long sleeves and button ups.

It makes me consider stopping by the Boys Department of Wal-Mart and picking up some that actually fit me. But somehow I think that would take away from the sexiness...(not to mention, these things pick up stains like a bitch...).

Until next time.
Have a sexy Half-Naked-Thursday,


Monday, January 19, 2009

(Late) Sunday Sex Position :: Running With Scissors

Also known as: Spooning, Intersextion, Tribbing,

Disclaimer:: This article contains a bit of cartoon nudity, as well as graphic explanations and erotic text (nothing too good this week, unfortunately). Read at your own discretion.
Missionary just didn't leave enough room for my vibrator. A Double Bullet Egg Vibrator, it was strong like a rocket, but took up too much space for conventional positions. He lifted his hips, grabbed my side, and rolled me over, falling quickly behind me, his still-hard member resting snugly between my thighs. He entered me slowly, pushing his upper leg between mine and sliding his way inside. As my body adjusted, I twisted, my back flat against the bed while my thigh clenched around his side. He began a slow, steady rhythm, giving me time to get the vibrator started again, sliding it over my pubic hair, between my soft lips, to rest gently against my swollen clit. I moaned softly, my head falling back, watching the movement of our conjoined hips. As the vibrator sent shivers through my thighs, I worked on clenching my insides, using the muscles I'd built through daily kegel exercises to squeeze my muscles around the firmness inside me. He let out a sudden moan, surprised by the new sensation. As I pumped my body against his, rubbing the vibrator harder and harder agaisnt myself, I tried to squeeze harder, pressure building inside me in hot, sharp waves of tight pleasure, harder and harder, tighter and tighter, until I couldn't take it any more. My whole body bucked against his hips, my muscles clenching tight, a warm, trembling sensation found its way throughout my body. My thoughts disappeared, my breath caught deep in my chest as every muscle in my body spasmed, sending shockwaves of wonderful, hot pressure that made me cry out in pleasure, as he began to mimick my sounds, his body shuddering...releasing...relaxing...

For a while, when money was tight and jobs came first, Coal and I got pretty down and dull about sex. But now, by some miracle, we're back up and having fun again. With that fun comes lots of movement between the sheets. Missionary turns upside down, Doggy Fashion goes flat, and Cowgirl...kind of flips over.
One position we always come back to is a variation of the Scissors position.

Here, you lie next to each other, man behind woman, "spooning". Either simply entering from behind, her legs outward, or a little more comfy, with her lower leg between his, and her upper leg over his thigh, he enters from behind. Or with both of his legs in between hers. And despite the South Park "Scissors" joke, this is somewhat similar to what is commonly called Tribbing when done by two women.

We particularly love this position because it leaves lots and lots of space to use just about any clitoral vibrator, regardless of the sex of your partner (if everyone watches where their legs are going, that is).

Great to incorporate new toys, bring yourself to orgasm (him pumping with the vibe buzzing is fantastic, I swear) with your favorite vibe, or just enjoy the new sensations the change can give you.

Courtesy of

Have fun, Play safe.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Anti-Abortion Day, duh.

Oh, I almost forgot. You mustn't forget to celebrate National Sanctity of Human Life Day, which, according to almost-ex-Pres Bush, is today (to be fair, it wasn't his idea first).

Yes, how delightful, a day essentially condemning anyone who actually uses logic and supports female medical rights (especially those hell-condemned young heathens who've already had abortions!). It's funny, isn't it? That with all the economic, foreign, and other (actually important) problems the so-called leader could be dealing with, instead he's spent the last few weeks specifically pointing out and bashing women's health rights. For "God", of course.
Of course, the sanctity of life only matters if you haven't been born yet. If you have been, or you're foreign (that is, of a different religion), he doesn't give a damn. How sweet.

I wonder if he'll let all the troops he's shipped off have the day off. You know, to protect the sanctity of their lives.

So, in honor of this ridiculous day, I'd like to take this opportunity to list a whole bunchness of websites I can find that are about contraceptives, abortion, and women's health information.

Hurray for Anti-Abortion Day, now get informed, dammit.

Planned Parenthood
(of course)
Abortion Clinics Online (wouldn't it be weird if abortion numbers doubled today? Not encouraging or anything, but it'd be ironic?)
Contraception Guide (because you should always know)
Let's Talk About Abortion (a great little manifesto about why abortion isn't wrong)
Healthy Women.Org (because it's all about women's health, really)
Scarleteen (sex education for the real-life teen)
AVERT Teen Contraceptives (Anti-AIDs site gives birth control info)
Trojan Condoms (Maybe you should save that sperm, it's life too, right?)
Durex (the condom brand that just keeps on growing...)
Women's Health Dept (branch of the US Dept of H&HS)
Eden Fantasys (reDiscover Sex, remember?)
One Healthy Lifestyle (Contraceptive information)
Population Council (Information on lifestyle choices, including EC)

Oh, and since I wanted to make sure to have this up, the first Sunday Sex Positions will be posted tomorrow morning, instead of today. Sorry >.<'
Have fun, Play safe, Keep your Choices.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sin's Secret (on HNT!)

I realized that today is the one year anniversary of my very first blog post. Woot!

For you guys, I've taken a few birthday HNT shots (nothing special).
I was really wanting to do a candle-between-the-boobs thing, but my BC has really been fucking with my cup size. I barely have cleavage anymore, I wouldn't have been able to hold a damned thing...

I could feel the flame, only centimeters above the soft skin of my back...

The sparks exploding behind me made soft, thrilling popping sounds, as tiny drops of hot light landed gently against by wrist and back....

Happy Birthday me!
Have fun, Play safe.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Occasional Zen

I wonder, sometimes, what life would be like without sex.
Would conflicts only be fought over gods, land, and money? Satisfaction only gained through religious rituals, bungee jumping, and video games? Reproduction fulfilled by some dull, solitary act of asexual mitosis? Would food not taste as good, lacking that inherently sensual, bodily response that accompanies every luscious bite of silky, hot soups and sweet red strawberries?

What about love?
Could love not exist without the heart-throbbing drive of passion and desire?
Tightly held hands and shy pecks on the cheek are only significant in their little steps towards a much greater, longer journey into the unknown.
To me love and sex go hand in hand. Love is not necessary for sex, but it makes it so much better. And while love can often just muddle things up in sex, more often it stokes the flames of desire, and makes it all the more worth-while.

Our lives are driven by so many different kinds of passion. Would those other flames be squelched if our bodies didn't know the thrills of sexual passion?

Or would they burn brighter, without the distractions of carnal pleasures.

"...from what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire." ~Robert Frost

Have fun, play safe.
~Sin Secret

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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Delicious Talk and Hot Abs

Last night's conversation with PhoneGirl went wonderfully.
It was great to finally hear PhoneGirl's voice (and yes, it is really sexy), and we spoke to a couple really great listeners, it was a blast.

The talk was only supposed to go on for 30 minutes, just as an introduction, but we didn't hang up until just before 8:00. See, fun ^-^
We got a lot of good reviews and we're definitely doing it again; Sunday after next, same time, same place; we're gonna talk about Foreplay! Yaaay....(*shrug* I'm not a big foreplay person, but I do love talking about it ^-^)

If you missed the show, here; have a listen. (I have got to speak louder next time!)


In other news, I have got to tell you something awesome.
A few days ago I stumbled onto HypersexualGirl's blog, Love and Lust. Now one of my favorite blogs, Hyper had a post about nude photos she'd been sent of mens erections. She talked about how it made her so curious about these guys, wondering why they sent her pictures of themselves like that. She also posted a few of her favorites.
I was quick to comment as follows:
I've actually never had this happen to me...and I think it makes me a little sad.
I've been blogging for almost a year now and, though I've been hit on by guys on facebook, and get occasional IMs from one guy who wants me to know how much he "enjoys" my blog, I've never received an email like that.
I would be curious and intrigued too!

I mean, if someone just randomly sent my personal email erectile photos, i might be a little thrown off and iffy, but being that I am a sex-blogger, i'd be delighted to get these random, semi-anonymous images. It'd probably make my day! ^-^
The next morning, to my unparalleled delight, (a fuller version of) this image appeared in my inbox:
(I cropped out his face for privacy, and his penis for my preferred PG-13 rating ^-^)

I was ecstatic. (Coal was really pissed...) I replied, saying how sweet it was, but of course I never got a response. That's okay. :)
This morning, after mentioning the whole incident on the talk show, I got yet another picture, this time of just a penis. Pretty impressive, actually, but I have to say I adore this first guy's abs...aren't they fantastic?

I'm kind of diggin this. Although, some female nudes might be a bit more preferred....(^-^')


After the post-less-ness of the past weekend (I was nervous about the show and couldn't write a damned thing), Wednesday will start back up with new articles and everything I've been wanting to do. New Sex Position comes on Sunday!

Have fun, Play safe.
~ Sin

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ways to Join the Conversation

PhoneGirl and I will be hosting a TalkShoe conversation tonight at 7 (EST). That's in one hour so I thought I'd leave some info reminding you how you can participate (other than just listening, of course).

IM me on these programs-
AIM: SinSekret
Gmail: SinSekret
Meebo: SinSecret
Or you can use the new little chat room on the Sidebar of this page.

Email me ( or PhoneGirl ( with questions, comments, advice questions, or whatever!

Or join in the conversation by phone or computer through the TalkShoe link below. There's no registration required, all you have to do is click. ^-^

Talk to you soon!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sexy Sounds This Sunday!

Official Info, yay!

Fellow blogger, PhoneGirl (she's a phone sex operator, she's got to have a sexy voice, right?), and I are doing a TalkShoe conversation tomorrow (Sunday) at 7pm (EST). Please stop by to listen, chat, or ask questions.
It'll only be about half an hour, so you don't have to stay long.

So, don't forget to stop by, and if you have any questions you want us to answer, email them in or comment!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Tune in, Turn off...

Okay, so! Since I got a pretty decent response about the podcast idea, PhoneGirl and I are planning a TalkShoe live conversation this Sunday. More than likely in the late afternoon/evening (US Eastern Time).

Not sure about the details yet but it will be a live audio show that you can tune into on this site or PhoneGirl's site (or the TalkShoe site), call into from your phone/computer (I believe), and I'll be on the IM services and my email if you'd like to send me a message or question (also, if you have a question you want us to answer during the show, email one of us at or It'll be a short, introductory show to say hello, bring up some basics, give some advice, and see how everybody feels about it.

I'll let you know more tomorrow, but just don't forget to stop by Sunday night to check it out! ^-^

I'm also really considering this whole erotica reading thing....At first it was just something in passing I threw into what a podcast could do, but now I'm really considering the possibilities. Don't you think it would be sexy to hear erotic fiction read to you? Maybe not, but I'm thinking I'd like to give it a try. If you'd like to submit some writing for me to read, or would like to be part of the reading, let me know!

Have fun, Play safe!

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Half-Nekkid Thursday!

For my very first Half-Nekkid Thursday, I thought I'd use this new banner Coal made for me last night, using a photo we took of me (yup, that's me and my little pink whip).
Next time it'll be an actual photo, not a banner, I promise (sort of) ^o^.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Losing My Virginity @ 21 - An Advice Piece

I'm 21 and still a virgin. My girlfriend (also a virgin) and I have been talking about having sex for the first time. What pointers could you give so that her first time can be an enjoyable one?

Most of all, I think making her comfortable and letting her know that you want her to enjoy everything is the biggest issue. Here are a few ways I'd suggest going about that.

1. Make a day of it. Spend the whole day doing things you both enjoy. Having sex when you're happy is a whole lot better (and easier) when you've had a day full of delight than a day full of everyday stresses. Go out to a simple dinner, see a movie with actors that you both like (nothing depressing, of course), or maybe do something fun and active like hiking, ice skating, or swimming (you can start the foreplay with a shower together). The physical ones are good because they get your heart pumping and your body moving (as well as releasing endorphins) which help get you in the mood.

These are all really optional though. If you just want to surprise her with a box of Thai take-out (don't opt for crappy Chinese-unless it's her favorite food- get something at least a little exotic), hot chocolate, and a DVD, go for that too. Some girls would even be happy with you just showing up with a bottle of wine and some roses.
It's whatever you feel would be the right beginning to your first night.

2. Take your time. You're both moving into uncharted territory, so move slowly and make sure you're communicating fully. Spend lots of time with foreplay to be sure that you're both completely ready to go (and go through with it). Don't just jump on her with the sudden need to go at it.
And remember, if you get half-way through foreplay and one of you decides its not quite the right time, don't worry about; it'll happen eventually.

3. Be prepared. Have everything you might need for the night. Excluding the every day needs of a romantic evening (bubble bath, champagne, candles, dinner, whatever), don't forget the sexual necessities; condoms (of course), lubricants (this is her first time, after all- lube is a must), maybe even a small, affordable vibrator just to be sure she has a total happy ending.

Most of all, communicate. Make sure this is what you both want and the time when you want it. If there's a certain place, day, or way that you (or she) wants, make sure to be aware.

Even if you don't just sit around and discuss it, make sure you both know that you can be open and honest about the situation and the things you want and don't want.

Good luck!

Have fun, play safe.


**question originally answered by me on the Ask Dan & Jennifer Forum **

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quick Question...

Hey there, just wondering, would you guys tune in if I had a "Podcast".

Coal keeps bringing it up, saying it'd be a cool way to answer advice questions (which, by the way, I don't get enough of, please send em on in!), talk about current event issues, and maybe even read some erotica (that one's my idea), but I feel like nobody would really listen. Really, I think he's been listening to Love Line too much, but the idea does spark my interest.

Would you tune in for a Sin's Secret podcast?

View Results
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Oh and, did I ever mention that Coal and W are the same person? I remember PhoneGirl asking me about that once, but I don't think I ever cleared it up on here. I got tired of calling my lover by a letter, so he came up with the porn-name Coal Confidential. Odd, but cute.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bye Bye Entrecard

No Top Droppers for this month, or any other month for that matter, because as it turns out Entrecard dropped me.

No idea why they suddenly decided that I was no longer "appropriate" for their "family friendly" site. I mean, I haven't posted any boobs lately, have I?

Either way, I am no longer able to access my account, so don't have my statistics or the nifty advertising opportunities.

Oh well, fuck you too Entrecard. Bite my sexy, inappropriate ass.

In other news, my last day at "the day job" is tomorrow, so starting Monday I'll have more time to do the psuedo-sexy stuff, with sexy things, that you love to hear about. At least, I hope you do.
Until around the 20th, I'll have no other job but this blog, so you'll probably be hearing from me a lot.

Hopeful pieces of interest this month include:

  • The comeback of the Positions of the Week. (although it might be every other week...also maybe an adult product of the week, but that's less likely) Yay! That seemed to be something popular that just dissipated as I got lazy...
  • More relationship advice, thanks to me attempting to jump-start a dating column for the paper.
  • An orgasm experiment! I'm considering the idea of seeing how many orgasms I can have in one day (or several days), while still actually getting things done.
  • The last few parts of the Something Sweet To Suck On experiment(hopefully), including garlic, sweet potato, chocolate, and cayenne pepper.
  • My full analysis of the Orgasm Loop, a book about achieving orgasms during sex, which EF sent me to review this past month.
  • A possible new article series about porn! Am currently looking for a porn rental site (if you know of any, drop me a line), for a new group of articles/reviews about porn- for women who don't like porn (and the men/women who love/fuck them).
  • More erotica for your personal enjoyment, if I can cough it up.

February should hopefully see some valentines day posts. Including sexy date ideas, what to have for dinner, and what toys, books, and videos you should have for bedtime. Hopefully February will also see the beginning and end of the series of posts I've been wanting to do about people in the sex industry. It seems like an appropriate time.

Well, that's all for now, see you soon!

Have fun, Play safe.