Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Occasional Zen

I wonder, sometimes, what life would be like without sex.
Would conflicts only be fought over gods, land, and money? Satisfaction only gained through religious rituals, bungee jumping, and video games? Reproduction fulfilled by some dull, solitary act of asexual mitosis? Would food not taste as good, lacking that inherently sensual, bodily response that accompanies every luscious bite of silky, hot soups and sweet red strawberries?

What about love?
Could love not exist without the heart-throbbing drive of passion and desire?
Tightly held hands and shy pecks on the cheek are only significant in their little steps towards a much greater, longer journey into the unknown.
To me love and sex go hand in hand. Love is not necessary for sex, but it makes it so much better. And while love can often just muddle things up in sex, more often it stokes the flames of desire, and makes it all the more worth-while.

Our lives are driven by so many different kinds of passion. Would those other flames be squelched if our bodies didn't know the thrills of sexual passion?

Or would they burn brighter, without the distractions of carnal pleasures.

"...from what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire." ~Robert Frost

Have fun, play safe.
~Sin Secret

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