Monday, January 12, 2009

A Delicious Talk and Hot Abs

Last night's conversation with PhoneGirl went wonderfully.
It was great to finally hear PhoneGirl's voice (and yes, it is really sexy), and we spoke to a couple really great listeners, it was a blast.

The talk was only supposed to go on for 30 minutes, just as an introduction, but we didn't hang up until just before 8:00. See, fun ^-^
We got a lot of good reviews and we're definitely doing it again; Sunday after next, same time, same place; we're gonna talk about Foreplay! Yaaay....(*shrug* I'm not a big foreplay person, but I do love talking about it ^-^)

If you missed the show, here; have a listen. (I have got to speak louder next time!)


In other news, I have got to tell you something awesome.
A few days ago I stumbled onto HypersexualGirl's blog, Love and Lust. Now one of my favorite blogs, Hyper had a post about nude photos she'd been sent of mens erections. She talked about how it made her so curious about these guys, wondering why they sent her pictures of themselves like that. She also posted a few of her favorites.
I was quick to comment as follows:
I've actually never had this happen to me...and I think it makes me a little sad.
I've been blogging for almost a year now and, though I've been hit on by guys on facebook, and get occasional IMs from one guy who wants me to know how much he "enjoys" my blog, I've never received an email like that.
I would be curious and intrigued too!

I mean, if someone just randomly sent my personal email erectile photos, i might be a little thrown off and iffy, but being that I am a sex-blogger, i'd be delighted to get these random, semi-anonymous images. It'd probably make my day! ^-^
The next morning, to my unparalleled delight, (a fuller version of) this image appeared in my inbox:
(I cropped out his face for privacy, and his penis for my preferred PG-13 rating ^-^)

I was ecstatic. (Coal was really pissed...) I replied, saying how sweet it was, but of course I never got a response. That's okay. :)
This morning, after mentioning the whole incident on the talk show, I got yet another picture, this time of just a penis. Pretty impressive, actually, but I have to say I adore this first guy's abs...aren't they fantastic?

I'm kind of diggin this. Although, some female nudes might be a bit more preferred....(^-^')


After the post-less-ness of the past weekend (I was nervous about the show and couldn't write a damned thing), Wednesday will start back up with new articles and everything I've been wanting to do. New Sex Position comes on Sunday!

Have fun, Play safe.
~ Sin

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Sienna said...

Lol I've got one to beat that. I was getting some help on my blog and some guy emailed asking if she was me- other than that no one actually preferred me... ever!

Anonymous said...

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Dreaptha said...

Well then, who wouldn't want random nude pictures in their email lol? I guess it would make my day too... if it was chics sending anonymous pics... I'm not really into dudes ;)