Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ways to Join the Conversation

PhoneGirl and I will be hosting a TalkShoe conversation tonight at 7 (EST). That's in one hour so I thought I'd leave some info reminding you how you can participate (other than just listening, of course).

IM me on these programs-
AIM: SinSekret
Gmail: SinSekret
Meebo: SinSecret
Or you can use the new little chat room on the Sidebar of this page.

Email me ( or PhoneGirl ( with questions, comments, advice questions, or whatever!

Or join in the conversation by phone or computer through the TalkShoe link below. There's no registration required, all you have to do is click. ^-^

Talk to you soon!


Missy said...

Hey there, thanks for adding my blog. I'm glad you like it. Courage has little to do with getting into sex work really, it's more about self confidence. By the way, this guy (while a huge asshole who I'd probably turn down as a client) has a great acronym list:

Sienna said...

I missed it! I suck at converting time zones but I will be listening to the next one. Promise!

Sienna said...

I listened to your show and it seems like there could be some great topics for this show!!

Here are some ideas for interaction:

Competitions for 200 word erotic pieces. You choose 5 to read and the winner gets a little something. These can be tied into the theme for each week.

guest speakers: like sex toy reviewers, porn stars, sex therapists, etc.

Topics: Well I'm sure you guys have an endless supply of topics and I can't wait to hear them.

Loved the idea and can't wait for more :)