Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Stormy's SlimLine" Review Posted

Currently Reading: The Guide To Getting It On

Two "finally!"s from EdenFantasys today.

First, my first Toy assignment was finally approved and it'll be shipped soon (I hope). It's a mini rabbit vibrator (like a full rabbit but without the insertable part).
Be assured you'll be told all about it when it gets here!

Second, finally posted a new review after buying a new toy the other day with W. It's a simple Slim Vibrator made my Wicked Essentials and California Exotic, and having the line name of Porn Actress "Stormy", with a sleek shape and classy silver look. Unfortunately it's not very powerful at all and definitely isn't my favorite. Wasn't at all strong enough for couples play, and took forever when I tried it solo.

But it'd still be great for you to check out the Review and drop me a comment if you'd like (either here or there; whatever). Especially if you've used it and have something to say about it too.

Did I mention I got my first sexual proposal last week? It was interesting.
"i would love to buy you a vibrator and watch u use it. or even better help you use it xxx"
This, of course, was after I posted a whole bunch of things begging for a vibrator. Of course I said no; A. I'm not single, B. I don't do this to get laid, C. I don't pick up people online. But still, it was amusing and kind of cute and (in a way) weirdly flattering.

I know this is a short post, but I figure the long review should keep you busy. I'll be back (hopefully) Friday with something more fun and interesting ^-^.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Appreciative Moment

I have no real entry or article or witty spout of words for you today, and I apologize, but I would like to mention blogger Stuck In My Head, and thank her (I'm pretty sure its a her >.<' ).

I found her blog Shouldn't Life Be More Than This after she put up a link to me in a post referencing blogs she'd read. Along with a link to my latest post about McCain she wrote a basic description and bit of opinion.
I don't normally mention blogs that link me, or I trade links with, but I wanted to point out how much I appreciate that she mentioned me in her blog. It's the first time anyone has (as far as I know), and I see it as an honor to be thought of and something of a milestone on my blogging journey.
Thank you. :)

So, I recommend checking out SLBMTT (because it is a good read; with Def Poetry clips, news info, and well written descriptions and personals) and thank you for stopping by, I'll have something up for you as soon as possible (hopefully tomorrow night).

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Joke of Contraception in Politics. A Plea.

I don't usually talk about politics because, honestly, I don't want to. Politics and religion are the two topics that no one on different sides will ever really be able to discuss rationally, everyone's too goddamned convinced that they're right and everyone else is wrong.

But today I'm going to go against my mini pledge. I'm going to talk about Politics. Just a little bit. Please don't run off scared, because this is important.

I've had the basic idea of John McCain's status on Abstinence Only Education (he's all for it) since I first did research on the elections in the spring. It made me dislike him. But after reading This Article, I started doing some more research into an accusation which seemed far more horrifying than just AOE.

My findings say this: John McCain is AGAINST Sex Education AND Contraception (including Condoms).

Let me say that again. John McCain is AGAINST CONTRACEPTION.
That includes birth control pills, Plan B pills, and CONDOMS!!

Contraception is one of the most important topics of today's society.
Condoms are vital in the prevention of HIV and teen pregnancy, and Birth Control is one of the most issues in Women's Health because it prevents pregnancy as well as aiding in other medical problems.
Contraception and Birth Control is a Basic Medical issue and a basic medical Right! It isn't just sexual health or reproductive rights, it is Women's Health.

But McCain's status on Condoms is that he "isn't sure they really prevent" pregnancy or STDs.
He has voted AGAINST allowing or paying for Contraception every single time he's gotten the chance to.

To a reporter in Iowa, when asked about contraception and HIV (talking mostly about condoms and AIDS in Africa), he said "I’m not informed enough on it."

What??? A Presidential Candidate not INFORMED about one of the most important social issues?
If he's lying to save his own ass, what a horrible way to do it. Just say your against contraception and take your stand. He's supposed to be a "straight talker" who will take on questions and accusations against his issues head on, but he stumbles over contraception??
If he's not lying, and really doesn't know (or care about) contraception, then why the hell would we want him as President?

And that's not the first time he's said that. So many times when asked about contraception issues, he responds with "I don't know...etc". Even going so far as to ask his press secretary what his stance on the issues were!
Do we want a President who doesn't know about these issues?

At another time, when asked about the fact that Viagra is paid for by insurance but birth control isn't (he'd recently voted against a bill that would have birth control paid for along WITH what it pays for now-Viagra), he responded "I certainly do not want to discuss that issue".

Once again, WHAT? He doesn't want to talk about it? How can a Presidential Candidate not want to talk about an important issue? Do we want a president who is uncomfortable with talking about these important issues? He then says that he "doesn't usually duck an issue, but I'll get back to you".
Well we've got more instances where he DID duck that very same issue!

In this case you'd think it'd make perfect sense for any insurance that covers Viagra to cover birth control as well. As if the two weren't completely related to each other.

Today I even discovered an article talking about the new "definition" of Pregnancy. The government has decided to THROW OUT the established MEDICAL definition of pregnancy as beginning at implantation (when an egg attaches to the Uterus lining), and instead adopt the religious PUBLIC OPINION that pregnancy starts at conception (the meeting of the egg and sperm) as the new DEFINITION. This is an attempt at defining any hormonal contraception as ABORTION, which it's NOT! This also goes on to propose a new rule that would allow government funded programs to DENY women BIRTH CONTROL, and any company that didn't hire someone who would REFUSE BIRTH CONTROL to patients would be threatened.

This is just one step closer to outlawing Contraception in the US. Can you believe it?
Abstinence Only is one thing, but these little bitty steps towards completely ANNIHILATING the RIGHTS of women and their HEALTH is getting ridiculous and, frankly, absolutely frightening.

I don't care if your republican, democrat, christian, pro-life, pro-choice, pro-abortion,or pro-abstinence only, you cannot support a complete lack of Contraception and Condoms!

I don't care who you usually vote for, who you're planning on voting for, or why, but PLEASE don't vote for McCain. If you care about health, sexuality, or just WOMEN, PLEASE don't vote for him!
A man who doesn't want to talk about vital health issues and doesn't know enough about contraception to simply answer a question should NOT be allowed to be our entire countries President!

*deep breath*
I can deal with abortion being illegal or Abstinence Only taking over the schools, but if Contraception is banned in the US, or made legally ridiculously hard to get, I'm moving to Canada or England. And for the first time, I'm completely serious.

I can't support a country that doesn't support basic Civil and Women's Health Rights.

(PS: all the hyper linked phrases lead to blogs or news articles explaining the phrase)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Position of the Week %

Currently Reading: Sex Detox: Recharge Desire. Revitalize Intimacy. Rejuvenate Your Love Life. by Ian Kerner, Ph.D.

Quick Disclaimer: Typically I try to keep my images as PG-13 as possible, because I want this site to be about fun and information, not porn. Due to a lack of availability, however, today's pictures do contain nudity, so I'm telling you ahead of time. So now you know.

The Side Clasp
Also called: Modified T-Square

I couldn't wait to get her on the bed and get her clothes off. She slipped off her dress, and pulled off what was left of my clothes. For a second, we were just two naked people, able to see each others physical inadequacies. But only for a second.
Before too long we were on each other again. She pushed her lips to mine and jerked my head so fast and hard I though I'd have whiplash. My wild woman.
I finally pushed her onto her back and that's where we started. She watched as I rolled her hips to the side. Her eyes following my every motion until I was inside her. Then they closed, a sigh falling from her lips.

I rocked back and forth inside her like the ocean, and every exhale she made was as sweet as a song. I placed my hand on her ass and she made the sexiest moan as I dragged my nails down the meat of her thigh.
The noise made me thrust harder, and her gasps came faster.

It seemed almost endless. But it wasn't. Before too long, it was over. We cried out almost in unison, our breath evenly paced as I trembled inside her. She smiled sweetly, and I simply collapsed next to her.
~Coal Confidential (W.)

*Woman (or receiving partner) lays down, legs bent at a right angle to one side. She should be positioned in a way that from above she looks an L, or one part of a swastika. Whatever.
*(or penetrating partner) kneels in front of her, pelvic bones about at the same level, and enters her (wherever).
-She'll probably have to open her legs a bit to let him in, but then she should squeeze them together good and snug.
Then you go at it.

This one has its ups and downs. The position is a bit awkward, but not uncomfortable.
Overall, here's the deal:

This is good for a guy whose size is above average, because the penetration isn't all that deep. In guides it says penetration is deeper than usual, but in practice, it was quite the opposite.
That, however, is mostly because the guy the girls hip bone bumping up against his pelvis/stomach and getting in the way. So for a "larger" guy with a smaller girl, it keeps penetration for him pretty shallow, but she still feels like it's a deeper thrust. But for a guy who's average or less, this probably would just keep him from getting the full feeling of being inside, plus bug the hell out of him.
(By the way, I could barely find any information or picture for this position, so the images are pretty much whatever I could find close enough to match more or less.)

In practice I (we) wasn't too fond of this position, and ended up switching out pretty quickly. The penetration wasn't deep enough for in a good enough angle that I felt it nearly enough, and W found it hard to feel enough as well because of the pressure of my ass bone grinding into his pelvis. It also doesn't allow for the use of a vibrator, because the woman's legs are pressed together (although the closed thighs can provide extra tightness for the guys-that's good), which is another bummer. Even a vibrating cock-ring wouldn't work right unless it was turned to the side, and that could be awkward.
But, as with most positions, with the right amount of practice and communication, I'm sure it's very possible to make it work for you and your partner.

That's pretty much it for tonight. This wasn't a particularly interesting or successful position, so I'm a bit empty on things to say. Hope this was worth the 5 minutes you spent reading it.

Tried this position? Loved it? Hated it? Made it better? Let me know!
I want to hear about all your trials, tribulations, crazy nights, and mundane experiences!
Email me at or add me on Facebook, Myspace, or AIM!

Play safe!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Vibrator Gone...

Nowhere, actually; it's dead.
I need (want) a new one.

So So So So much. *sob*

It's not quite yet the kind of dead that means I can't use it anymore, but the kind that makes it a pain in the ass to use. I typically use my Strap On Dolphin Vibrator (without the straps; my clitoris is picky) for both single and couple play, and apparently I've used it far too much for it's own comfort. The wire is now fucked, and it shorts out every time unless I hold the cord a certain way (which is constantly changes). So it's really become impossible to use.
My trusty, wonderful, (cheap) little Bullet is a usual second choice, but unfortunately runs on watch batteries.
Watch Batteries = not available at the corner store + more expensive than the vibrator itself.
The other toys I own are virtually useless (I'm just too determined to have a full collection [and not waste money] to throw them away).
Thus, I am vibration-less.

It's really depressing because I have this weird little dream goal about having a whole collection of vibrators and lubricants and sex toys and novelties, but I've now broken my favorite one.
The sad part is I'm still unlikely to ever actually throw it away until it just completely stops turning on.

This is my Eden Fantasy's Wishlist, in case you just happened to have a couple extra dollars to spend...on me....
Some of the stuff on there is expensive, but some is really really cheap. And I'd love you forever....and ever...and ever. So it'd be worth it....I promise.
Anyway, I quit my pathetic groveling for the moment.
Quick IM with high school friend, Bay.
New Message!
Bay: Never satisfied with anything, are you?
Bay: How did you ruin your old vibrator?
Sin: ...
Sin: overuse
Bay: tsk tsk
Bay: of course. Need I have asked?
Sin: it's got a battery pack and the wire shorted
Sin: it makes me sad
Sin: ,>.<, Bay: Lol Bay: You would short out a sex toy... xD That's my Sin <3<3>
Bay: If I wasn't broke as well, I'd gladly pay money to make you sexually content.
If nobody minds, I'd like to include some of my random and slightly humorous text/IM conversations (as above) every once in a while (when their relevant). If they get annoying, aren't funny, or are too long and useless, PLEASE let me know and I'll make sure to throw them in the Idea Trash.

Next up, just so you know, is the next Position of the Week. It's half way finished, but not finished yet, so it should be up...Monday, I think. Especially since I've really been trying for a M,W,Th schedule, so here goes another try.

Till next time!
Play Safe!

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Monday, July 7, 2008

The pen, being mightier than the prick...

I love to read. Well, I used to. Now I'm too lazy. But normally, I love to read. Normally, my genre is fantasy and teen fiction (my guilty pleasure), but a bit before Sin's Secret began I was suddenly all about sex. Sexual memoirs, guides, humor, if it had sex in it (and was non-fiction) I was all for it.
So heres a list of a few of the books I've read in the past few months, with little bits of reviews to show you what it's like, how it went, and what I thought of it. Today, we'll just start with three or four.

Belle De Jour; Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl ::by:: Anonymous

My second Sexual Memoir ever, this one grabbed me and pulled me along (by my hair) the whole was through. I mean, with the first sentence being "The first thing you should know is that I'm a whore.", you know you're in for a good ride.
That went on into the Prologue where Belle explains how she got into the "escort" business after college, including her very first "job" with a married couple. The book pretty much follows her diary/blog for about a year, including friends, family, relationships, shags, and- of course- clients.
It's hot. And fun.
Jeudi, le 4 decembre

There is someone in London who just paid to lick the pucker of my arse for one hour. Isn't that what everyone really wants in life, someone who'll kiss your grits and enjoy it?
If someone had only told me from the outset such perfect clients existed, I would have jumped in straightaway.
I give it an 8/10
And, in case you were wondering, this is now a BBC show (but coming to Showtime this new season I believe) starring Billie Piper (of Dr. Who). It's well done as well. Over dramatized, of course, but its fun to watch, and Piper has a gorgeous body in it.

The Walk of Shame; the Survival Guide ::by:: Robin Anderton and Jay Desario

I BookMooched this out of curiosity, and it turned out a bit differently than expected.
It's really a comedy book, barely serious in the least. Tells you what kind of Slut you are, what your signature drink should be, the best times of year to carry out a Walk of Shame, and what/who to avoid when you do so.
Definitely funny. Worth the read in a humor kind of way. Seems like something you'd bring to a E.R. or something, to keep your mind off the fact that you've been there for three hours and your bleeding out of your ears (speaking of which, I must tell you about my first visit to the Health Dept soon).
I give it a 8/10 in a different category than Belle De Jour. Not the best, but worth reading for a lot of laughs and a few obscure definitions.
Drink of Choice: Wine

If you're a college student, wine might seem a tad "adult" for your purposes. In fact, it's the ideal drink for you. First of all, it's cheap: a jug of delicious Gallo Rhine rarely costs more than ten dollars. Second of all, it'll leave you with a much more manageable hangover than many of the alternatives. Third, it will lead you to have joyous group sex with a bunch of comparative literature majors while someone prances around you in a circle, declaiming selections from "Howl". If you're in grad school, wine's power is even more pronounced: you will finally get with that guy everyone in your program thinks is totally hot but totally gay.
The Little Book of Kama Sutra Positions ::by:: Ann Summers

This probably wasn't worth the $10 it cost, but may be worth it if you can find it at a good discount.
This tiny hardcover book starts out exploring both male and female bodies, their erogenous zones, and the spiritual lessons and techniques of Kama Sutra. After that, it gives directions, tips, and well done photos of quite a few positions, starting from the easiest and going up in difficulty.
It's not a bad book, but not the best either. A good resource for basic Kama Sutra information (not too much spirituality, if that's not what you're looking for), with some pretty neat positions. I'd recommend this one if you can find it for a low enough price. (I think the lowest one on Amazon is about $6.50, which isn't too bad, I think.)
I give it a 6/10. Useful, especially for it's size, but not the best.
The Elephant Posture:
Great for...This is great for the man who likes to be in control. Penetration stimulates her G-spot. She can barely move because of the weight of her lover. Many women find this lack of control incredibly arousing.
Tantric Tip: This was inspired by the mating patterns of the elephants of India, which isn't the most obviously erotic image for modern lovers- however, the thrill of this position is timeless. Unleash your inner wild animal and howl and loudly and passionately as you both can.
21st Century Twist: This is great for a little light spanking, which as well as being a naughty thrill, also gets blood flowing to the whole pelvic region, making it even more sensitive. A light slap to the thigh with the back of a hand or a spanking paddle here can take sex in the Elephant Posture to a new dimension.
Sex and Sensibility ::edited by:: Genevieve Field

This is a female oriented book of short non-fiction stories about real women's lives. With tearful breakups and erotic one night stands, to long time haves and sexual near-misses, this is full of interesting and well-written mini-memoirs.
I picked it up expecting quite a bit more sex, so in that field I was disappointed, but it definitely didn't let down as far as interest goes. From a pair of best friends who end up in a threesome together with their new house mate, to a reporter swept away by a European Sexual Massage-Therapist, these stories (most of them) keep you reading while making you smile.
Mark greets you kindly at the airport, sweetly shows you your room, and then he shows you his, which has an antique tin ceiling, one which you spend a lot of time getting to know. Mark is the first man who has ever gone down on you .
Holy. Fucking. Christ.
Getting your pussy licked by a champ is like finding God, doing coke, and being a billionaire, all at the same time.
You can never look back.
I give it a 7.5/10. Not an 8 because theres not enough sex, but not just a 7...well, mostly because of that passage I just put down. I love that line.

That's all for now. Expect more...probably some time next month. Unless you actually want more, then you have to tell me so I know to do it sooner. But I'm sure you won't :-P

Play Safe!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Breaking up is hard to do..." An Advice Piece

I slept with my ex cause I felt lonely and depressed. and I broke down halfway while having sex.
I'd just like to know
What would he be thinking about.. Cause he's not replying my messages. Would he be ok? He's a typical guy, doesn't really know what to do when a girl cries.

What can I do to help myself. I'm in pretty bad shape.
I was just hoping that you might've been in this situation before. Could you help me out?


Hey there Alexis. You picked the right day to ask me this. I've been there, I am there, and I'm there with you all the way.
Breakups are miserable, especially the ones you just can't seem to get over.

Lets start with what you said happened.
Somehow you got your ex into bed (or vice-versa), and halfway through you broke down. I assume this is because you miss him so much, or in general your still broken up about the whole thing.

So, first off, how did he react initially? Did he stop? Ask what was wrong? Console you? Or did he stop and leave you alone? Or even not stop at all? Did he even notice?
The answer to that is the start of your answer on what he's thinking (which is hard to answer since it's practically impossible to really know). If he didn't stop, or at least try to make you feel better, it's likely he really is done with you. If he tried to make you feel better, at least you know he still has a kind feelings towards you.

But maybe you freaked him out a little, I mean, you did start crying. If you didn't (or maybe even if you did) tell him why, who knows what he might be thinking, he's the only one who could really tell you.
Maybe a good idea (if he's not answering your phone calls or messages) is to just apologize without a response. Send him an email and say your sorry if you freaked him out, you've just been going through a lot of shit and you broke down. Tell him you'd like to know how he feels and what he's thinking, but that he doesn't have to
reply if he doesn't want to. Then that's about all you can do. You can't force him to talk to you.

Then there's the hard part. Getting over an ex is practically never ever easy. Especially if they broke up with you during an intense relationship. First and most importantly you have to stop thinking about him. This could be the hardest part of absolutely anything, but it's only the start. Here are a few steps you can try.

*Do you ever make up situations in your head about running into him somewhere, him calling or coming to find you? Just imaginary fantasies about the two of you? If you do, STOP. I do this all the time and after a while it becomes a habit. Whenever you find yourself doing it, focus on something else. It's very important. If they're sexual fantasies, you should stop them too. In the future you can use him to fantasize again, but for now you can't. If you continue to think about or hope to see him, you'll never be able to get him out of your head.

*Stop calling, texting, communicating with him, as well as looking at his online pages (facebook, myspace, blogs, whatever). Even if you're still friends or whatever, resist the urge to contact him or look up his stuff. Just for now.

*Make sure you've thrown away all the useless sentimental items he gave you. I don't mean jewelry, books, or cookware, but the fake flowers, stuffed animals, and the little things like pictures that make you think of him, but don't really need to be in your home/room. (This can include ripping them to pieces or burning them-but be careful)

*Start a new project. Whether it's a story, or a painting, a new recipe book or a website, start something new that will take time and occupy your mind for a while. This will keep your mind off of him and give yo
u the feeling of being busy, productive and useful. After my worst breakup I started an Altered Book to vent my misery and then eventually get over it.

*Get active. Whether its working out at a gym or dancing in front of the TV to the music channels, do something that keeps you energized and away from sulking miserably in a corner. Being physically active can keep those woeful feelings at bay.

*Accept what happened and start again. This is a step that can take time (and money) but is best done as soon as you think you're ready.
-Go out and buy a new bath set. Something inexpensive, but really nice, with bath salts, scented soap, oils, a candle or two, body scrub, a loofa, whatever. Maybe even some semi-expensive chocolates.
-When you're ready, have a good cry. I mean a good, long "I'll never love anyone as much as him and how could he hurt me so much and I hate myself and will never recover" cry. Even if it means taking one last look at those memory-inducing pictures and hugging that stuffed animal he got you at the fair/coin machine. Really; you deserve it. Cry until you can't cry anymore, just don't wake the neighbors.
-Think about what happened, what went wrong. Accept that you're hurt and you hate him for it, but then accept that it is over and there's nothing you can do about it. Accept that it will take time to fully heal. Also think about the fact that if he hurt you like this now, he'd probably do it again, so you probably wouldn't really want him back, right? You might want to cry some more after this.

-Now, go take a bath. A nice warm bath with salts, oils, loofas, chocolate, whatever! Anything you want. Turn the lights low, if you can, and wash yourself completely. Scrub everywhere gently but accurately. Imagine that you are washing away the pain. The hurtful parts of your past. Washing away the negative thoughts of him and your past. Try your best not to cry during this, but don't hold it in if you really have to. If you do cry, imagine your tears are your love, being washed away like everything else.
This might sound a bit weird and "New-Agey", but there's no reason why you shouldn't give it a try. The time after a breakup is a very emotional time, and this step is simply an attempt at controlling some of those emotions. It might not help completely but, in my experience, it can help a lot; it's a new beginning.

-Once your done, dry off completely and put on something soft and comfortable. Not silky or sexy; we want romance out of the brain. Now do something quiet, soothing, or productive. Read a brand new book that has nothing to do with romance, sex, or your past. Cook something simple and light. Have a cup of tea (not coffee unless its decaf) or hot chocolate and watch something
new. Meditate. Or just go to sleep. This should be a time for you to do something by yourself for yourself. Sleep and let the night help you forget for a little while.

*Finally, GO OUT! When you're ready, going out with friends is one of the most important things you can do. Go to a new restaurant, a club, a bowling alley, amusement park, the beach, anything! Just get out of the house and do something fun and active and with someone that cares about you. (Under no circumstances are you to go out with your ex! Nor going somewhere where he'll be, at least not for a few more months
While you're out, SMILE! Laugh, flirt, dance, jump up and down, do everything that keeps your heart light and pleasant and re-energizes your mind and body.

That's all for now, I hope I helped in some way.
Good luck to you, don't hesitate to ask anything else.

Be safe, be happy

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Entitled to Sex? or "Fuck Him"; An Unorganized Bit of Theory on Female Evolution

Our society has somehow created a male mentality that they are entitled to sex. That they need it, deserve it, and shouldn't be denied it.

In high school boys only want girls if they'll put out. Once they do, they're used, dirty, slutty. Yet if they don't, they're prudish, teasing bitches. This trend doesn't really end after high school, it just goes on in different ways.

Case in point, my friend G recently tossed a guy who, after less than a few weeks, called her a cunt because she wouldn't have sex with him.

I'm not exactly what you'd call a raging feminist, but there are parts of our society that you can't deny, including the superiority men have had throughout most of our "civilized" history.

One of the worst products of that superiority, it seems to me, is the male viewpoint that sex is their right. I have no idea how this really came about, but it is one of the top things I blame for high incidences of rape as well as the Madonna-Whore idea, and women's inability to be sexually equal to men.

We have created every aspect of male mentality. Every sexual thing men think, we as a society have put there. We've taught men that they should be hunters. Why? More than likely, any primal society would have had both men and women hunters because everyone would have had to be put to work. Yet this mentality that men have to be in control is still there, because our past societies have put it there. Then there's the idea that men NEED sex, we put it there! Men don't need sex any more than women do, but we've given them this huge gap of logic when it comes to this area. Why?

There's no denying that women have different sex drives than men nowadays, but maybe that's society's fault too?

Perhaps women have been dealt the low hand in evolution. Maybe once upon a time women were as sexually active as any man standing next to them, because they got the same strong, evident urges as men do now, and were pleasured just as easily, were considered just as sexual.

When the more dominant patriarchal societies came along, and got more and more powerful, our sexuality became less needed. Over time as women were more and more often considered sexual objects instead of sexual beings (even, and especially, in religiously dominated societies such as the Christian Europe and Muslim Middle East), we had less and less use of our sexual pleasures, and evolution gave up on us.
While men continued to grow sexually, women were stunted. Sexual pleasure was no longer a value to women, it was a deformity, it became a liability and Mother Nature said "Well, if you don't want it..." and now women (while we still have sex, want it, and enjoy it) just aren't to par with male sexuality.
Part of that is in our mentality, yes, just like mens sexuality has been warped with myths about needed and deserving sex, ours has been tainted with thoughts of immorality and romance over sexuality. But that mental stunting wouldn't change so much of our physical inadequacies, would it?

Think I'm wrong about the inequality?
It could take a woman up to an hour to have a single orgasm, and not even through intercourse, while it takes most men ten minutes. I'm not saying the ridiculous stereotypes of women not needing or enjoying sex like men do are true, but there is a definite unbalance between the two which I think wasn't always there.

No matter how much we strive to own our sexuality. To love our bodies and take hold of our own orgasms, we've still been dealt the short stick.

FYI, we made 1327 hits in June!