Thursday, June 26, 2008

Position of the Week $

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This weeks position is: "The Rising"
Also called Right Angle Position, The Yawning.

In movies and porn you often see couples going at it in something like missionary, but with the womans legs against the guys chest, her high-heeled feet dangling behind his back. This is something like that, but just a little bit more complex.

Here the woman lies on her back, the man standing on his knees in front of her. He grips her legs and she supports herself with her hands above/behind her on the bed or headboard as he lifts her legs up and rests them against his body, her ankles on either side of his head. The woman now should have her hips off the bed/ground, and both her legs firmly against the mans body, with their pelvises in line with each other. The guy can hold her legs either at the ankle, knees, or thighs, but preferably her hips while her legs rest inside his elbows, and he penetrates in this position. Traditionally, he should move in "slow circular motions" while she stays still.

So lets talk about this one, one gender at a time.

Guys: You're probably going to love this. Probably. Despite the work it takes to get everything situated, the depth of insertion here (according to W) is fantastic. The womans vagina is shortened a little bit, so your penis goes all the way in, and completely "fills" her.
There's little effort on your part really, except for the fact that your standing on your knees, which can get tiring after a while. And here you have almost total control over speed, pressure, and depth.
"It was hard to keep a grip, but the angle of penetration was...nice. It felt good. It felt open." -W

Ladies: You...might like this. If you have decently strong abs, don't get tired too easily, and don't mind your legs falling asleep halfway through, sure.
The angle isn't uncomfortable once you get used to it, it's just a bit odd the first time, so comfort isn't a really a problem here. Except for your legs... But if you're really into it, my negative comments can be thrown to the wind, because all this one really takes is practice.
The angle does give lots of space for a decent view, or for a vibrator to slip in and give you an extra boost when wanted.
I bet this also burns twice as many calories than regular missionary, simply because of how your fighting to keep up your hips. A great ab workout. Mix that with the good vibrator area, and you've got yourself a pleasurable-and productive- time. ^-^
Although you should definitely skip this one if you have neck or back problems.

I have to say that this is one worth trying, at least, especially if your willing to do the practice ("make research", as W says quite often). I only tried it once, and only for a little while, and because I definitely don't have the abs to hold myself up like that, my personal discomfort shouldn't deter you from at least trying it next time you hop into bed. If you're looking for something new and interesting, this should be on your list.

The angle and depth alone make it worth trying, if only for the guy, and if your the adventurous type, it's pretty cool just to be able to say "Yeah, I did that one". So I say give it a shot.

Tried it? Loved it? Hated it? Found one better? Let me know! Email me at or AIM me under SinSekret.

Sorry no erotica this time, but I've got the next one almost done (already!), and there is a short story, and it's by W, so it's something different.
By the way, we've hit over 1,000 hits so far this month! Fucking awesome!!!

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Alexis-Marie said...

I slept with my ex cause I felt lonely and depressed. and I broke down halfway while having sex.

I'd just like to know

What would he be thinking about.. Cause he's not replying my messages. Would he be ok? He's a typical guy, doesn't really know what to do when a girl cries.


What can I do to help myself. I'm in pretty bad shape.

I was just hoping that you might've been in this situation before. Could you help me out?

Alexis-Marie said...

I feel that you should blog about it.
Cause I believe that if people could understand the whole situation, the would be able to learn from it. Maybe some could even help themselves :)

I don't mind you putting my name there or linking it to my blog.. It's cool with me.

I just need answers. I really need the answers.

And thanks so much for helping. I can't talk about this to my friends.It's taboo in asian society and well.. they can't keep secrets :P

Thanks so much. Really appreciate it.

StevanPierce said...

I "forgot" about this position; I have tried it a couple of times in the past, but am glad to have my memory refreshed!

Outraged Man said...

I love these tips. I think Im going to use them soon!

Jenera said...

This one can also be done on the edge of the bed. That way the man can stand up and the woman has a bit more support. You still have to have good abs 'cuz you have to have our butt literally suspended in air over the edge. But very worth it.