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Position of the Week #

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This week, lets do a simple one especially for the guys out there.

Reverse Cowgirl

This is a variation of the Cowgirl position, which essentially is just the woman on top. The Cowgirl allows the man to relax more and enjoy the ride while the woman is able to control the speed, thrusting, etc to her own comfort.
The Reverse Cowgirl offers these same benefits, plus a few others, and many variations (hence all the pictures). Let's talk about them all.

We'd only been in our first position for a few minutes before he sat up, pulling me with him, and lifted my body above his.

"Turn around" he growled, laying out and placing me over his hips. I did as he said, straddling him, and found myself facing the wall, his legs sprawled out in front of me and him entering me from underneath. I wasn't sure what to do but began to move slowly, teasingly slow.

My hips rocked forward gently, raising ever so slightly to pull myself away from him, only to thrust back quick but careful. I could hear his moans behind me as I moved.
I leaned forward and was met with a harsh, pleasured groan as the angle of his entrance changed and my inner muscles clenched around him. I grabbed hold of his knees, rough and dry from earlier activities on the floor, and thrust myself harder against him.

His nails found the skin of my thighs, digging into the flesh, making my back arch and my breath catch in my throat. H
e grabbed me by that flesh and lifted me, then slammed be back down, thrusting himself harder and harder inside me. The sensation was sharp and wonderful, spreading from that center within, up through my pelvis and stomach, making my mind whirl and my thoughts loose focus.

I rocked my hips, harder, faster, matching his movements, driven by his erotic cries. Deeper, fuller, rougher, stronger. I found myself dancing above him to a chorus of him moaning my name.

-Sin Secret

First, as I said, this position lets the man sit back and enjoy the show. Basic positions like Missionary, Doggy Style, etc, typically have the man "in charge", with more control. While this can be great most of the time because the guy gets to kind of do whatever he wants, I'm sure it can get tiring, always doing the most work. This position allows him the chance to not have to do any work, and just be able to enjoy the sex. Supposedly it can even prolong the man's erection.

Second, this allows the woman a "seat of power" throughout the act. She can control how fast you go, the angle of entry, and how deep the thrust is. It is also said that the right angle here can hit the G-spot just right.
A quick note to you potential reverse cowgirls; make sure you give yourself time to adjust to the new position. If you're new to it, you'll have to start slowly so that your vagina and the muscles around it adjust to the new way the penis is entering, otherwise it can be a bit of a pain.

Now, for guys the regular Cowgirl provides a view of the womans thrusting body and bouncing chest. Unfortunately the Reverse doesn't allow that so much. If a mirror is included, it could, and that is quite common, but otherwise the only thing you get a good view of is your partners ass. That can be good or bad depending, but hopefully you like her ass. Either way, it provides a good view for those who are especially attracted to that part of the body. This does give you the thighs to grab on to, which can be very sexy if you or your girl are into nails or tight grips, and the fact that the thighs are within reach means that in extreme bouts of passion, the man can grab the woman and increase the speed or thrust, if he so pleases.
Depending on the size of the two of you, the man may have enough reach to fondle the pubic area/clitoris, or the breasts. This is especially true if the woman leans back, as in the picture to the side. The woman can also lean forward onto the mans bent knees, which can provide her support, a different angle, and a little better control. Also allows the guy more moving room.

It also has to be mentioned to be careful! In this position the penis can end up at an odd angle, which can become very uncomfortable for the guy (and girl), but can also hurt something very very badly. You'd think a penis would be hard to "break", but in certain positions is actually rather easy.
Ever had a girl on top and she went up a little too far and came down a little too fast? Caught the penis somehow and made a scary POP sound? I know I've done that quite a few times with W. It can get a little nerve-wracking, makes us stop and take a breather. If done right (or maybe that should be wrong), that POP can create permanent damage, especially in the Reverse position because you can easily and unconsciously bend the penis too far back. So watch yourself.
I assume this can also be used for anal sex, but would carry similar warning signs. Mixing the awkward position with the fragility of the anal tissues could be worrisome. But I'm sure it can be done. I'll have to ask someone about that...

Personally, I haven't tried this one in quite a while, because lately I've been sticking to some tried and true favorites, more than branching out to different ones. But occasionally I enjoy being on top, and this one is one I sometimes choose. Although, (to me) seems a bit less awkward than the Cowgirl because you're not facing your partner, but also a bit more awkward because you're facing the guys toes instead.

But really, it depends what you're into. This is definitely liked, because it's in porn all the time, and it's no wonder when you get to see the girl bouncing, moaning, and writhing above you (or whoever you're watching).

That's all for today!
Play safe!

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