Monday, May 12, 2008

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Most Recent Poll Results:

What do YOU Want to Talk About???
Sex! (duh...don't click this one....)
5 (16%)
Protection & Contraception
2 (6%)
Sexual Harassment
0 (0%)
Positions, Techniques, Tips, Etc.
12 (40%)
The History Of Sex
6 (20%)
17 (56%)
One Night Stands
6 (20%)
1 (3%)
5 (16%)
Anal/Oral (Please comment w/ specifics)
5 (16%)
4 (13%)
Other (please comment w/ specifics)
1 (3%)

So that means future posts for the moment will focus on...

Masturbation (Thats this months theme, being National Masturbation Month)

Positions, Techniques, Tips, etc (This is slightly covered by the Position of the Week, but I'm working to both improve those posts, as well as get more tips/techniques available. This would be much easier if people would send me questions or-maybe- ideas)

And future articles for the less requested ones like BDSM, Anal/Oral, History, and Homosexuality.

It makes me kind of sad that Contraception got only 2 votes. Oh well. It's not like I'm not going to talk about it anyway.

So now I'm taking that poll down and replacing it. With the next Many Ways to Play Safe I'll take down the contraception poll as well.

Tonight or tomorrow I'll have the new Position of the Week, so make sure to check back. I'm hoping to start including a new concept in them, I'll see you then.

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