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Adult Product of the Week - The Power of the Sun in the Palm of Your....

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This weeks product is another female product (sorry guys, yours will be next, I promise; it requires me to get something for W and try it out). I picked this one because it's simple, discreet, cheap, and effective. So I'll try to be the same. Minus the cheap part...

So let's talk about The Power Bullet Clitoral Vibrator

The basics:
This teeny little thing will run you abou
t $8 - $14, depending where you get it and if it's a "name brand" or a basic one. The link above is for the Adam & Eve version, but you can get one just about anywhere. I bought one during a trip to the local "fancy" adult store with/for my friend K. There is was about nine bucks, I believe.
They come in all colors and shades, usually take watch batteries, have a slick, metal texture, and pack one hell of a punch. Use this thing in the wrong area when your not ready for it and you're body'll spasm so fast you'll pull a muscle. Or bang your head on the bathroom cabinet, which I've done.

The best thing about these is that they are so small, but work so well. You get the occasional review about not lasting long enough, or being too small, but the typical responses are fantastic. The thing will slide right into your pocket or any hidden area in your purse. Some even come with little sleeves to put them in, like those mini tampons, so even just bouncing around it your bag no one would notice. I love sex with a vibrator included, so having this thing tucked away in your bag allows for that extra oomph in even the most spontaneous of encounters.

Another g
reat thing is the variety of uses. Sure, there's the basic vibrator to clitoris equals orgasm, but it can also be used to stimulate the G-spot, or (for guys) it can be placed on the perineum- the soft area between the scrotum (balls) and the anus. This creates crazy high sensations for the guy, like hitting a girls G-spot just right. For some guys this will have to be a sort of push with the vibrator, applying a good amount of pressure, but for others it will have to be such light pressure that it's barely touching the skin at all, it just depends.
Then there are the silicon sleeves that the bullet can be slipped into for different textures. From studs to ripples to spikes to waves, these are supposed to mix up the sensations. Personally, they don't do much for me, but supposedly it's good for sensitive women who like different feelings.
And of course an extra nifty part is that a bullet vibrator can be used as an extra or backup in other sex toys. Especially those awesome vibrating "love rings", such as this one, this one, or this one (none of which I've used, by the way, I'm just giving examples). These "love rings" work awesome for couples wh
o are either in need of some extra stimulations (for both parties), are having trouble staying erect (on the mans part), or just looking for something fun and new to try. And your little bullet will slide right into those if the vibrator it came with dies out, so you'll never have that battery problem (mentioned below).

There are, however, two main downfalls to this nifty little thing. First, is that there is only one setting. Personally, and I assume for most women it's the same, I prefer to have multiple settings so that I can start slow and adjust to the sensations before jumping into the top speed. You can't do that will this, it's all strong all the time.
[The cure for this, I've found, by the way, is to start off in a less sensitive area, like the pubic mound or right on the edges of your outer lips, then move further into the middle and towards the clitoris as you become adjusted.]
The second downfall is the batteries. Watch batteries are damned expensive, between 5 and 15 dollars depending on the store and brand, and this thing wears them down pretty hard every couple of uses. It's kind of like those printers that only cost like 30 dollars, and then you find out the ink is almost as much, and you have to get new ink every month or two. It gets to be annoying. For me, however, it works out pretty well, especially because it isn't my only vibrator, so I don't end up desperate if the bullet is battery-less.

You know, let me know if I'm sounding like a PR sponsor for Adam & Eve's because I really don't want to. Our local sex columnist does that and it's annoying and useless as hell. Yes, I provide links to their site because Yes, if you buy something I do make some money because Yes I am really broke, but I Don't want you to think that the only reason I have product reviews is because I'm an Adam & Eve affiliate. Seriously, I do actually review these things so that you have an idea of what kind of products are out there and how they've worked out (for me), and such. The A & E thing is just my pathetic way of attempting to make extra money for my rent and kill my two birds with one stone, but really, it is not my reasoning for doing the reviews to begin with, I promise.


Play safe!!

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This is an absolutely wonderful write-up on the bullet. The bullet is a classic sex toy that is cheap but incredibly effective. Heck men can even use these, rubbing them against the underside of the head of the penis provides a wonderful sensation for most men. Good job on the post.