Friday, May 30, 2008

You Oughta Know...

Just so you know, I have not disappeared, I am just a bit lazy this week. I used to have the problem that I didn't have enough ideas. Now I have too many ideas and I just can't seem to finish any of them. But I'm workin on it.

Here's a list of the articles coming up, in the order they'll hopefully be. So make sure to check back soon ^-^

This Weekend:
1. The ABCs of Sex [hopefully today or tomorrow]
2. Position of the Week [Sunday or Monday]

Next Week:
3. With a Little Help From My Self (final masturbation post)
4. A quick list of book reviews

The Week After Next:
5. One Night Stands and Casual Sex
6. Adult Product Review (the new KY) [maybe next week if I use it sooner]

Future Ideas:
* Sensual Massage as Foreplay
* "Eating In while Eating Out" - The uses and messes of Food in Sex
* Checking the Back Door - Love and Controversy in Anal Play

Don't forget to let me know if there's anything you think I should do more of, a topic I haven't covered that you'd like to see, any questions you'd like answered or situations you want advice on, or... whatever!


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