Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wonders of Planned Parenthood

So, I know I promised I was officially back, and then sort of disappeared again, but I promise I have been busy. For the most part. I mean, Plants Vs Zombies hasn't taken up all my time, I swear! I have actually done things!
I got my day-job back, am modeling for summer school in the mornings, and just did a new review! See? Progress.

On a random note, anyone notice how many new fairly hard-core BDSM things have just arrived on the EF site? It's crazy. From ball gags to hobbles to bridles to reins, it's crazy! And neat.

Tomorrow's HNT should be up around noon, but in the meantime, I just got back from my first visit to Planned Parenthood.
You'd think I would've gone sooner, being how much I support them and tout their greatness all the time, but I've always gone to doctors and clinics, and it never occurred to me to go somewhere different (I also kind of forgot we had one).

With many problems happening with my insurance, and a complete lack of birth control pills, I was desperate. The doctor at the clinic wouldn't prescribe more until I got an "annual", and I knew my insurance wouldn't pay for an annual, and though I took 2 from the pharmacy last month, my second has gone conveniently missing, so I was SOL.
I knew the Health Dept wouldn't book me immediately, and even if they did, I didn't want to wait four hours to be seen, then get a huge bill 6 months later when my insurance once again decides not to pay for it. So I asked one of the Twins at work how PP works for them, and she recommended I call.
People, this place is a life-saver! Use it!

Firstly, condoms. Condoms condoms condoms everywhere! Free for the snatching, grabbing, or shyly slipping into one's purse. Also, those "Just Wear It" stickers, I always wondered where people got them! Now I know, and Coal proudly sports one on his car. I think when I go back I'll pick up some more.

Secondly, it was fast. I called at one, I got an appointment at three. I filled out the paperwork, waited ten minutes, and got in. Sat for five minutes, had my stats taken, talked, got my pills, and went home. I've never had any kind of clinic visit go so fast.
A large part of this was because mine was a "HOPE" visit; one without any medical tests like pap smears or anything. As I said, insurance wont pay for it, so I might as well not do it until someone can.

Money wise, the visit cost $60, as a pay-now discount. If I'd tried to use insurance it would have cost almost twice as much, and I would have ended up with a giant bill in a few months when the insurance decided not to pay it. They claim my Dysmenorrhea (what I take BC for) is not a "medical" problem, so they wont pay for the consultation to get the pills to control it.
Whatever. Fuck them. I'm getting new insurance soon, hopefully, anyway.
So, I coughed up my last hundred and paid my discounted bill, along with the discounted price for my new pills. Not the exact ones I was on, but the name brand of them.
They weren't as cheap as the Health Dept ($21, where the HD has most for around $5), but still, I'm not complaining. I get the prescription (I think they called it a subscription) for a full year, which means no more finding doctors and clinics and ways to claim I'm getting a pap smear because of STD symptoms.

This place rocks, I love it. Please use it people!

I've rambled enough so I'm gonna go, but seriously, today was a good Birth Control day for me, and I feel a lot of relief about the future of my "family planning". Hurray for PP.

Have fun, Play Safe!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

The OverDue Review: Selene Pump

Hello babes!

I'm extremely behind on everything I was supposed to do forever ago, so I'd like to go ahead and get caught up on what I can. First off, a new product review!

Today's product (which should have been ups WEEKS ago, I apology) is the Selene Vibrating Clitoral Pump.

This clitoral pump comes from's sex toys. (I love how easy it is to navigate their site; some companies make it so difficult to find what you're looking for...)
It's in the clitoral stimulators section, along with all the rest of my favorites. ^-^

The idea behind it is that the suction-cup action increases blood flow to your intimate areas (specifically, your clit), allowing you to experience more sensitivity and pleasure.
How awesome is that?

The Selene Pump, a made by California Exotics, through their "doctor approved" Berman Center line, comes in a neat box with plenty of informational reading material.

The toy itself is very girly, with a light purple color, glittery areas, and hearts all over the hand pump. It comes with a cute sheer bag and two interchangeable suction heads (one with little tendrils, one without).

It works by, basically, pressing the suction-cup head around your clitoris (or your nipple, or any other part of you), squeezing the hand pump a few times, and letting the pressure clamp the thing around your skin. For me this wasn't particularly a good feeling, in fact, it really started to hurt after about 5 seconds. There's a heart-shaped release button on the bottom of the pump, and I used it quite a bit while experimenting with the toy.

The Selene also vibrates, but I'm not quite sure why. The vibrations on this thing probably aren't going to do much for you. The two AAA batteries it calls for don't supply nearly enough power, so unless you're already pretty sensitive in general, that part isn't likely to get you off.

Now, anyone who's read up on my reviews should know that I don't kiss ass for these things; if I don't like a toy, I don't like it. I try to point out its good spots yeah, but if it's not good for me I say that.
This toy is... one of those cases. I didn't like it for me, but I love the idea of it and what it's supposed to do.

And, actually, there are two reasons I don't blame this toy for the fact that it didn't work on me. One, is this extremely positive review from the wonderful Curvaceous Dee (watch out, NSFW). I remember her review being my inspiration for wanting to try it out, and it's really a shame it didn't work so well for me.
The other reason is my own anatomy.
I actually have a sort of...hidden clitoris, which doesn't ever come out. I mean ever. I blame a lot of my arousal and orgasm troubles on this problem, and while I hope to one day get it fixed, I really can't blame a clitoral pump for not getting more blood to my clitoris when it can't even find it.

I was really excited to try it out, but as soon as the plastic-y circle took hold of my flesh, failing to attach when I didn't pump it enough, and squeezing everything when I did, I was no longer aroused at all. I tried different positions, different numbers of pumps, different angles, pulling the skin this way and that, whatever I could think of. I also tried it on my breasts, but with similar results. Perhaps my skin is just too sensitive; all it did was sting.

So, all in all, the sensations it gave me weren't particularly pleasant, and the sensations that were left afterward (when I should have been incredibly aroused and ready to go), were equally not-pleasant.

But, as I said, I don't blame the toy for this, I mostly blame my own biology, and am actually more disappointed in my own body than I am with the toy. I still think it's a cool idea and worth experimenting with, if you're body's up for it, and you're willing to cough up the $30. Not too bad of a price if it works for you.

Have Fun, Play Safe!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Color Me Sexy HNT #1

So, my newest plan of non-laziness involves a string of HNT photo's I'd like to over the next few weeks.

This one's not particularly sexy, but is pretty, I think (Coal did a good job).

I love the feeling of ink, marker, and paint against my skin.
A wet, cold sensation that slides across the flesh, leaving behind a sleek, bright line of color, swirling into the leaves, folds, petals of an elegant flower...

Sexy HNT!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

$1000 Worth of Sex? Why, Yes, Please!

I stumbled onto a fantastic contest that I couldn't resist going for. It has taken me three days, two different calculators, and one sore-ass back, but I finally have in my "submission".
But really, it was worth it, what wouldn't you sacrifice for a chance at $1000 worth of sex toys!?!?!
Check out the rules here and do one yourself!

My wishlist is a mixture of quantity and quality. The things I have been dying for, some interesting tidbits, and those few things that I just have to try! It's long, I know, but my general lack of funds can sometimes make me a selfish girl...this took days to compile...

BWarm Soy Massage Candle, Fig - Something sensual to start off with, foreplay and romantic light all in one. I've heard amazing things about these and I'd love to have one!

Oralicious Pina Colada - I'm slightly ashamed to say oral isn't part of my general sex life, so I'd really like a few things to bring things up a bit.

Hitatchi Magic Wand
- The ultimate toy that every woman should own, but I don't. How could I not include this???

Body Souffle; Strawberry Creme
- Mmmm, sexual body luxuries. I have these little fantasies about having a dresser/vanity covered in pretty boxes, bottles, and containers full of tasty, sensual, sweet-smelling treats for my body.

Cleopatra's Secret Cream; Peaches & Cream - Another body item, but this one also works as a clitoral stimulater, and it's flavored. Can't say no to that!

Nea (White) - One of those high-priced, absolutely beautiful, luxury vibrators. One I set eyes on this sleek, classy little thing, I practically yearned for it.

Silicone Bunny Buddy - A cute little vibrator that's cheap but looks worth a try.

Clitoral Gel Gentle - I spend a whole lot of money on Clitoral gels, and this is one I would LOVE to try. No menthol!

Lockable Vibrator Case, Large, black - I have always always always wanted one of these nifty toy boxes!

Lockable Vibrator Case, Small, purple - As I said...I've always wanted one...two would be better...especially since this one's great for travel!

Lure for Him - The idea of pheromone colognes and sprays fascinates me, so I'd love to try these out with Coal...

Lure for Her - I could surprise Coal when he gets back from work, looking sexy, tasting sexy (see products above), and smelling oh so sexy. :)

Hopn Rabbitstroker - I've always wanted to try one of the "thrusting" rabbits!

I-Vibe Suction Cup Rabbit - From what I've seen, these rabbits don't run too strong, but I'm so intrigued by the use of the suction cup...mmm..riding away on it... I've always wanted to try it. :-D

GiGi, Deep Rose - I actually put back a few things so that I could add this, I just couldn't help it. The most expensive thing on here, this is an orgasm treat I would love to add to my tiny collection.

Trix for Chix - An interesting little cutie that I had to add. What a delight it would be with that little bitty tip!

Krystal's Strobing Bunny Vibrator - I'm not sure why I have so many Rabbit's on this list, because it's not uncommon for them to not work on me. They just appeal to me so much!

Heart Shaped Breast Massager - My nipples aren't generally sensitive unless I'm really really turned on. Maybe these can help...

Naughty Nano IPod Vibrator - The OhMiBod's sibling, I can't resist craving this thing too!

Pocket Rocket Plus - Yet another one of those toys that no girl should be without, so why don't I have one!! Especially with my clitoral problem, a toy this strong should definitely be in my purse at all times.

Playful Pleasures - Another cute little thing I'd love to try out!

Aphrodisiac Oil Exotic Fruit - Yet another small sexual luxury I'd love to have (and see- isn't it pretty?) on my dresser.

Sweet Surrender D & S Game - I don't usually go for sex-based games, but as someone highly interested in the "other side" of everyday sexuality, this caught my attention.

Astroglide 1 Ounce- Just a cheap add-on, to use with all the lovely products.

Afterglow Multi-pack Toy and Personal Tissues - Nifty little things for both your toys and yourself! To clean up afterwards...

And, lastly, the thing I want the absolute MOST!!

OhMiBod Music Driven Vibrator - Ever since this thing came out I've wanted this little baby so much I fantasize about it! I've heard mixed reviews abou it, but only an explicit lack of funds has kept me from it, and there's little else I want as much as!

If the calculation on my over-sized calculator is right, this all comes to $999.34
Hope they aren't including tax or shipping on that budget, I'm cutting it close! >.<

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy Body HNT

It feels so good to wear lace under anything...especially when it's something that buttons open, ready to reveal...

Nothing special today..sorry...
Sexy HNT!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sex in Stereo

For your listening (and perhaps buying?) pleasure, here is a very basic (ie. not much thought put into it) list of my favorite sexy songs.
Hover over the titles to get my mini-opinion of it, I generally have my reasons for liking a song. Except maybe for the Katy Perry song...that's just....not really relationship and all.
It could use a little improving, and I'm totally up for suggestions (ie. leave comments and tell me yours), but I like this list. It makes me happy. In my pants, you know. :)

Listen, Love, and Play Safe!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

3 Months and Quite A Few Orgasms Later...

Here I am, attempting to be "back".
One final left to take, a bottle of Blood Orange Mimosa champagne to drink, and 8 orgasms under my belt in the last 24 hours.
Am I ready to chat?


The Phone Sex enterprise went okay for a while, but then suddenly dropped out horribly. I made a pleasant $600 in the first month, and a pathetic $20 (if even) in the last month. I'm not sure what happened, and I am planning to try to keep up with it a little, but it just stopped feeling worth it.
The days with no calls, then days with nothing but 1 minute hang-ups, just got to me too much and I stopped clocking in.
I really want it to work, I'm desperate, in fact, for it to work, and I still feel a sort of glamor and excitement in working in the sex industry, but I just can't seem to make it work. I still take the occasional call, when a mysterious guy requests one, but I rarely clock in for hours at a time like I used to. It just gets too depressing.

Next week I head back to my day job, so hopefully my world will be filled with mediocre paychecks, good books (just started Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, am waiting on the 5th Obernewtyn book, and another Francesca Lia Block book, and plan to read the Vivid girl's How To Have An XXX Sex Life eventually- courtesy of G) and-hopefully- lots of exotic foods (went to Chapel Hill a while back and got fantastic(!) ethiopian food that I got to eat with my fingers!!!). And, with much luck and effort, Sin's Secret will be back up and running and more interesting and sexy and fun than ever.

That's my goal, anyway.
Will it work? Maybe. Maybe not.

In the future I may have some interesting stories from my phone sex exploits, a long overdue toy review for, and many new sex positions. Next time I stop by the used book store, also, I'm planning on grabbing some sexual history books, and teaching you guys some dirty naughty facts. You can also look forward to a HNT every week, and possible some erotic stories about food. It is definitely my obsession at the moment....

In the meantime, I was hoping some people could send me submissions for a possible print and web-zine that I really want to put out. No pay, just coolness. This could be art or writing, and anything sexy, erotic, etc. I've been wanting to do this for a long time but only have like 3 friends that writer erotic works, so I need some extra content, and you guys would be perfect, I know it! So if anyone is interested, please email me. SinSekret AT Gmail DOT com, as usual.

Much Sexy Luv!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Little Story

After spending weeks and weeks striving for a so-far-semi-successful job as a Phone Sex Worker, I've written a short story based off of my very first call experience.

I wouldn't so much call it's more like painfully humiliating...

Free Minutes

Jena sat quietly at her desk, waiting for one of the two phones beside her to ring. Needing it. Dreading it. She stared blankly at her laptop screen, scrunching her nose at Vikki, the half naked girl smiling up at her.
The two phones lay idly next to the computer. One was black; a think chunk of dented plastic with scratches etched into the cover. The other was pink; slim, shiny, and brand new. Beside them was a book of erotic fiction. Five hundred and eighty-two pages of the best, award-winning smut from the last year. Underneath it were piles of notebooks with stickers from various adult-product companies plastered across the covers.

Scattered across the dirty tan carpet floor around her chair were pages and pages of hand written unreadable script. Dialogues scribbled hastily in classes, meetings, and waiting rooms on crumpled lined paper.

Tired of scrutinizing the poor girl in her various poses, Jena leaned back in her chair, looking up at the pale pop-corned ceiling. The walls around her were painted that terrible off-white color that comes standard in so many apartments. Bland, ugly, and easily soiled, but legally protected by her lease.

Over these dreary walls were framed playbooks from Broadway shows, posters from romance movies, and monochrome photographs of naked women. Most of them standing in doorways, their silhouettes dressed in the light from the other side.

Jena’s light blue eyes followed the cracks in the ceiling for a moment before she kicked her legs gently against the floor. Her chair spun and she watched as the ceiling became a whirlpool of yellow and gray bumps. She closed her eyes and felt the world move around her.

The light tinkling noise that suddenly drifted from the tiny pink cell phone made Jena’s heart stop. She turned and looked down at the phone. She didn’t breath, she didn’t think. The hairs on the back of her neck tingled and she watched as the vibrations made the phone dance across the desk in small bursts.

The bell like ring tone continued for a few moments while Jena stared at it. After a deep breath she reached out suddenly, gripping the phone tight in her fist as she glanced at the Caller ID scrolling across the cover screen. An 800 number.

“Oh. Shit.”

She squeezed her eyes shut and flipped open the phone. She put the smooth plastic against her ear.
“This is Starcalls Online. You have a new call. Please press one to accept it now.”

The voice on the other end was calm, bland, and very robotic. Jena choked on saliva built up in the back of her throat. She turned her head and looked at the shiny, flat new buttons and slid her thumb over the keys. She pressed firmly down on the “1”.

“Thank you. No, please introduce yourselves.”

The line was silent. Jena licked her lips.

“Hi!” She said, her tone soft and welcoming. “I’m Maria. What should I call you?”
There was a pause before a man cleared his throat. The reply that came sounded shaky, and very young.
“My name’s David.”

Jena wondered about his age for a moment, waiting for him to say something else. When she didn’t, she tried to create a conversation.

“Well hello, David.” She said.

There was another pause. This time nobody spoke to fill the empty space stretching between them. Jena forced a soft giggle.

“Well, how are you David?”
“I’m good.”
“Are you having a good night?”

Jena paused. Her eyes scanned the room nervously.

“Good…” she said.

More silence. She forced another fake laugh.
She laid down carefully on the carpet, the pages scattered on the floor crinkling beneath her and scratching softly at her ankles.

“You sound nervous.” She said, trying to sound teasing and cute.

David laughed awkwardly, the way only a teenager can.

“Uh…yeah.” He said.
“Aw,” Jena cooed, “Don’t be. Is this your first time?”
“Um, no.” he replied, a little too quickly.
“Oooh, experienced huh?” She’d been hoping he’d say yes so she could confess to being new too.
“Well that’s good.”

Jena’s mind went blank. ‘Shit’, She thought, ‘he’s supposed to be talking…’

“So…” she began, “What would you like to know about me?”
“Well, um, what do you look like?”

Jena blinked, frowning. She cursed herself again and pushed herself off the ground.

“Well…” she started, falling back into her chair and faking another giggle to keep his attention. “I’ve got brown hair…”

She searched through her files for the pictures of Vikki. ‘Shit…’
“It’s pretty short…I just had it cut actually…”

She paused, her brows furrowing as she realized what a stupid thing she’d just said. She clicked a link and six shots of Vikki took over the screen. She scanned over them, trying to find a way to describe the flat, scrawny, barely legal model that was supposed to be her.

“I’ve got long legs, brown eyes…I’m very skinny…” She tugged at a broken belt loop on her jeans and mumbled under her breath, “A little too skinny…”
“Oh! Nothing. I’…got a flat stomach, luscious pink lips, and soft, perky boobs.”
No sound.
“So…what about you?” she asked.
“Well,” David said, his voice still trembling, “I’m actually not wearing anything.”

Jena rolled her eyes.

“Mmmm, really? That’s good. I just got out of the bath, so I’m wrapped in my thick, fluffy robe. It feels so soft and warm against my skin.”

David made a bland, noncommittal noise and there was another silence.

“So, where are you David?”
“Oh, um, I’m in my room.”

The thought occurred to Jena that he’d said room, not bedroom. She wondered if it implied even more that he wasn’t fully of age. Having her own apartment made her sleeping room her bedroom, where in high school it was her only room. She tried to continue.

“On your bed?”
“What do your sheets feel like?”
“Soft. Smooth.”
“Mmmm, good. I love anything soft and silky against my skin.”

Another wordless sound.
Jena struggled to think of something to say. She sank down to the floor in front of her desk again.

“So,” she whispered, her voice husky and seductive, “What would you like me to do to you, David?”

Silence. No answer. Jena waited.


There was a click and the line went dead.

Jena blinked, confused.

“This call lasted – Three Minutes. You have earned – Two Dollars – and – Ninety Three Cents. This amount has been credited to your account. Thank you.”

Jena stared at the phone. She thought about the three free minutes clients were offered when they joined the service. She thought about how young the guy sounded, and how he’d probably used his father’s credit card to join but didn’t want any charges put on it. ‘Damnit…’ she thought.

Then she thought about the fact that this was her first call, and all the things she’d been nervous about. How ridiculous and nonsensical the whole situation was, and how strange her new job was shaping up to be. Jena sighed, burying her head in the dingy carpet. She stood up slowly, leaned over her laptop, and checked the balance on her account. A whole three dollars. She scrolled down to her status, clicked “Away”, and went to make a pot of coffee.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yet More HNTness

I've never really understood the whole "innocent girl next door" fetish, not really.
But these socks, so smooth and high up...leaving that cool flesh between my short skirt and the colorful socks completely bare......
it does feel sexy.......

PS. I have a great story for you guys this weekend. Check back!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

HNT baby!

I may not be back quite yet, but I can still give you some awesome stuff to look at!

My body shivers as the woman paints my back with glitter. The smooth, wet brush sliding across my skin. The sensations are tender and cooling, but so sensual.

Days later, when I slip off my robe in a room full of apathetic students, a small thrill runs through me as I turn around, selecting a good position to stay in, watching their eyes linger on the sparkling flower on my back.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Massive...Apology over my Obsession

First off, let me start out by saying....

I'm Sorry!!!!

It's been a long road since my last post, and I do sincerely apologize.

I've been spreading my wings and diving into the Phone Sex industry, and have become, quite literally, obsessed!! I pretty much spend all my time looking up information, creating layouts, adjusting listings, creating games, wish lists, and other silly ways to make money and get things, and I just can't seem to stop!

I have an exam tomorrow, a paper due tomorrow night, and prospectus due last Thursday, and an online class I'm probably horribly behind in.
But today I made $150. See why I'm so obsessed????
I can't stop!! Money!

I'm treating Coal and I to dinner tonight, not sure what yet, but something tasty like sushi probably!
Then hopefully I can study and try to figure out what this ridiculous poetry is about. If anyone asks you why we don't study female renaissance writers, tell them it's because they SUCK!

Well, they don't suck of course, but I have absolutely no love for this shit. It's hard to read, mostly religious, and dull. Bleh.

Have fun, play safe (and wish me luck)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guest Post on PhoneSexLife

Hey there!

Nothing too much to tell you today, except to check out my guest post on Phone Girl's site.
I'm working on starting a new and adventurous job (which is why i'm sort of MIA this week), and this lays out a fairly humorous side of the adventure.
Hope you're having a good week!

Have fun, Play safe.

Adam & Eve Adult Sex Toys
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lacey Half Naked Thursday

The lace feels scratchy but exotic against my skin. I follow the bumps and ridges up the curves of my stomach, roaming over the soft flesh of my breasts. My nails rake gently over my skin and a moan slips from my lips.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lucid Dreaming ((A Review))

I recently received a Lucid Dream #18 vibrator from the nifty sex toys store,
So, since they were nice enough to send it to me, I'm happy to talk about it.

The first thing I noticed about the Lucid Dream #18 was the color. Bright beautiful blue that makes me want to hang it in my window and show off the pretty colors to guests. I really like the color. The whole thing is attractive.

The toy itself arrived in one of those everyday US Postal packages, and I was pleasantly surprised to find and envelope of extra little goodies inside with it. Nothing much; a company flier, some stickers (very cute and creative, I love them), a sample of Astroglide lubricant, and two sets of AA batteries (the toy only needs one set).
Hm, interesting.
And awesome, really.
The stickers and sample are a delightful little addition, especially with the extra batteries. I felt so special. It seems this little promotion package comes with every order, the sample product varying occasionally. That's very cool. Extra props to for giving their service an extra little oomph. (Actually, that commercial with the two shampoos comes to mind. But hey, everyone loves free stuff! ^-^)

Now, the second thing I noticed about the Lucid Dream #18 was the smell. Eek! I opened the box and out wafes this uber-plastic seran wrap scent! I was opening it before bed and I actually had to put it on the other side of the room before I could fall asleep that night. It's pretty strong. But after the first use and first cleaning, the smell has died down fairly well, so now I can only smell it when it's actually right next to my nose.
Toys start out that way sometimes, it's no big deal.

Now let's talk basics.
#18 is a beautiful blue internal & external vibrator about a hand and a half long, made of a soft smooth jelly. It has four speeds, and attaches to a similarly blue controlling. Easy to insert batteries, easy to use, even easy to clean. It's also waterproof and very quiet.

Internally, this toy won't do that much for the average sex-toy user. But if you've never used an internal toy before, this really might be a good way to start out. It's so smooth that sliding it in is no problem. No discomfort or anything. It's not too thick and not too long, so if it's your first toy, it might be a good way to get yourself ready for a higher level dildo, if that's what you're looking for.

Externally, it actually works pretty well. It doesn't get very strong (which I'll talk about later), and if you hold onto the bullet base in the middle when you first turn it on, you'll barely be able to feel it, but somehow it sends the vibrations right up to the tip and keeps them there. The winning factor is that it actually did bring me to orgasm. It took a while, but it did, and I'm a pretty tough critic. I was surprised.

In the sensation department, I have to say this thing's no rocket. It's highest setting seems to resemble what the good stong vibrators start out on for the far lower settings. It's a medium-low sort of feeling. Never-the-less, I can't say I dislike this toy. And with how critical I usually am about low-powered toys, that is a bit surprising. I don't know why, I just like this one anyway.

I was a little confused about the size at first. Why have the handle on a jelly toy so big? But I've actually grown to like it; bending it to fit whatever position I feel like playing in.
I haven't tried it anally (not quite my thing) but supposedly it is anal-friendly too.
See? This things just neat all around.

You can also get more toys like the Lucid Dream #18 in the traditional vibrators category on the site.

They were also nice enough to send me a small bottle of Moist Personal Lubricant. This comes in a cute clear pump bottle, is water based and condom-compatable, and does it's job nicely. I didn't need it too much with this toy, thanks to its thin smooth shape, but you can never have enough lubricant and I definitely appreciate it.
It does, however, leave a sticky residue afterwards. That was a bit of a bummer.

They have plenty of other water based lubricants though, if you want to check them out.

Overall I was very pleased with the entire package from, and even though the toy isn't particularly strong, it's a good one.

Have fun, Play safe.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Get Hot for V-Day! Part 1

February has finally started, which means Valentine's Day is just around the corner!
No matter how you plan on spending the day- touring a romantic city with your partner, fucking the day away in bed, dancing with your friends, or curled up on the sofa with ice cream and movies- there's always a way to make it better.

So, as an early V-Day post, lets look at some of the toys and products you can buy to make your holiday just a little bit sexier. Pick your V-Day theme, check out the options, and

Romantic Day:
So you're spending the day with that special someone, how cute. Here's some stuff for you to treat each other extra special while you're out (and when you get back in ^o^).

Sensory Set M :: Nothings sexier in that soothing, romantic way than a well done massage. Give each other that sensual bliss with this Massage candle/oil kit from Babeland. If it's a little too pricey at $45, try one of these more affordable ones; Suntouched Massage Candles ($17), or the Bwarm Massage Candle ($22 and so beautiful).

Naughty Weekender Kit :: Add some spice to your Valentines night with a kit full of stuff just for you and your spouse. Massage Oil, Body Candy, Blindfolds, and a cute little Sex Game make the a little more special.

Silicone Lover's Enhancer :: This heart shaped "C-Ring" is the perfect little thing to add that extra oomph to sweet V-day love-making. At $17, it's nothing to pass up.

Sexy Adventures:
Whether you're with a long-time partner or a one-day stand, you're celebrating the day by having lots and lots of sex in all kinds of places, ways, and positions. So pack your stuff up in a cute little Sugar Sak and get out there for some sex!

The Cry Baby :: Take a break from the crazy love-making to go out for a bit. Try the movies or a good restaurant. Slip this baby in the girls pants (or whoever's going first) and have the other hold the wireless remote. Any time during the film, concert, or dinner, turn the baby on and listen to your girl cry with pleasure.

Love-You Vibes :: Wanna get something sexy and fun for your lady on V-Day, how about one of these cute heart-printed vibrators. Simple, affordable ($19), and lots of fun.

Satin Seduction Lingerie :: Surprise your lover with this sexy ensemble. Whether your buying it to wear or buying it for your spouse, this thing is sure to please. ($40)

Sexy Slave Kit :: And while you're dressed up, get yourself tied up with this set of cuffs, blindfolds, and the like. ($30) Or try the Lover's Prisoner Kit for an added whip and leash! ($35)

Later this week I'll search for some toys for the Single's Night Out group, and the Lonely Hearts club. Sexy outfits, penis-shaped candies, and the very best solo Vibrators are sure to be included, so check back soon!

And for an even better price, check out these discounts!
20% Off Couples Toys at Eden Fantasys
Winter Sale @ Adam & Eves

Have fun, Play Safe!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Get Burned with Jenna Jameson. Wait, No, Don't.

A porn review! Woot...or, no, not really.

I ordered my first porn flick from EF a few weeks back, and spent a whole lot of effort trying to enjoy and write about it.

Probably a wasted effort....

Jenna Jameson (great boobs and an absolute delight to watch when she actually speaks) stars in her first BDSM skin-flick adventure; BURN.

Seemed like a good idea at the time, I swear. Unfortunately, Vivid succeeded at only one thing; turning one of my favorite favorite favorite movies into a horridly acted, badly shot, story-less, and sexually uninteresting.

It's apparently supposed to be an "adult take" on The Secretary. One of my absolute favorite movies, and they ruined it.
I agree that I wanted a little more sex in that movie too, but this is just ridiculous.

The movie basically took a few scenes from the movie (Shy cutter Lee replaced with big breasted lesbian Erica who burns herself with cigarettes), tore them up and made them sexual, threw in a shitload of completely unrelated sex, and somehow managed to do that without having a single woman orgasm. (That last part really bothers me...)

Lots of cum shot oral scenes, a crazy amount of anal licking, and far too much moaning from the girls without moaning from the guys, mixed with a whole boatload of bad actors (Jenna was the only decent actor out of the lot).

In the BDSM club, not a single guy is tied up or being flogged. Not a single one. Whyyyy? That bugs me too.

During one oddly placed masturbation scene (mimicking Lee's bathroom scene), a woman basically gives her dildo a blowjob. When was the last time you did that, I mean, without someone watching?

Anyway. I hated it. Bleh.

You can see my full review HERE, and let me know what you think!

Adam & Eve's Adult Sex Toys

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Half Naked Thursday!

I leaned gently against the wall, waiting for the desperate look to appear in his eyes.
The look that came every time his body yearned for the delicate strips of leather resting against my body...

Another image from my little red dress shoot for advertising. There's something about this one I like....

Sexy HNT!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Guy, Little Girl - Some Advice

For those of you looking for my Conversation/Podcast-y thingy (thank you ^0^) You can find a recording of it in the widget to the right. And on the night of the shows you can listen directly from the widget, or click on the title on the widget, it'll take you straight to the site where you can join in.
We're not sure when the next show will be, probably next weekend (not a sunday again), and it'll probably be about Erotica (with a contest!). So make sure to check back for info. And if you plan on stopping by, let me know and I'll keep on the lookout for you!

I am a very short woman with an average build and my partner is a foot taller than I am and outweighs me by about 150 lbs. Can anyone recommend sexual positions that would minimize the awkwardness of our size differences? The more creative, the better.

I can think of just a few in particular that should really work for you. This also applies to most couples with height and weight differences.

1. Cowgirl (you on top). This should work regardless of the size of either of you (unless the girl is really big and the guy's really little, as said before). This gives you complete control and him the chance to relax and enjoy the view. And if you do it reverse (you facing his feet) you have lots of extra space around your pussy to use a vibrator (if the guys got a bit of a gut, using a clitoral vibe can be a bit tough).

2. Standing. The position works well with a shorter woman, when done right. Try standing up against a wall with something nearby to put a foot on. With him in front of you, have him lift you up and push you against the wall (using the stool/chair/whatever to help support you if you need it). Get high enough for him to enter you and wrap you leg/legs around him. Then go for it.
This takes some balance from you and some strength from him, but is great for those passionate, desperate love-making sessions.

3. You sitting, him standing. This is simply when you sit on a surface that's at a good height for him to enter you without having to bend his knees or stand on his toes too badly. Kitchen counters, dining room tables, and washing machines should all work pretty well.
It's good because height shouldn't really matter, and if he's a little too tall, he should be able to bend enough to enter you without too much trouble.

Doggy Style might work, but it depends on how different the height is as far as your legs go. It can be tough when your legs, thighs especially, are too close or too different in height. At least, that's how I see it.

I'm sure you're well acquainted with missionary, but if you have trouble with it because of height or size, try with your legs over his shoulders, or both legs and hips over to one side. Having your legs over the side of the bed (or anything else) might work as well. This is also true with Doggy Style, with you on your knees in front of the bed, or leaning over a table, your chest on the bed and him entering from behind.

Really, you just have to be creative. Buy a book on Sex Positions and experiment with what floats your sexy boat!

Good luck!

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

That stuff that comes before sex....

Tomorrow night at 7pm (EST), PhoneGirl and I will be hosting another TalkShoe conversation.
This... "episode" will be focused on Foreplay. You know; that stuff that's supposed to come before sex.

Personally, I'm not a big foreplay person. Having a distinct lack of physical arousal capabilities, foreplay just gets me bored. And despite the stereotype that women all love foreplay, many of my friends feel the same way.

Just the fact that I'm not really into foreplay will hopefully give us a good and diverse conversation. PhoneGirl and I would really love it if lots of you stopped by, leaving comments in the chat room, calling in (you don't need an account, you can call from anywhere in the world, and it's absolutely free!), or just listening in.

We want lots of opinions, questions, and suggestions from all our readers, and those who are just curious, so please stop by!

PS- did you hear, Obama repealed the Global Gag Rule; now allowing women and families around the world to get the health care and family planning information they really need!

Have fun, play safe!

Adam & Eve Adult Sex Toys

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Half Naked Thursday

There's something delightfully strong and sexy about wearing my boyfriends tighty-whitey underwear (even though they're like a million times too big for me...)

It's something like the thrill of not wearing panties when you go out. That shy excitement and sexy feeling of "I've got a secret...".
But it's different, of course.
Its the sensation of breaking some kind of taboo (I'm wearing the wrong genders clothes AND they're too big ^-^''), as well as the sexy contentment that seems to come from wearing your spouse's clothes. Don't you always feel warm, cozy, and sexy when you wear your boyfriend's (or girlfriend's) super-sized man/butch shirts?
I particularly like long sleeves and button ups.

It makes me consider stopping by the Boys Department of Wal-Mart and picking up some that actually fit me. But somehow I think that would take away from the sexiness...(not to mention, these things pick up stains like a bitch...).

Until next time.
Have a sexy Half-Naked-Thursday,


Monday, January 19, 2009

(Late) Sunday Sex Position :: Running With Scissors

Also known as: Spooning, Intersextion, Tribbing,

Disclaimer:: This article contains a bit of cartoon nudity, as well as graphic explanations and erotic text (nothing too good this week, unfortunately). Read at your own discretion.
Missionary just didn't leave enough room for my vibrator. A Double Bullet Egg Vibrator, it was strong like a rocket, but took up too much space for conventional positions. He lifted his hips, grabbed my side, and rolled me over, falling quickly behind me, his still-hard member resting snugly between my thighs. He entered me slowly, pushing his upper leg between mine and sliding his way inside. As my body adjusted, I twisted, my back flat against the bed while my thigh clenched around his side. He began a slow, steady rhythm, giving me time to get the vibrator started again, sliding it over my pubic hair, between my soft lips, to rest gently against my swollen clit. I moaned softly, my head falling back, watching the movement of our conjoined hips. As the vibrator sent shivers through my thighs, I worked on clenching my insides, using the muscles I'd built through daily kegel exercises to squeeze my muscles around the firmness inside me. He let out a sudden moan, surprised by the new sensation. As I pumped my body against his, rubbing the vibrator harder and harder agaisnt myself, I tried to squeeze harder, pressure building inside me in hot, sharp waves of tight pleasure, harder and harder, tighter and tighter, until I couldn't take it any more. My whole body bucked against his hips, my muscles clenching tight, a warm, trembling sensation found its way throughout my body. My thoughts disappeared, my breath caught deep in my chest as every muscle in my body spasmed, sending shockwaves of wonderful, hot pressure that made me cry out in pleasure, as he began to mimick my sounds, his body shuddering...releasing...relaxing...

For a while, when money was tight and jobs came first, Coal and I got pretty down and dull about sex. But now, by some miracle, we're back up and having fun again. With that fun comes lots of movement between the sheets. Missionary turns upside down, Doggy Fashion goes flat, and Cowgirl...kind of flips over.
One position we always come back to is a variation of the Scissors position.

Here, you lie next to each other, man behind woman, "spooning". Either simply entering from behind, her legs outward, or a little more comfy, with her lower leg between his, and her upper leg over his thigh, he enters from behind. Or with both of his legs in between hers. And despite the South Park "Scissors" joke, this is somewhat similar to what is commonly called Tribbing when done by two women.

We particularly love this position because it leaves lots and lots of space to use just about any clitoral vibrator, regardless of the sex of your partner (if everyone watches where their legs are going, that is).

Great to incorporate new toys, bring yourself to orgasm (him pumping with the vibe buzzing is fantastic, I swear) with your favorite vibe, or just enjoy the new sensations the change can give you.

Courtesy of

Have fun, Play safe.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Anti-Abortion Day, duh.

Oh, I almost forgot. You mustn't forget to celebrate National Sanctity of Human Life Day, which, according to almost-ex-Pres Bush, is today (to be fair, it wasn't his idea first).

Yes, how delightful, a day essentially condemning anyone who actually uses logic and supports female medical rights (especially those hell-condemned young heathens who've already had abortions!). It's funny, isn't it? That with all the economic, foreign, and other (actually important) problems the so-called leader could be dealing with, instead he's spent the last few weeks specifically pointing out and bashing women's health rights. For "God", of course.
Of course, the sanctity of life only matters if you haven't been born yet. If you have been, or you're foreign (that is, of a different religion), he doesn't give a damn. How sweet.

I wonder if he'll let all the troops he's shipped off have the day off. You know, to protect the sanctity of their lives.

So, in honor of this ridiculous day, I'd like to take this opportunity to list a whole bunchness of websites I can find that are about contraceptives, abortion, and women's health information.

Hurray for Anti-Abortion Day, now get informed, dammit.

Planned Parenthood
(of course)
Abortion Clinics Online (wouldn't it be weird if abortion numbers doubled today? Not encouraging or anything, but it'd be ironic?)
Contraception Guide (because you should always know)
Let's Talk About Abortion (a great little manifesto about why abortion isn't wrong)
Healthy Women.Org (because it's all about women's health, really)
Scarleteen (sex education for the real-life teen)
AVERT Teen Contraceptives (Anti-AIDs site gives birth control info)
Trojan Condoms (Maybe you should save that sperm, it's life too, right?)
Durex (the condom brand that just keeps on growing...)
Women's Health Dept (branch of the US Dept of H&HS)
Eden Fantasys (reDiscover Sex, remember?)
One Healthy Lifestyle (Contraceptive information)
Population Council (Information on lifestyle choices, including EC)

Oh, and since I wanted to make sure to have this up, the first Sunday Sex Positions will be posted tomorrow morning, instead of today. Sorry >.<'
Have fun, Play safe, Keep your Choices.

Adam & Eve's Adult Sex Toys

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sin's Secret (on HNT!)

I realized that today is the one year anniversary of my very first blog post. Woot!

For you guys, I've taken a few birthday HNT shots (nothing special).
I was really wanting to do a candle-between-the-boobs thing, but my BC has really been fucking with my cup size. I barely have cleavage anymore, I wouldn't have been able to hold a damned thing...

I could feel the flame, only centimeters above the soft skin of my back...

The sparks exploding behind me made soft, thrilling popping sounds, as tiny drops of hot light landed gently against by wrist and back....

Happy Birthday me!
Have fun, Play safe.