Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Little Story

After spending weeks and weeks striving for a so-far-semi-successful job as a Phone Sex Worker, I've written a short story based off of my very first call experience.

I wouldn't so much call it's more like painfully humiliating...

Free Minutes

Jena sat quietly at her desk, waiting for one of the two phones beside her to ring. Needing it. Dreading it. She stared blankly at her laptop screen, scrunching her nose at Vikki, the half naked girl smiling up at her.
The two phones lay idly next to the computer. One was black; a think chunk of dented plastic with scratches etched into the cover. The other was pink; slim, shiny, and brand new. Beside them was a book of erotic fiction. Five hundred and eighty-two pages of the best, award-winning smut from the last year. Underneath it were piles of notebooks with stickers from various adult-product companies plastered across the covers.

Scattered across the dirty tan carpet floor around her chair were pages and pages of hand written unreadable script. Dialogues scribbled hastily in classes, meetings, and waiting rooms on crumpled lined paper.

Tired of scrutinizing the poor girl in her various poses, Jena leaned back in her chair, looking up at the pale pop-corned ceiling. The walls around her were painted that terrible off-white color that comes standard in so many apartments. Bland, ugly, and easily soiled, but legally protected by her lease.

Over these dreary walls were framed playbooks from Broadway shows, posters from romance movies, and monochrome photographs of naked women. Most of them standing in doorways, their silhouettes dressed in the light from the other side.

Jena’s light blue eyes followed the cracks in the ceiling for a moment before she kicked her legs gently against the floor. Her chair spun and she watched as the ceiling became a whirlpool of yellow and gray bumps. She closed her eyes and felt the world move around her.

The light tinkling noise that suddenly drifted from the tiny pink cell phone made Jena’s heart stop. She turned and looked down at the phone. She didn’t breath, she didn’t think. The hairs on the back of her neck tingled and she watched as the vibrations made the phone dance across the desk in small bursts.

The bell like ring tone continued for a few moments while Jena stared at it. After a deep breath she reached out suddenly, gripping the phone tight in her fist as she glanced at the Caller ID scrolling across the cover screen. An 800 number.

“Oh. Shit.”

She squeezed her eyes shut and flipped open the phone. She put the smooth plastic against her ear.
“This is Starcalls Online. You have a new call. Please press one to accept it now.”

The voice on the other end was calm, bland, and very robotic. Jena choked on saliva built up in the back of her throat. She turned her head and looked at the shiny, flat new buttons and slid her thumb over the keys. She pressed firmly down on the “1”.

“Thank you. No, please introduce yourselves.”

The line was silent. Jena licked her lips.

“Hi!” She said, her tone soft and welcoming. “I’m Maria. What should I call you?”
There was a pause before a man cleared his throat. The reply that came sounded shaky, and very young.
“My name’s David.”

Jena wondered about his age for a moment, waiting for him to say something else. When she didn’t, she tried to create a conversation.

“Well hello, David.” She said.

There was another pause. This time nobody spoke to fill the empty space stretching between them. Jena forced a soft giggle.

“Well, how are you David?”
“I’m good.”
“Are you having a good night?”

Jena paused. Her eyes scanned the room nervously.

“Good…” she said.

More silence. She forced another fake laugh.
She laid down carefully on the carpet, the pages scattered on the floor crinkling beneath her and scratching softly at her ankles.

“You sound nervous.” She said, trying to sound teasing and cute.

David laughed awkwardly, the way only a teenager can.

“Uh…yeah.” He said.
“Aw,” Jena cooed, “Don’t be. Is this your first time?”
“Um, no.” he replied, a little too quickly.
“Oooh, experienced huh?” She’d been hoping he’d say yes so she could confess to being new too.
“Well that’s good.”

Jena’s mind went blank. ‘Shit’, She thought, ‘he’s supposed to be talking…’

“So…” she began, “What would you like to know about me?”
“Well, um, what do you look like?”

Jena blinked, frowning. She cursed herself again and pushed herself off the ground.

“Well…” she started, falling back into her chair and faking another giggle to keep his attention. “I’ve got brown hair…”

She searched through her files for the pictures of Vikki. ‘Shit…’
“It’s pretty short…I just had it cut actually…”

She paused, her brows furrowing as she realized what a stupid thing she’d just said. She clicked a link and six shots of Vikki took over the screen. She scanned over them, trying to find a way to describe the flat, scrawny, barely legal model that was supposed to be her.

“I’ve got long legs, brown eyes…I’m very skinny…” She tugged at a broken belt loop on her jeans and mumbled under her breath, “A little too skinny…”
“Oh! Nothing. I’…got a flat stomach, luscious pink lips, and soft, perky boobs.”
No sound.
“So…what about you?” she asked.
“Well,” David said, his voice still trembling, “I’m actually not wearing anything.”

Jena rolled her eyes.

“Mmmm, really? That’s good. I just got out of the bath, so I’m wrapped in my thick, fluffy robe. It feels so soft and warm against my skin.”

David made a bland, noncommittal noise and there was another silence.

“So, where are you David?”
“Oh, um, I’m in my room.”

The thought occurred to Jena that he’d said room, not bedroom. She wondered if it implied even more that he wasn’t fully of age. Having her own apartment made her sleeping room her bedroom, where in high school it was her only room. She tried to continue.

“On your bed?”
“What do your sheets feel like?”
“Soft. Smooth.”
“Mmmm, good. I love anything soft and silky against my skin.”

Another wordless sound.
Jena struggled to think of something to say. She sank down to the floor in front of her desk again.

“So,” she whispered, her voice husky and seductive, “What would you like me to do to you, David?”

Silence. No answer. Jena waited.


There was a click and the line went dead.

Jena blinked, confused.

“This call lasted – Three Minutes. You have earned – Two Dollars – and – Ninety Three Cents. This amount has been credited to your account. Thank you.”

Jena stared at the phone. She thought about the three free minutes clients were offered when they joined the service. She thought about how young the guy sounded, and how he’d probably used his father’s credit card to join but didn’t want any charges put on it. ‘Damnit…’ she thought.

Then she thought about the fact that this was her first call, and all the things she’d been nervous about. How ridiculous and nonsensical the whole situation was, and how strange her new job was shaping up to be. Jena sighed, burying her head in the dingy carpet. She stood up slowly, leaned over her laptop, and checked the balance on her account. A whole three dollars. She scrolled down to her status, clicked “Away”, and went to make a pot of coffee.


Phone Sex Girl said...

Gotta love those free minute careful because sometimes they will leave you bad feedback... I know all calls are supposedly good but after a while, I start rejecting the "you have a new caller on the line" calls the robot tells me.

Well, unless it was on my really expensive

My first call was so much worse...

Don't Be a Slut said...

That sounds almost as bad as my failed attempt at becoming a stripper.

I've never done phone sex, but I used to work a psychic line.

Same deal - X number of free minutes. I didn't get teenage boys, I got drunk welfare moms and dads from Podunk, Wisconsin and Any Ghetto, USA.

DAVE BONES said...

ha ha It wasn't me! That is funny though. I can't imagine what phone sex people can say- have you got your nob in your hand yet? ha ha

Sam: Video Phone Sex Worker said...

My first call was a video chat. The ONLY thing I was nervous about was farting (cause it was after lunch). On the phone it doesn't matter, just squeeze those cheeks into the seat harder. On mobile video it's another story; gawd, a sex worker with fart hangups...