Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So...Happy New Year... and all that jazz...

This means I've been attempting to inform and entertain you guys for almost a full year.
I'm such a loser.


Drink lots of champagne, go party, have lots of orgasms, and, of course, be merry.

I'll see you next year.

Have Fun,
Play Safe.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Salty, Slimy, Sexy?

Today we have the (much much overdue) second article of Something Sweet To Suck On.

Aphrodisiac #2!

While I've always been a fan of Oyster stew, fried oysters with fries, and the occasional snack canned smoked oysters on crackers (with champagne nowadays), I didn't really see any of those deep fried, thick, and oily foods turning me on in any way, shape, or form. Well, actually, food in general turns me on, but... not the point.

So, for this part of my aphrodisiac experiment, I decided to go out on a limb and try something new, exciting, and...a bit creepy. So W and I headed to an "oyster bar" in town, and ordered a nice (i.e. small but expensive) helping of Raw Oysters.

Yup, that's right, we tried our first raw oysters.

W. had actually never had any kind of oysters, so the whole meal was brand new to him, but while I've had plenty of oysters, the idea of eating them raw has always been pretty frightening.

That sunday night, my attitude was no different.

To keep our meal varied and try to get the most out of this "aphrodisiac" dish, I ordered a mixture of plates. I started with She-crab soup (ohmygodsofuckinggood), which I couldn't deny once I saw it (if they had oyster stew, I would have gotten it, but they didn't, which I think is kind of weird.). For the two of us, we ordered a half dozen raw oysters, and an interesting mix of Oysters Rockefeller, Buffalo Oysters, and... something else I don't remember.

Scientifically, there are no properties of oysters that say they should help your sex drive. They're good for you, yeah, but there's nothing in them that makes them make you sexy.

The idea is that it's all about the looks. Some people believe they look a bit like testes, some people say they remind them of the female sexual organs. Soft, silky, wet.
*shrug* Whatever.

On the way to the restaurant, W and I were both timid and nervous about eating something so slimy. But I will readily admit, once I felt that slick, slippery sensation on my tongue, I wanted more.

The taste of their raw oysters was...odd? The first slimy bite pretty much tastes like nothing but sea water. I assume better quality oysters taste better, but I could be wrong... They were served with cocktail sauce and lemons, and the others were topped with things like buffalo sauce and bacon & spinach. The topped ones kind of just tasted like whatever was on top.

So the taste, as far as these went (they didn't seem like the best of quality), was... meh, but the soft fluff sliding down my throat made me want more slippery things in my mouth. Don't know why, but I did love it.

W didn't quite agree, and I'm sure not everyone would.

We later tried another half dozen (cooked this time), and we also shared a salad and some dessert.

My analysis?
Well, I don't remember exactly how I felt for the rest of the night. I know we had sex, but I don't remember what led up to it or how it was. That's completely my fault for taking so long to write this up.
But what I do remember is that I felt extremely adventurous for the rest of the night. I mean, like a crazy high. I even considered sex behind the restaurant as we were leaving (and, for the sake of science, we probably should have tried).

I think that, for me and possibly for others, there's something crazy and adventurous and sexy about trying something so different, so strange, and so... unique.
If you ate raw oysters every night, you might not feel any effect of this slimy little aphrodisiac, but if you enjoy the sensations that come from going out on a limb and trying something new, this might be just the thing to give your night a boost into a little bit of a wildness.

Results:: Oysters might not be best for the squeamish (then of course there's that warning against children and pregnant women), but if you're one of those that like to be a little adventurous and love the thrill of strange new foods, you might be interested in adding a couple raw oysters to your date night, just to give it a special little kick-off.
I might have to do a little more experimenting to discover whether or not it works more regularly...mmm....

Have fun,
Play safe,
and Happy eatings.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sex in The News:: Revisited

I don't read or watch the news very often, but I like to skim through the sex-related articles every not and then to see whats up.

Of course, the news typically sucks...with all those silly anti-sex people running around. Which introduces our first story...

New Rule Hurts Women:

"Bush's Last Word; Imposition sets back reproductive rights"

So, it seems Bush finally decided to make morals part of science. Fucker. This new..."imposition" basically says that any doctor, nurse, or medical worker can refuse to do just about anything when it comes to reproductive health. In any federally funded health center/hospital, any worker has the right to refuse to participate in any (sexual health related) act or distribution of information without any punishments or reciprocation.

Don't "believe" in the morning after pill? You don't have to give it to your crying patient (even if she's a rape victim!). You don't even have to tell her it exists. If she asks for it, you can just say no, because it's what you "believe in".
Then, when that patient gets pregnant because you denied her basic information, you can refuse to give her an abortion (because it's what you "believe in"), forcing her to find help elsewhere.

Think contraception, condoms, and birth control pills encourage promiscuity? You don't have to prescribe a single box, bottle, or pack, even if they're requested by your patient.

For those of you reading who don't care so much about contraceptive rights, well, how about HIV/AIDS?
The list of "potentially objectionable" procedures could even include treatments for, and information about, HIV/AIDS.
And I'm sure there are lots of homophobes and anti-sex assholes that would love to deny those dying their treatment. Because, as we all know, AIDS only happens to "the gays", and they're on their way to hell anyways. *insert rolly-eyed face here*

It's going to take Obama for-fricking-ever to fix this crap. Let's hope he really takes the time to do it.

Saudi women's group assails judge over 8-year-old's marriage

This one's interesting. And sad.
An 8-yr-old in Saudi Arabia was given to her father's friend as a wife, essentially, as payment to settle debts. Women's Rights activists fought to get the marriage annulled, but the judge ruled (partially) in favor of the father.
The ruling forbids the husband from consemating the marriage until the girl reaches puberty, at which time the girl will be allowed to appeal for divorce.
As if the husband actually would keep his hands off his little prize for the next five or more years. Oh wait, maybe that's really 2 or 3 years? When's puberty in Saudi Arabia?

At least the judge did something a little positive, but its doubtful the ruling will do a damned thing to really help the girl. Poor thing.

But this shit happens all the time, and at least someone's fighting for the girl, even if they didn't get it quite this time. There's more on this story here, and here.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas Eve Greetings!

Hey there.
Yeah, I've been pretty non-existent for the past week; I'm sorry.
The holidays (plus my period- no xxx-mas for me this year) have kept me in the shops and under the covers.

I'll hopefully be back up and writing by next week, especially since -starting the 5th- I'll no longer have a day job to steal my time.

Until next time:

Merry X-mas,
Blessed Yule,
Happy Kwanzaa,
Happy Hanukkah,
Have fun,
And Play Safe.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sexy Holiday Gift Ideas!

Inspired by Always Aroused Girl's recent post "Sexy Stocking Stuffers": I love the idea of giving sexy presents to friends and family members for christmas, so here are a few of my favorite (affordable) gift ideas from my favorite online sex stores!

For just about everyone!
Come for a Cause Kit: An interesting kit with a nice looking vibrator and a few condoms. Sends donations to both Planned Parenthood and the Living Beyond Breast Cancer foundation. Seems like a good price for a cute gift and a good cause. Really good price. I like it.

For your best (female) friend:
OMiBod Naughty Nano Vibrator: I want one of these sooo bad! Not exactly affordable, but it's an awesomely unique vibrator that plugs into your MP3 player and pulses to your music. Making music twice as sexy! Great for any music lover on your list.

For your adult family members:
Hot Heart Massager: An interesting gift idea for someone you want to get something nice and sexy for, but not something blatantly dirty. This heart shaped massage pack heats up and comes with an oil to give you a deep heat massage. Also very affordable.

For your guy friends:
Ultimate Jack-off Sleeve: Like a Fleshlight, only cheaper, this is for your lonely and/or adventurous guy friend (or boyfriend). This is a great gift to keep them from burning the skin off their palms. Just make sure to let them know your gift is completely sincere and not a mean joke. With the right attitude they really could have fun with this.

For the one you're sure is a closet kink:
Lover's Fantasy Kit: A cute, inexpensive little kit with handcuffs, a blindfold, and a small flogger. Great for beginners and couples who you think could use a little spice.

For the older couple:
Basket Of Love Kit: A simple basket of sensual sex products. Includes incense, warming oil, and massage lotion, and a bit more, all for a pretty low price. Good gift to put the spark into anyones long-lasting relationship. :)

For the Candle-Lover:
Faerie Lights Candles: Cute little square candles, in four different aromatherapy scents. I think their pretty, and the faerie idea makes me want them even more. Or maybe a better idea would be the Suntouched Edible Massaging Candles; nummy smelling candles with wax that melts into massage oil, and can be licked off afterward. ^-^

For the Pre-Orgasmic:
The Orgasm Loop: From what I've read, this is a great book with an interesting (and pretty effective, from what I tried) technique to help any girl reach an orgasm, alone or during sex. Definitely worth a read, and a greatly considerate gift.

For the Erotica Lover:
Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth: "African American" erotica-writer Zane shoots out a crapload of really interesting, often fantastic, short erotic stories. Well written, for the most part, and definitely sexy.

For the Lesbian:
The Lesbian Kama Sutra: An interesting book adapting the kama sutra for lesbian sex. The pictures range from crappy and stereotypical, to classic and sexy. They also have one for Gay Men.

Adam and Eve's
The Honeymooning Couple:
Lace Cami Set: A sweetly sexy lingerie set for any new couple still in their lovey-dovey excited and sexy phase. Also very affordable and adorable! Might go great with one of the erotic For Couples Only porn DVDs.

The Single Girl:
Adam & Eve's Massaging Vibrator: This seems like A&E's cheaper alternative to the much-loved and ever-wanted Hitachi vibrator (claimed to be the best and strongest hand-held vibrator ever). Some shoppers boast more than 8 orgasms at a time with this thing.

The Experienced BDSM Player:
Crave Collared Nipple Clamps: Not exactly cheap, and not for the newbie, but this clamp/collar combo certainly looks sexy and worth the price. Great for anyone you know into the lifestyle (if you like them enough to pay for it ^-^)

For the One with All the Sex Toys:
Sugar Sak: A great bag for all your favorite sex toys. Simple, affordable, pretty, and hygienic. I've always wanted one of these, and I bet anyone with a collection would love to get one. I know I would; they're so cute!

So if you haven't gotten all your Christmas gifts yet (or one for me >.<), definitely stop by these nifty gifts and see if they'd be right for someone on your list!
Happy Holidays!
^-^ Sin

Friday, December 12, 2008

Make My XxX-Mas Merry!

I love the Holiday season, and adore celebrating my own atheist versions of both Christmas and Yule, as well as my newest holiday addition; xXx-Mas!

So, this holiday season, as well as hoping to have a new contest (for which I will buy all the prizes first, so I don't have the waiting problem I've had with the last contest), I started my own X-Mas Gift Registry on EF.
That means that you can buy me xxx-mas presents!!! ^-^

I've got a nice huge wishlist full of stuff, and added a nice bunch of stuff that's $15 or less, making it super easy to make me moan this holiday season. ^-^

I know, I know, no ones really going to send me anything, but I can try, right? ^-^

Want some sexy toys for christmas too? Make a EF Gift Registry for yourself with the banner on the right.

Merry XXX-Mas!

Have fun, Play safe!


Adam & Eve Adult Sex Toys

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Huzzah For..Tissues?

I'm working on a couple of decent posts, and I'm sorry they aren't up yet, but I just HAD to show off my newest reviews about my new products from EF!!!

I was so excited to get them, and I was so happy when they came in, and I adore them. Click the links to see the products and my reviews ^-^

The first is a new Rabbit vibrator. I'm not usually big on Rabbit vibes, but I definitely love this one. The shaft doesn't twist like most do, it actually pulses upwards in waves. Plus it's cordless and really strong.
I love it. My Review is HERE.

The other, which I adore!, is called a ToiTissue. I was so confused when I first got the assignment, but when it came in I was thrilled! It's a storage container conveniently hidden inside a tissue box. ^-^
I've been wanting a storage container ever since I started my toy collection, and while this doesn't solve my storage problems, it is awesome anyway. It's so unique.

Plus, I think I did an awesome job with the review. W giggled a few times when reading it. ^-^
So, HERE's the review for the ToiTissue box.

Come back soon!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top Droppers

I started Entrecard a few months ago after a recommendation, and while it's not really my cup of tea, I do like to think that a few of my readers stop by from there.
I mean, a lot of my new favorite blogs were found through there, so maybe some of them like me too ^-^'.

Anyway, I thought I'd go ahead and say thank you to those Entrecard users that diligently drop on me (even if they don't stick around to read anything...).

So, these are my Top Droppers for November. Thank you very much. ^-^

WTF Do You Blog About!?
Over a Cup of BARAKO
Denver Cereal - (this is a neat serial story blog- kinda sexy ^-^)
Niko's Blog
PJ's Prose
Over Forty And Loving It - fun to read :)
Lair of the Green Knight

Adam & Eve Adult Sex Toys

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Last Straw :: By Kay

I think this session very much describes Kay's true ideas about BDSM, ideas that she hasn't even really realized yet. But, read on, its interesting. ~Sin

The session that occurred the night after the party...I was in a very good mood and it was a rather light session because I was on my period. It was almost relaxing in a way.

The next session was only a few days later, but my happiness had obviously had time to dissipate. My slight feelings of unease about sessions were able to return and the ease with which I'd slid into submissive mode the previous time had disappeared by this time. I can't remember how the session started, but I remember how it ended. He was going to punish me for something. I can't remember what. But he asked me if I was spanked as a child. That was his first mistake. I told him I was. He continued talking for a minute and then told me he would place me over his knee and spank my bottom.

That was his second mistake. I cried out 'No!' and he said 'No?' in a tone that questioned why on earth I would possibly be questioning my Master. That was his third mistake. (And the list keeps getting longer) I said no with a little more determination before I broke down crying and he pulled me into his arms. I didn't want to be there, but I stayed. He'd reminded me of all the things my parents had ever done wrong in a position where I was most vulnerable and then he'd threatened to repeat them. That's why I was crying. But he will never know that. We moved on. He told me to get onto the table and we engaged in some sensation play.

He told me a submissive rarely got to choose what happened to her and so when he was finished doing as he pleased, he practically ordered me to choose something. I can't really think when I'm in submissive mode, so I chose the first thing that came to mind. The leather gloves. That was my mistake. He'd manhandled me a little earlier in the session. I simultaneously liked it

and hated it. I don't know why I chose the gloves. Again, my mistake. So he manhandled me. And I

writhed on the table. I can’t remember how we ended, but we were going to start Cool Down and he sat on the table and he hugged me. And I stayed for a second, staring into space before I shot off the table, telling him I wanted to go home. I ran to get my stuff, tugging my shirt on before my face dropped into my palms and I just cried. He didn’t know what to do, but at some point he pulled me into his arms and I just cried. He checked my pulse and apparently he told me I went into shock.

I stared at the wall. I didn’t know what else to do. I felt…violated. I can’t even explain it. And I looked at my cell phone. He found it appropriate to say “Time flies when you’re having fun.” If I’d had anything left in me, I would have choked him. Instead I said no and informed

him that I’d promised my roommate the house until midnight. There was some offer made to let me go to a room upstairs and continue cooling down. I rejected it for obvious reasons. He told me there were still people upstairs, but I squared my shoulders, composed myself, told him I didn’t care, that I could act, and I marched up the stairs. He was wrong, there was no one. And so he tried to keep me talking for a bit, but I didn’t respond and I finally left. I’m surprised I made it home. My eyes were blank as I drove and I even missed a turn at some point.

He called a few days later. I didn’t answer my phone.

My roommate and I went to see him about a week later. I’d refused to go alone. And I told him my sessions either needed to be continued with a Mistress, or not at all.

So they are on pause until further notice.

Do you think a female mistress would really be that different from a man? *shrug* maybe, maybe not. She might be worse...

Play safe! ~Sin

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Simple and Clean - A Poem


Like hearts joined by chains of creative romance.
Bound together with silken red ribbons.
Wrists together, pulled tight against the bed.
Back stretched, ass taut, legs spread; ready, willing.

Like slowly dripping sweat, salty on your lips.
Tingling streaks of thin, red, stinging lines down my back.
Bodies pressed together, thrust painfully, beautifully deep.
Muscles clenching, releasing, falling

into ecstasy.

ps: I finally got an affiliate account w/ Babeland! Yay!
I <3 them, and I bet you will too ^-^

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sexy Survey From Sin

One of my favorite bloggers, PhoneGirl (who has been a bit MIA recently, and sadly, is considering shutting down her page) has a survey on her site for anyone and everyone to fill out about Phone Sex and Phone Sex Callers. A while back I filled it out, and have meant to post it for a while, but kept forgetting.

So here, for your mediocre interest, is my response to PhoneGirl's Phone Sex Survey ^-^

Name: Sin Sekret

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Have you ever had phone sex? Not really, no, but I’ve had Text Sex during classes.

If no, do you want to? Sometimes.

Has a significant other ever wanted to have phone sex? No…

If not, would you do it? Probably.

Did you both cum?. Not with the texting, no

What were they into? Were you shocked, explain During “Text Sex” everything was pretty standard. I haven’t found a guy that was into anything weird. I kind of wish I did, because then I wouldn’t feel awkward about the odd things I like.

Did/do you two have phone sex often? No.

Everyone has a secret fetish, what is yours? Don’t be shy… I looove being tied up, and have recently found a fascination with being hit hard on the back. A lot of Bondage and S/M stuff really interests me. Especially the idea of being owned.

Have you ever called a phone sex service? No, but I’ve wanted to.

If never, would you ever call? What would you want to talk about? I might, but not so much to get off. I think I’d mostly call just to see what it was like. But then again, that’s what I have you for ^-^ <3

Do you think you would ever call? Maybe one day when I’ve got enough cash and curiousity.

What is your ultimate fantasy, the one you are probably nervous about admitting to yourself, think hard I think being completely owned, and I mean completely- to the point of servitude and punishment- is a fantasy that nags at me a bit. I’m not sure if I could ever do it in reality, but the fantasy is nice. It’s so interesting and appealing; giving up all that freedom and being loved and punished and cared for.

Any comments or suggestions for my site? Not so far.
I assume you’re not allowed to record your phone sessions, but maybe when you get someone especially interesting you could write little conversations up based off of what actually happened. I think that’d be cool to read.

Until Next Time,

Have fun and play safe!



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Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Sexiness?

On a side note, a Yoga blog posted a link to my recent post on my job as a nude model. ^^

Not much is said about it at all, but I always feel special when people link to me ^-^
And because I was kind of proud of that particular story, I thought I'd share. Because I'm a media whore...

Check it.

I'm a little swamped with work and finals this week, so I probably won't have anything good up for a while.
So, until then, here's a sexy anime chick! I love me some sexy anime chicks!! ^-^

Until next time!
Have fun and play safe!

Adam & Eve Adult Sex Toys

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mini Rules :: by Kay

Once again I'd like to point out a few things about Kay's writing. Specifically, her need to retain control in an environment typically meant for the opposite. I think it's interesting and points out more of her more contradictory thoughts. It's a kinda neat piece though. I'm not going to say anything at the end, so don't forget to check out Kay's blog, A Life Beneath. ~Sin

My mini rule book

By Kay

I have a session from Sunday that I still need to post about, but it was only like an hour and it wasn't very interesting, so my motivation for typing it up is not very high right now. I have another session tonight so I think I may just post them together...I'm hoping this one has more juicy details than Sunday's...

At any rate, some things were running through my head and I figured I should post them here to a) get them out and b) give you all a little insight into some of the things I think about when approaching sessions.

I still have a good 9 hours before mine tonight, but it's very obviously resting heavily on my thoughts. Why wouldn't it be? And I was already considering what I wanted to wear. I realize, now, that I have a certain set of ground rules. Granted, these only work on a Master without a dress code.

1) I always try and be as dressed as I can be at any given moment without being obvious. This keeps me in some amount of control. So I never go without a bra and underwear and I always wear jeans to keep my legs completely covered for as long as possible. Shirts aren't as big of a deal. I tend to just go with whatever I feel like wearing.

2) I always wear cute or sexy underwear. It's important to be proud of every piece of clothing you are wearing, especially as your Master will more than likely see it all. I've actually found some outlets that can carry really great lingerie if you hit them at the right times. And you'd be surprised what you can find in Wal-Mart. So trust me, there is no need to spend big. (Although I would recommend owning at least one thing from Victoria's can't beat some of the stuff you find there.) However, as a general rule I don't do thongs, as pertains to the rule above.

3) I always dress in something that makes me feel confident. This way, I can stride into his house with a purpose. And you can never go wrong with a good pair of high heels.

4) I always make sure I wash my hair thoroughly because my Master likes to twist his hands through it and I can't have it getting oily quickly. As a general rule here, I never wear my hair up so that he can do as he pleases when I get down there.

5) If you shave...anywhere...shave well. I don't care how many times you have to examine your legs to find a single stray piece of hair. Just remember a Master will be very familiar with their submissive's body and you don't want to realize too late that you missed a patch on the back of your leg.

6) Lotion is a good idea. It makes the body smooth and sleek and takes away any ashyness or unsightly spots. And as is sometimes the case with me, it can ease razor burn if you attack your leg a bit too enthusiastically.

That's all for now.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!

I love finding sexy chick pics online ^-^

Eat lots, use condiments!

Adam & Eve Adult Sex Toys

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not Quite the Sex Industry, But Maybe It's A Gateway Job?

Finally! A post three months in the making!!

On my search to gain new experiences (and more money), I recently took on the job of a "life model" for the art classes at the local University.

I signed up a year ago, but they'd already filled the position. Over the summer, I received an email offering me the job for this semester.
I jumped at the opportunity without even thinking about it. $12 an hour; fuck yeah!

When I did start to think about it, I realized how absolutely terrified I was. Stripping down so that a class of people I didn't know could sit there and draw me suddenly loomed over me. Because that's what I'd be doing. I couldn't sleep, and I spent the three days up until my first class so nervous I was practically shaking.

The morning of my first class, I woke up early to be there by 10:55. I had my bag packed with my crappy, fuzzy, super short robe (courtesy of my mother far too long ago), my only pair of flip-flops, and a towel (someone recommended I bring one, but I'm still not sure why). I didn't have a lunch, anything to drink, or (what I found out later I'd need) any female accessories.

So I showed up, met the teacher, changed into my teeny tiny robe, and sat around as the class filed in.
I quickly realized two things about my current state. I was A) terrified, and B) cramping. Shit. I kept thinking about my new birth control pills (I had just started my third month of Seasonale), and when I was supposed to get my period. But, as I was trying to keep my sunny I-Think-I-Can disposition, I popped some pills and kept my mind off of it.

After shakily pulling off my robe- which is, I swear, the worst part- I was feeling pretty okay. My hair was twisted up in a pencil (I think it looks best that way), my stomach was flat and lean from not getting the chance to eat yet, and I didn't have a single thing on except some dark eye makeup (also something I feel sexy in).
Shit, even thinking about it now I feel nervous.

The first day actually went really well. That class was a good one to start with because she didn't have me hold many poses for too long. I had a little incident with my period, but not a single person noticed, and the girls in class were sympathetic and completely helpful.

Time went on and, well, things just fell into a sort of normalcy.

While my current teacher tells me I take great poses naturally (models switch classes every few weeks to give students a variety of forms to draw), I felt like an idiot during most of my early attempts. Luckily, however, that first class was a Life 1 class, and so most of the poses were short and simple, sometimes even as short as 3 to 5 minutes. It helped me get used to what the students needed and the teachers wanted.

Arms and legs out, bent, or turned in different ways to create a shape, back bent, slouched, twisted, or otherwise off-kilter to create a spinal curve, and (if standing) a tilt to the hips to bring out the center of balance, add more shape to the spine, and make the body a bit more "flowy".

It wasn't until later that I started having to hold poses for longer. In my current class I take a single pose for the entire class, taking a break every 15 to 20 minutes.

I must say that over time I've gotten a whole lot more comfortable with everything. Sure, there are mornings when I feel like I'd rather get the flu than go into class, but that's the way it is with any job at some point or other.

As I said, taking off the robe is always the worst part. Those few seconds of slipping it off can feel like eternity, even when you've been with the same class for weeks. It's just nerve wracking to be exposing yourself like that. But really, once it's off, the world is a different place. You sit back, relax, and chill out.
In a way, you can even enjoy the fact that you're sitting there completely naked without these people judging you. And believe me, they're probably not judging you at all, they really do get fucking focused.

I've actually gotten kind of fond of doing this, and wish I could make it a full time job and quite my real job. Right now I can only do one class at a time (hell, they probably only have enough Life Drawing classes for me to do one at a time), but if I could do more at once, I'd never ever have money problems.

I have this sickeningly sweet, uber-christian girl at work who, when I mentioned my side job, said she didn't understand why artists had to learn to draw naked people in the first place. Perhaps its my fairly liberal and very artistic upbringing, but I thought this was a ridiculous and sad question. How could you ever expect to really be able to draw a human body (clothed or unclothed) without ever seeing what the actual form was. There's so much to see and learn. It'd be like... trying to draw a cube without putting the lines around the edge to show what it actually is. It's just an outline of something obscure and unrealistic.
My friend Sammie, who I've recently (actually, it was over a month ago) commissioned to make my new Sin Secret logo, was always very timid about nudity, and -while she's a great artist- always said she didn't need to take live model classes. But then she took one, and fuck have I been able to tell the difference. Her drawings are so much better. The form is so much more proportional, accurate, and beautiful. Even clothed characters in her sketches look so much better because she has the basic knowledge of how the form itself is constructed.


Below I've listed the bad things about it, but also the good things.

The Awkwardnesses:
  • People joking about you being naked. (this doesn't happen very often, actually. I joke about it more than anyone else)
  • People touching you to put down tape (to mark your position. Not that bad, really, unless they're doing your thighs or back/stomach, or your standing and they have to end up right under your crotch...>.<)
  • Walking by really cute guys in the hall way (or worse, people you know) while in your teeny tiny robe
  • Anything involving bodily fluids (sweating a lot, feeling like you're getting ...wet, etc.) Having your period is an odd situation. Apparently some girls choose to wear bathing suits, but I either don't come in (the cramps take care of that problem) or I use a tampon and tuck it in nicely. That, however, is also an awkward factor. I spent a lot of my first class worrying about whether or not anyone could see it. >.<
  • Once again, bodily fluids. There's nothing worse than feel like your vagina's leaking when your sitting naked on a desk with people all around you so you can't check. Especially when you're wondering when your period is supposed to start. (This must go double for guys if there's a pretty girl in the room and you're not focusing really really hard. ....eeeeww...)
  • Hickeys, body acne, scratch marks, and ...well... whip welts. I love feeling the sensitive areas on my back, neck, etc. after a good nights play (although it's more often scratches and welts, I don't really do hickeys, and acne's not a big issue for me), and I don't mind showing off my "battle scars" when they're accidentally exposed, but when I pull off my robe and I've got lines down my back and hickeys all over my boobs, I get a bit nervous in front of everyone.
  • I don't do this, but apparently there are male models that will actually hit on female students while they're sitting there naked. I may make friends with the students in my classes, but that just seems...creepy, not to mention tacky and sleazy.
  • Teachers forgetting about your time. My current teacher has me time myself, but in that first class, the teacher forgot about my timing, and I wasn't facing a clock, so I had no idea what time it was. It was a standing pose and by the time I got the courage to ask if I could go ahead and break, it had be almost 45 minutes and I pretty much collapsed onto the floor, legs numb, hips tingling. Don't be afraid to ask for your break. Ever.

The 5 Worst Things about Modeling:
  1. Taking off your robe. It's terrifying having to take of your robe the first few times in front of brand new, strange- sometimes old or creepy- people. Taking off the robe is really the worst part. Once it's off, all is cool.
  2. The bad poses. Not only am I talking about the poses that hurt and make you twitch, shift, and move all the time while your legs, arms, and ass fall asleep, but also the poses that make you (me) look like total shit. Also, some poses are really hard for the students to draw, and then everything comes out looking bad and you feel like it's your fault.
  3. The occasional awkwardnesses. See list above.
  4. The fact that I only get one class at a time. If I could do two or even three classes a month, instead of just one class twice a week, I could quit my actual job and still pay all my bills, just for sitting naked for a few hours a day.
  5. The cramps! Oh my god when you're doing a single pose, your body starts to hurt so much by your second or third break. Your arms start to tingle and fall asleep, your neck stiffens up, your shoulders too, your legs start to feel heavy, numb, or hurt like fuck, and even your ass and genitals fall asleep all the damn time. Sometimes all you want is to collapse completely and just curl up into a little ball.
The 5 Best Things about Modeling:
  1. The simplicity. I love that I'm...not really working. Sure it can be painful to pose for so long, but the way I see it, I'm building muscle mass through a sort of resistance training. And if I were in shape it wouldn't be nearly as bad, so it gives me a reason to take up Yoga.
  2. The reliability. I get paid even if the teacher spends half the class lecturing and I barely pose. That's pretty damn cool.
  3. Did I mention I get paid $12/hr? The fact that I make more in three hours there than I do in a full shift at work...that rocks.
  4. The ego trip. There's always those days when you spend the entire three hours in a horribly unflattering pose that makes you look lumpy, slouched, and pissed off, but every now and then there are those days when you look oh-so sexy, slim, and adorable. Talk about walking out on Sexy Little Cloud 9. It's also very freeing, and even makes you feel better and more confident about your body no matter what you look like.
  5. The pictures. Like above, many pictures aren't all that great, but when you get someone with a picture that makes you sing with arrogant glee, it's not taboo to ask for it. You might have to wait for the end of the semester, but more often than not they're more than happy to give it to you when they can. Come December, my apartment is going to be filled with framed drawings of naked little me. it a gateway job? Will I soon be off to nude photo shoots for porn sites, stripping at bars and, eventually, selling myself on the streets? My mother certainly seemed to think so. She tried to pay me NOT to do it.

But....*shrug* I've certainly thought about it, being as much more comfortable with my body as I've become. But still there is that very basic difference. These sessions are not, in the least, about sex. Any of those jobs would be. I'm comfortable with this, but I probably wouldn't be with any sex-based job. So no, I don't think so.

But overall, I like the job. In fact, I could almost say I love it. If I had more hours I could pay my whole rent just for sitting in one spot for 3-6 hours a couple of times a week. Until I can, however, this serves as a great side job, and I definitely plan on keeping it up until they kick me out ^-^

PS: None of the pictures posted here are of me. I have requested some of the sketches students have done, but I haven't gotten any yet because they need them for portfolios. Once I have some, I'll try to put one or two up. But, fyi, none of these are them. ^-^

Have fun and play safe!

Adam & Eve's Ava Rose

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Party (Pt 2) :: By Kay

At a random break, she took my purse from me, dropping it to the floor, informing me that I was not leaving, before she kissed me again.

Over and over, biting, clawing, kissing, her teeth randomly tugging at my lower lip. My neck throbbed with each of her bites, her lips always finding the same spot on my skin, I knew I’d have a hickey and I really didn’t care.

I would like to take the time to point out that we never touched each other in blatantly sexual zones, except the couple of times clutching each other’s asses, drawing our bodies closer together. And still, I found myself moaning, panting, whimpering into her mouth.

It was around this time, after we’d already spent forever entwined in each other, that they declared it was time for the birthday girl to get her birthday whippings. Twenty-six for her age, to be delivered by the people of the party, the twenty-seventh by the master himself for growth.

The girl and I were separated at this point, finding room to stand near the table where the birthday girl was strapped. I was rather disappointed, but I preferred not to look desperate and reserved myself to stand beside the stairs near a guy who began to eye me rather openly. He ended up standing behind me and, having been a voyeur to the show upstairs and possibly a participant I never saw, began to dig his nails into my back, clawing me.

My Master tried to pass the whip around, but people were wary to take it. Some people finally took turns and by about number 16, I believe, I took mine (only with the urging of the guy now rather intent upon me) and I laid one across her thigh, the thudding sound hitting my ears. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it as she shrieked on the table, but others soon took my place and I moved back to stand by the stairs.

A different guy, the one who had mixed my drinks, came over and placed ice cubes in my hand, telling me I should make a new friend. I gazed at him for a moment as he walked back across the room, unsure exactly what I was supposed to do and I let the ice melt for a long moment before I finally turned to the guy beside me, the one that had taken an interest in me, and ran them over his neck, to which he responded by clutching my back tightly, digging his nails in.

Drink Guy came back over and continued to stock me up with ice and at some point, I called The Girl back over and ran the ice over her neck as well, watching happily as her eyes fluttered shut. Her Boy walked by and I asked him if he would like some ice and I ran the remainder over his neck, trailing my cold fingers over his skin after it melted, playing with his skin momentarily before I was snatched back by Drink Guy and the other guy again.

By this time, they had found one of those tubey popsicles…it was pressed against my skin and they played with temperature for a short amount of time. Drink Guy pressed it against a place on my back and when he removed it, the two of them instantly placed their lips there, biting down, the warmth combining with the actual bite to make it seem that much worse than it was. I must say it was one of the craziest things I’ve ever felt and their lips felt so…warm…

Another guy came into the party a little while later and they invited him to bite me…apparently everyone was allowed to take a turn if they so chose, and at this point I was really beyond caring anyway. This guy was a gentler biter, nibbling more so, but still making sure to clamp hard enough to elicit and gasp and make it feel oh so good.

If I counted correctly, five people bit me on Saturday night, although I do not remember correctly. I had definitely slipped into a certain manner of subspace by this point and my time sequence and relative awareness of events was long gone, although never to the point where I was unsafe, of that I am definitely certain. I was fully aware that I could have said no, I just found that I didn’t want to. I felt so…sexy…for the first time in a long time, and really the sexiest I had ever actually felt.

My roommate and I went home a bit later and she counted my hickeys/bite marks. There were nine. Nine markings scattered over my neck and back. And The Girl was the only one that had touched a particular spot on my neck, so I know exactly which one is hers. Yes, know, because it is still there and my neck is still sore where she bit, a long, narrow bruise running about half the length of the left side of my neck.

And my lip is still a little swollen.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekly Surveys Anyone?

So, I'm hoping in the near future to have a series of articles interviewing sex workers. Not necessarily just prostitutes, but everyone and anyone who works in some area of sexual industries.
(While I'm on the subject, if you just happen to work in some sexual area - from street walking, professional submissive, to working in a porn shop, I'm open for everyone- please feel free to email me to be included in the series! I'd love to talk to you ^-^

But, my main problem is that I'm really bad at interviewing. You wouldn't think so, after a year and a half of writing news. But really, I am.

So as practice, and for a bit of fun, I've decided that every week, perhaps Monday to follow the weekend Submission post, or Friday to give you the weekend to remember, I will post a short short themed sex survey for you to fill out!
The surveys will be short questionnaires with 3-6 questions about a certain sexual theme.

Just fill it out in a comment and post it to the entry, or email it to me, or even post it on your own blog, forum, or website somewhere! (Just link back to me if you do, por favor).

I love hearing from readers, whether your just stopping by from a link, check by every week, or visit every day! It'll only take a minute so get to it!

So, to get you started, here's a sort of preview survey to get you ready!

What would you like to be called?
What is your gender?
What sex are you attracted to?
When did you lose your virginity?

I'll give you my answers if you'll send me yours!!!
~ I'm Sin!
~ Female
~ Anything sexy :)
~ Around 15 :(

See? Simple, quick, easy! And sometimes it might even be fun!

Until next time,
Have fun and play safe!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Strip Baby Strip

So, the Twins (Kee and Neesh) convinced me to go out last Sunday night.
A somewhat new club in town - Rain- has weekend events with male exotic dancers. Last night was Ladies Appreciation Night.
After a bit of convincing, and W calling to let me know he'd be closing at work, I decided to go see me some strippers.

We arrived at the place a bit before nine, when it was supposed to start. There was no line, and the little bunches of cars in the lot all had people sitting inside them, waiting for some sign that it was time to get started. The nervous pussies we are, we sat in our car until a line of a few people had started, but still ended up waiting outside for a good 20 minutes. Even once inside and eventually seated, the show didn't start until almost 11.
(I realized at some point when inside that I'd been there before- at the time it was called The Flying Anvil, and I was there to see Of Montreal)

When they finally started, we were all bored out of our minds, and I was way past wondering whether it was worth the $20 or not (which I ended up not having to pay anyway, thank god).

The announcer, a tall semi-dark, semi-cute guy named Sixxx Nine, was fun and worth listening to, and introduced the dancers before getting the show started, finally.

Now, on a side note, at first, all the picture's Iput up here are with white or lightly mixed race men.
The dancers that night were all black. But do you have any idea how hard it is to find a picture online of a black male stripper? I mean, outside of porn stars? Shit, I couldn't find a damn thing. For some reason, when I searched "black male exotic dancer" I found a whole lot more than with "black male stripper". Hm....

The first dancer was an extremely large man who wasn't particularly sexy (for fairly obvious reasons) but was fun to watch, and Kee dropped him one of my singles.

The next, was one of my favorites. I don't entirely remember his name, but I think they called him Allure, and alluring he was.
He came out in a black outfit something like a cowboy outfit torn to straps, with chains around his neck, leather thongs of fabric around his arms and legs, and, of course, a tasseled pouch holding in his... jewels.
This guy was fine.
Smooth skin and smooth moves, he slinked his way through the small crowd, and I adored it. I had to give him money.

I think it's important to mention how extraordinary it was to give out my first dollar (well, second, technically Kee gave my first). He was strutting past, slow and sexy, and slowed down near our table. I knew exactly where I wanted to put my sad, lonely dollar. Not his chest or his g-string, but one of those sexy straps around his thighs.
So I reached out my hand, sliding my fingers slowly and intentionally down the slick skin of his thigh, and slid the folded bill between this leather strip and that soft, muscular leg.
It was wonderful.
I haven't managed to get to a regular strip club yet, but I down plopping a single in the string of a hot female stripper doesn't compare to the sensuality of my first time giving a male one money.
It was hot.

After that the dances went up and down. I can honestly say that I felt they were all way too long. The dancers didn't dance to just one song, they danced to a couple mixes of songs. While I appreciated the fact that there was a limited number of dancers, they could have at least done them bit by bit, instead of all at once.

Also, the costumes, while some were really neat and hot, seemed lacking in sexuality. While some did wear full outfits that they actually stripped out of, many just came out in their g-stringed pouch and straps.

But, apart from the massive waiting time, the fact that it went on for-fucking-ever, and the little gender/race problem I have (explained lower down, if you're interested), I did have a really good time.

A few decent dancers, a couple "bleh" ones, five bucks, four or five soft kisses on my neck, cheek, and head by randomly passing and groping dancers, not to mention several sexy lap dances later, the twins and I were exhausted and ready to get the hell home.

I did love the mini private dances though. They weren't overtly vulgar or dirty (except that one guy that slapped my thigh a couple times with his ridiculously long pouched penis, asking "Have you been a bad girl?", to which I really had no idea what to say), and were actually really sensual.
One of the first ones to touch us came up behind the three of us, rubbing and grinding against our backs, one at a time, while sliding his hands up our backs.

My favorite, if I remember right, started behind me and worked his way forward. Grinding against my back before coming around to my front, pulling my hips forward, his hands around my waist, and grinding against my crotch. It wasn't too bad, and I couldn't help but pulse a little in time, my hands awkwardly behind my back so I wouldn't touch him. He whispered in my ear, something about me being so sexy (which, if it had any merit, was probably because my blouse was buttoned really low), and I believe he kissed my neck softly.

The best part was his hands sliding up and down my legs and stomach, and finally groping my boob, soft and gentle, but firm. I practically cried out. I was glad to slide a dollar where ever I could.

I think I was completely unprepared for the eroticism I felt. Being with W for so long, and not having any real sort of contact with any other man, I was overwhelmed by the sensuality and desire I felt through most of the night.

Yes, I was turned on. Yes, I enjoyed it. Yes, W was a bit weird about it when I got home, but the way I explained it, me being turned on happens rarely enough as it is. If I can get turned on at all, I should be able to appreciate and enjoy it. I mean, shit, he watches porn, and that turns him on, but I don't mind.
The way I see it, desire is amazing, and any time we can feel it, as long as our actions are still ... pur? loyal?, we should be able to acknowledge each others desires and enjoy them when and where we can get them. No cheating required (or allowed).

Here's a bit of Race/Gender theory, maybe a bit boring, your welcome to skim or skip:
I've never been to an everyday male strip club, so I don't have anything to compare this group to, but I definitely saw a lack of acceptance for the role of a stripper. That probably sounds a bit chauvinistic for a feminist sex writer, but let me explain.

I do think that the role of a stripper is objectifying, I do. But in the context of the job, I don't see that as a problem.
The job of a stripper is to become an object of desire. This should go for male and female strippers. Your job isn't to do things, it is to make the audience feel like they can do things to you. While you obviously play the dominant role (i.e. the audience isn't allowed to touch you), you are meant to create the illusion of the bottom. Something the audience can use.
This group fulfilled that now and again, but not nearly as well or often as they should've. It far far more often that the dancers would take a girl onstage and get them (more or less push them) to do things like sucking a dildo against his crotch (making it look, to the audience, like she was actually licking his penis), or sucking a banana, and even pulling them up by their hair or thrusting against them hard enough to make their bodies bounce.
The flips and dives they did with the girls were amazing, but these much more vulgar acts would have been entertaining if they'd just been part of a concensual show, but just weren't sexy for women. At least not for me.
They were much more like what a female stripper would do for a guy she pulled on stage; licking a banana near his crotch or pretending to blow him.
To me, a stripper making an audience member to do something to him hisn't sexy, its switching the roles and objectifying the girl he's brought up, switching the sexual power play, and making the whole idea... moot and unsexy.

I could write pages and pages about the gender and race implications that were involved in all of that, but since it'd be no fun, I think I'll save it for my WGS thesis ^-^'

So, that was my first experience with a strip show; Ladies Night at a club with male exotic dancers. Fun, a bit slow, but overall interesting and worth...the freeness. I would've been pissed if I had to wait that long for a $20 show.

But really, thank you to Kee and Neesh for dragging me along, and yes, maybe I will go back with you some time ^-^

Until next time,
Have fun and play safe!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Party (Pt 1) :: By Kay

Yet another uber long post by Kay. It's much more positive than the last, and a bit more fun too ^-^ Will have the second part up next week. Kay writes too damned much.

"Oh Look! Balloons! It Really Is A Party"
My first large BDSM gathering...
By Kay

Saturday was a birthday party for a fellow submissive, the huggy, happy one I mentioned in the prior post. She studies under a different Master, but she has regular playdates with my Master and so he hosted her birthday. And of course that meant the basement was used.

My roommate and I got there probably about an hour into it or so and people still had not really made it into the basement, which, to be perfectly honest, was fine by me.

There was a rather awkward moment when I came across two old friends of mine from a couple years back that I hadn’t spoken to in a while. It turned out they were there merely because they were close friends of hers in the geek community, but were not into the BDSM scene, which is fine and dandy by me, for if they had stuck around for later activities I do believe I would not have had as much fun. As it was, it was slightly awkward with them there anyways while I discussed things with my Master that I would really have preferred they did not hear, but of which I was not going to deter myself from speaking.

A girl that I had a slight crush on showed up a little while later, but she had a boy with her that she was treating as a boyfriend (even now, I have no idea what their relationship is). I found myself rather disappointed as I had my heart set on flirting with her. There were so many couples present that I began to find myself overwhelmed and I set out to get plastered. So I mentioned to a friend (and a few other people that were around and listening) that I would like to drink, but that I did not wish to take any of the hard stuff unmixed. And so a rather nice guy mixed me up a really great drink which I found myself rather content with for the time being.

I chatted with a few more people and when I finished the drink, I made a point to declare that I could still see properly and so they guy inquired as to whether or not I was referring to my empty glass. He refilled it, this time making the alcohol content rather higher in proportion to the mix and I can safely say that after that one I could not see properly at all. Yes, I am a lightweight. Make fun all you want, but it is my theory that it is a rather good thing because it takes less money to get me drunk and on a college budget, that’s great. Besides, if I pace myself, I find I can hold alcohol rather nicely…it’s when I chug that I have issues.

And so I was happily drunk, flirting with anyone and everyone.

And then came the point in time when I decided I wanted to snuggle with a girl so I found my roommate’s sister and was prepared to hug her, but against my wishes, my Master found the girl I was flirting with and brought her to me. He has issues with boundaries. I pulled him aside and asked what he said to her and he declared that he told her I wished to “sex her.” I wanted to hit him.

But regardless, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with so much force and thus began the most insane, most erotic night.

People don’t really believe me, but I sobered up rather quickly and soon our hands were all over each other, pulling our bodies closer together. Mind you, there was still a room full of people but no one cared and that kind of behavior is rather expected at these parties. At least at my Master’s house. People are kinky. It’s great.

So we stood kissing for a bit, some people watching us. I was totally not caring at this point because my god she was a good kisser and her lips knew just what I wanted. Limited tongue, and surprisingly, close-mouthed. It was intense. She kissed me with so much force some of the time that she bent me back in the process, keeping our lips together.

If we ever really pulled apart for a certain extended time, my Master would come over and do something that forced our bodies, our lips back together again. At one point dug his nails into our backs, causing us to arch into each other.

At some point, the topic of biting came up and she asked if I liked it. I, of course, said yes and she bit down on my neck, pulling at the skin, sucking on it, teasing it between her teeth. I whimpered softly, no longer caring who heard. I’ve only ever been nibbled before. This was a whole new thing, fulfilling so many of my vampire fantasies in one go.

She pulled back momentarily, rather proud of herself I think and each time she went back to bite, she made sure to focus on the same spot, increasing the intensity of each bite and the rush it sent through me. At some point, the boy came over and she asked him if he wished to have a side of my neck, which he readily accepted and the two bit down on my neck at the same time. His bite was gentler than hers. I believe he was probably not sure about biting me hard since he barely knew me. But either way, it felt harder when it was coupled with hers.

And so that is how the boy joined in the fun and he played with each of us in turn. At one point, he made out with her and I proceeded to nibble on her neck, flicking my tongue over her skin, acting out things I’d never dreamed I’d actually be able to do.

At some point, we made our way to the couch and sat for a bit, my leg over her lap. She caressed it gently and we sat and socialized for a while with other people who were rather friendlier towards us after our little show.

But it wasn’t long before the socializing idea rather died and she motioned for me to straddle her and we again made out, our bodies grinding together. The boy spoke up from beside us at some break in the making out and said that we were hot. I found that rather amusing.

I find it so easy to lose track of the sequence of events at this place and at some point my roommate decided we should go. So I rose to go but I only made it so far as to get my purse before the girl was giving me a kiss goodbye and we were making out again, better, more intense than before. Her hands were clawing at my back and at some point, the boy’s were too. And I do believe a couple other people may have joined. I didn’t know whose hands were on my back and I didn’t care. The only pair I cared about was hers and they were clutching me tighter, digging into my skin.

to be continued...