Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekly Surveys Anyone?

So, I'm hoping in the near future to have a series of articles interviewing sex workers. Not necessarily just prostitutes, but everyone and anyone who works in some area of sexual industries.
(While I'm on the subject, if you just happen to work in some sexual area - from street walking, professional submissive, to working in a porn shop, I'm open for everyone- please feel free to email me to be included in the series! I'd love to talk to you ^-^

But, my main problem is that I'm really bad at interviewing. You wouldn't think so, after a year and a half of writing news. But really, I am.

So as practice, and for a bit of fun, I've decided that every week, perhaps Monday to follow the weekend Submission post, or Friday to give you the weekend to remember, I will post a short short themed sex survey for you to fill out!
The surveys will be short questionnaires with 3-6 questions about a certain sexual theme.

Just fill it out in a comment and post it to the entry, or email it to me, or even post it on your own blog, forum, or website somewhere! (Just link back to me if you do, por favor).

I love hearing from readers, whether your just stopping by from a link, check by every week, or visit every day! It'll only take a minute so get to it!

So, to get you started, here's a sort of preview survey to get you ready!

What would you like to be called?
What is your gender?
What sex are you attracted to?
When did you lose your virginity?

I'll give you my answers if you'll send me yours!!!
~ I'm Sin!
~ Female
~ Anything sexy :)
~ Around 15 :(

See? Simple, quick, easy! And sometimes it might even be fun!

Until next time,
Have fun and play safe!

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PJ said...

i have worked in an adult novelty store for a little over a year now. it has probably been one of the most fun jobs that i have had. although i think bartending for 22 years helped to prepare me for this job. lol!

ElizabethBell said...

Elizabeth is a girl that feels binding yourself to one sex or the other is ridiculous and joined the world of having consensual sex at 16 years.

Love you!