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A Party (Pt 1) :: By Kay

Yet another uber long post by Kay. It's much more positive than the last, and a bit more fun too ^-^ Will have the second part up next week. Kay writes too damned much.

"Oh Look! Balloons! It Really Is A Party"
My first large BDSM gathering...
By Kay

Saturday was a birthday party for a fellow submissive, the huggy, happy one I mentioned in the prior post. She studies under a different Master, but she has regular playdates with my Master and so he hosted her birthday. And of course that meant the basement was used.

My roommate and I got there probably about an hour into it or so and people still had not really made it into the basement, which, to be perfectly honest, was fine by me.

There was a rather awkward moment when I came across two old friends of mine from a couple years back that I hadn’t spoken to in a while. It turned out they were there merely because they were close friends of hers in the geek community, but were not into the BDSM scene, which is fine and dandy by me, for if they had stuck around for later activities I do believe I would not have had as much fun. As it was, it was slightly awkward with them there anyways while I discussed things with my Master that I would really have preferred they did not hear, but of which I was not going to deter myself from speaking.

A girl that I had a slight crush on showed up a little while later, but she had a boy with her that she was treating as a boyfriend (even now, I have no idea what their relationship is). I found myself rather disappointed as I had my heart set on flirting with her. There were so many couples present that I began to find myself overwhelmed and I set out to get plastered. So I mentioned to a friend (and a few other people that were around and listening) that I would like to drink, but that I did not wish to take any of the hard stuff unmixed. And so a rather nice guy mixed me up a really great drink which I found myself rather content with for the time being.

I chatted with a few more people and when I finished the drink, I made a point to declare that I could still see properly and so they guy inquired as to whether or not I was referring to my empty glass. He refilled it, this time making the alcohol content rather higher in proportion to the mix and I can safely say that after that one I could not see properly at all. Yes, I am a lightweight. Make fun all you want, but it is my theory that it is a rather good thing because it takes less money to get me drunk and on a college budget, that’s great. Besides, if I pace myself, I find I can hold alcohol rather nicely…it’s when I chug that I have issues.

And so I was happily drunk, flirting with anyone and everyone.

And then came the point in time when I decided I wanted to snuggle with a girl so I found my roommate’s sister and was prepared to hug her, but against my wishes, my Master found the girl I was flirting with and brought her to me. He has issues with boundaries. I pulled him aside and asked what he said to her and he declared that he told her I wished to “sex her.” I wanted to hit him.

But regardless, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with so much force and thus began the most insane, most erotic night.

People don’t really believe me, but I sobered up rather quickly and soon our hands were all over each other, pulling our bodies closer together. Mind you, there was still a room full of people but no one cared and that kind of behavior is rather expected at these parties. At least at my Master’s house. People are kinky. It’s great.

So we stood kissing for a bit, some people watching us. I was totally not caring at this point because my god she was a good kisser and her lips knew just what I wanted. Limited tongue, and surprisingly, close-mouthed. It was intense. She kissed me with so much force some of the time that she bent me back in the process, keeping our lips together.

If we ever really pulled apart for a certain extended time, my Master would come over and do something that forced our bodies, our lips back together again. At one point dug his nails into our backs, causing us to arch into each other.

At some point, the topic of biting came up and she asked if I liked it. I, of course, said yes and she bit down on my neck, pulling at the skin, sucking on it, teasing it between her teeth. I whimpered softly, no longer caring who heard. I’ve only ever been nibbled before. This was a whole new thing, fulfilling so many of my vampire fantasies in one go.

She pulled back momentarily, rather proud of herself I think and each time she went back to bite, she made sure to focus on the same spot, increasing the intensity of each bite and the rush it sent through me. At some point, the boy came over and she asked him if he wished to have a side of my neck, which he readily accepted and the two bit down on my neck at the same time. His bite was gentler than hers. I believe he was probably not sure about biting me hard since he barely knew me. But either way, it felt harder when it was coupled with hers.

And so that is how the boy joined in the fun and he played with each of us in turn. At one point, he made out with her and I proceeded to nibble on her neck, flicking my tongue over her skin, acting out things I’d never dreamed I’d actually be able to do.

At some point, we made our way to the couch and sat for a bit, my leg over her lap. She caressed it gently and we sat and socialized for a while with other people who were rather friendlier towards us after our little show.

But it wasn’t long before the socializing idea rather died and she motioned for me to straddle her and we again made out, our bodies grinding together. The boy spoke up from beside us at some break in the making out and said that we were hot. I found that rather amusing.

I find it so easy to lose track of the sequence of events at this place and at some point my roommate decided we should go. So I rose to go but I only made it so far as to get my purse before the girl was giving me a kiss goodbye and we were making out again, better, more intense than before. Her hands were clawing at my back and at some point, the boy’s were too. And I do believe a couple other people may have joined. I didn’t know whose hands were on my back and I didn’t care. The only pair I cared about was hers and they were clutching me tighter, digging into my skin.

to be continued...

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