Monday, November 17, 2008

Strip Baby Strip

So, the Twins (Kee and Neesh) convinced me to go out last Sunday night.
A somewhat new club in town - Rain- has weekend events with male exotic dancers. Last night was Ladies Appreciation Night.
After a bit of convincing, and W calling to let me know he'd be closing at work, I decided to go see me some strippers.

We arrived at the place a bit before nine, when it was supposed to start. There was no line, and the little bunches of cars in the lot all had people sitting inside them, waiting for some sign that it was time to get started. The nervous pussies we are, we sat in our car until a line of a few people had started, but still ended up waiting outside for a good 20 minutes. Even once inside and eventually seated, the show didn't start until almost 11.
(I realized at some point when inside that I'd been there before- at the time it was called The Flying Anvil, and I was there to see Of Montreal)

When they finally started, we were all bored out of our minds, and I was way past wondering whether it was worth the $20 or not (which I ended up not having to pay anyway, thank god).

The announcer, a tall semi-dark, semi-cute guy named Sixxx Nine, was fun and worth listening to, and introduced the dancers before getting the show started, finally.

Now, on a side note, at first, all the picture's Iput up here are with white or lightly mixed race men.
The dancers that night were all black. But do you have any idea how hard it is to find a picture online of a black male stripper? I mean, outside of porn stars? Shit, I couldn't find a damn thing. For some reason, when I searched "black male exotic dancer" I found a whole lot more than with "black male stripper". Hm....

The first dancer was an extremely large man who wasn't particularly sexy (for fairly obvious reasons) but was fun to watch, and Kee dropped him one of my singles.

The next, was one of my favorites. I don't entirely remember his name, but I think they called him Allure, and alluring he was.
He came out in a black outfit something like a cowboy outfit torn to straps, with chains around his neck, leather thongs of fabric around his arms and legs, and, of course, a tasseled pouch holding in his... jewels.
This guy was fine.
Smooth skin and smooth moves, he slinked his way through the small crowd, and I adored it. I had to give him money.

I think it's important to mention how extraordinary it was to give out my first dollar (well, second, technically Kee gave my first). He was strutting past, slow and sexy, and slowed down near our table. I knew exactly where I wanted to put my sad, lonely dollar. Not his chest or his g-string, but one of those sexy straps around his thighs.
So I reached out my hand, sliding my fingers slowly and intentionally down the slick skin of his thigh, and slid the folded bill between this leather strip and that soft, muscular leg.
It was wonderful.
I haven't managed to get to a regular strip club yet, but I down plopping a single in the string of a hot female stripper doesn't compare to the sensuality of my first time giving a male one money.
It was hot.

After that the dances went up and down. I can honestly say that I felt they were all way too long. The dancers didn't dance to just one song, they danced to a couple mixes of songs. While I appreciated the fact that there was a limited number of dancers, they could have at least done them bit by bit, instead of all at once.

Also, the costumes, while some were really neat and hot, seemed lacking in sexuality. While some did wear full outfits that they actually stripped out of, many just came out in their g-stringed pouch and straps.

But, apart from the massive waiting time, the fact that it went on for-fucking-ever, and the little gender/race problem I have (explained lower down, if you're interested), I did have a really good time.

A few decent dancers, a couple "bleh" ones, five bucks, four or five soft kisses on my neck, cheek, and head by randomly passing and groping dancers, not to mention several sexy lap dances later, the twins and I were exhausted and ready to get the hell home.

I did love the mini private dances though. They weren't overtly vulgar or dirty (except that one guy that slapped my thigh a couple times with his ridiculously long pouched penis, asking "Have you been a bad girl?", to which I really had no idea what to say), and were actually really sensual.
One of the first ones to touch us came up behind the three of us, rubbing and grinding against our backs, one at a time, while sliding his hands up our backs.

My favorite, if I remember right, started behind me and worked his way forward. Grinding against my back before coming around to my front, pulling my hips forward, his hands around my waist, and grinding against my crotch. It wasn't too bad, and I couldn't help but pulse a little in time, my hands awkwardly behind my back so I wouldn't touch him. He whispered in my ear, something about me being so sexy (which, if it had any merit, was probably because my blouse was buttoned really low), and I believe he kissed my neck softly.

The best part was his hands sliding up and down my legs and stomach, and finally groping my boob, soft and gentle, but firm. I practically cried out. I was glad to slide a dollar where ever I could.

I think I was completely unprepared for the eroticism I felt. Being with W for so long, and not having any real sort of contact with any other man, I was overwhelmed by the sensuality and desire I felt through most of the night.

Yes, I was turned on. Yes, I enjoyed it. Yes, W was a bit weird about it when I got home, but the way I explained it, me being turned on happens rarely enough as it is. If I can get turned on at all, I should be able to appreciate and enjoy it. I mean, shit, he watches porn, and that turns him on, but I don't mind.
The way I see it, desire is amazing, and any time we can feel it, as long as our actions are still ... pur? loyal?, we should be able to acknowledge each others desires and enjoy them when and where we can get them. No cheating required (or allowed).

Here's a bit of Race/Gender theory, maybe a bit boring, your welcome to skim or skip:
I've never been to an everyday male strip club, so I don't have anything to compare this group to, but I definitely saw a lack of acceptance for the role of a stripper. That probably sounds a bit chauvinistic for a feminist sex writer, but let me explain.

I do think that the role of a stripper is objectifying, I do. But in the context of the job, I don't see that as a problem.
The job of a stripper is to become an object of desire. This should go for male and female strippers. Your job isn't to do things, it is to make the audience feel like they can do things to you. While you obviously play the dominant role (i.e. the audience isn't allowed to touch you), you are meant to create the illusion of the bottom. Something the audience can use.
This group fulfilled that now and again, but not nearly as well or often as they should've. It far far more often that the dancers would take a girl onstage and get them (more or less push them) to do things like sucking a dildo against his crotch (making it look, to the audience, like she was actually licking his penis), or sucking a banana, and even pulling them up by their hair or thrusting against them hard enough to make their bodies bounce.
The flips and dives they did with the girls were amazing, but these much more vulgar acts would have been entertaining if they'd just been part of a concensual show, but just weren't sexy for women. At least not for me.
They were much more like what a female stripper would do for a guy she pulled on stage; licking a banana near his crotch or pretending to blow him.
To me, a stripper making an audience member to do something to him hisn't sexy, its switching the roles and objectifying the girl he's brought up, switching the sexual power play, and making the whole idea... moot and unsexy.

I could write pages and pages about the gender and race implications that were involved in all of that, but since it'd be no fun, I think I'll save it for my WGS thesis ^-^'

So, that was my first experience with a strip show; Ladies Night at a club with male exotic dancers. Fun, a bit slow, but overall interesting and worth...the freeness. I would've been pissed if I had to wait that long for a $20 show.

But really, thank you to Kee and Neesh for dragging me along, and yes, maybe I will go back with you some time ^-^

Until next time,
Have fun and play safe!

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