Thursday, November 13, 2008

A New (mini) Toy Review!

I realized the other day that I haven't put up a toy review in a really friggin long time.
Now, if you've noticed, I have still been doing them. I mean, I'm up to double digits on EF as far as reviews go, but I haven't been posting them here. (I also noticed, fyi, that I haven't done a position of the week in months, so I'm hoping to do another of those soon, so stay tuned.)

So, I decided to go ahead and put up a little mini review for my most recent toy.

EVOLved's Diamond Princess

This is a very basic, fairly average toy by the company EVOLved (which I've never heard of before, but I like it's name).

The presentation is nice, pretty hard-rock-ish with a black, red, and silver tin case and the toy nestled in black and red foam.
The toy itself is black with little crystal rhinestones circling the bottom.

Buzz-wise, the thing doesn't get all that wonderful. It'd be good for someone who's not used to vibrators, or someone with a very sensitive clit.
It is, by the way mostly for clitoral situation. Insertion is okay, but its really slim, so unless your nice and sensitive, it might not do too much for you.
Anally, of course, it's a no-no. It doesn't have any sort of piece on the end to keep it from sliding in and staying there. Not a good idea.

The main idea of the review is that the toy is cute, pretty, and okay, but not anything all that great. It's not that strong, and doesn't have anything particularly unique that sets it apart from the many other mediocre vibrators.

So; "nice, but nothing special".

You can read my full review here: Diamond Princess - Traditional vibrators | Review by Sin Secret

Until next time!
Have fun and play safe!
<3 Sin

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All Stuff Adult said...

Very good description and thanks for the info. Just the cuteness would make me want to try it but if there's not enough bang for the buck I'll pass on cute!