Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"I Don't Know If I Hate Him Enough to Wake Up This Early"

So here I am, November 4th, at 8:30 in the morning, ready to go vote. UUUUGGGHHH. I'm totally not happy about it.
Idiot me worked through most of the Early Voting sessions, so I have to wake up early, wait in line, and then march my ass to class, then to work. I hate full days >.< I've already made my stance on the election clear, but I won't go into that again. Isn't it weird how so many people (more-so companies) are being so careful about this election? Everyone's afraid they'll get in trouble for making it look like they promote one candidate or another. Anyway. I've already stated my views so I won't do it again here. Just remember, if I can wait two hours in line (which I'll probably end up doing) to vote for who's gonna fuck up our country next, so can you. So get your ass out there and vote for somebody, anybody!

Happy voting


Edit:: Actually, I was in and out of voting within 15 minutes. And on the way home, I was serenaded by a guy with a guitar playing "Something" by the Beatles.
I had a good morning ^-^

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