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My Into to Double Submission :: By Kay

Finally! A Kay piece! It doesn't look like these will be continuing for too much longer, so enjoy while you can!

My Double Sub
By Kay

Wednesday’s session was extremely out of the ordinary.

I’d asked him before about double submissive scenes, expressing a great interest in doing some if he would allow it. He told me I needed to learn the basics first, but once I had a grasp on those, he would definitely bring someone in.

He called me up around ten and asked if I still wished to play. He informed me that there was currently a group gathered at his house, but if I wished to play I could still head over. So my roommate and I went down there and there was indeed a rather large group gathered. I met another one of his submissives, a really sweet girl full of lots of energy and hugs.

I got hugs from a few more people, people I’d met the night I had my first session but hadn’t seen since. They’re amazing people really. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. Again though, this is just the people I’ve met, most of whom are college students just trying to find a place in the world.

We chatted casually for a bit before deciding to head to the dungeon, at which point he informed me that another girl there wished to nibble on a girl and he inquired as to whether or not I was up for that. You can bet your ass I was.

Until we got down to the dungeon.

She was quick to enter subspace so he sat her on a bench at the back while he worked me towards it.

Again I was finding it immensely difficult. He had me down in the first/submissive position and just as I was about to slip into subspace, just as he was calming me, guess what he says? “Undress.”

You know that part where you’re not supposed to look at your Master? That went out the window in about two seconds. My head snapped up so fast and I just stared at him, eyes wide, mouth open. I’m sure I looked like a deer in the headlights.

This got me a stern “Why are you looking at me?”

I believe at this point all I managed to do was blink.

“You’re still looking at me.”

I blinked again before I finally shot up from the floor, grabbing his arm, I said something along the lines of “Um, can we talk?” And I led him to the far end of the dungeon and I believe I just blinked at him some more.

He gazed into my eyes and somehow he calmed me down, telling me that everything would be okay. I think I was still so close to the edge of subspace that he was able to easily get me into it and he finally told me that he would have her undress with me so I wasn’t doing it alone. For some odd reason, I was okay with that.

So needless to say, we undressed, handing our clothes to our Master. He realized that I was still not in subspace and he thus set about helping me to enter it. He allowed me to pick any manner of flogger/whip that I wished to play with and he had me bend over the table, setting fifteen strokes on my back, rather gentler than he normally would, as I was not in subspace and it would have hurt immensely if he’d used his usual force.

I finally managed to slip into subspace and the two of us were then informed that we would be suspended together. WOW. Just WOW.

He told us, then, that we were allowed to make-out, but only if he was whipping one of us. If he stopped, we had to stop, otherwise we would be punished.

He walked around us, swishing the whip menacingly before he laid it on us. A few strokes on one, a few strokes on the other. Man, she’s a really good kisser.

Our bodies pressed harder together as we arched into each other, away from the pain. The more intense the pain, the more our bodies pressed together and the harder it was to make-out.

At some point, he told us that we were now allowed to make out whenever we wished so it pretty much became make-out time when we weren’t whipped because we were panting too heavily whenever the whip fell on us to really do much of anything.

On one of his rounds around our bodies, I accidentally looked at him. Normally, I am very good about not looking at him, but for some odd reason it was hard this time. I think it may have had something to do with the fact that I had boobs pressed in my face and I wasn’t too keen on staring am them the whole time. So I looked to the side just as he happened to walk by. I didn’t even mean to look at him. I didn’t even want to. I just didn’t want to look at boobs.

Regardless, he stepped behind me, pulling my hair aside, murmuring in my ear. He told me that while he could not punish me for looking at him earlier because we had not discussed some things, I’d looked at him just now.

And he stated that he would give me twenty-five flogs for it. He started with nine, but my hands were beginning to feel numb so I cried out and told him as much. He adjusted them, adding a length of chain to the hook so I had more to hold on to and a little bit more leeway.

He then began his rounds around us again, stating that in his dungeon, we were to share punishments equally, so for looking at him, my sister (When speaking to one of us, he referred to the other as our ‘sister submissive’ or ‘sister.’) would also receive her twenty-five. I immediately proclaimed that he should not punish her for what I did and that I would take her share. I couldn’t even begin to tell you why I blurted that, but I did. No joke. He asked, then, if it meant that I would take fifty. I told him yes, but then after a brief pause, I stated that I would take her punishment, but only if she wished it. He asked her if she would take her share and she said yes. So I was let off the hook. Thank God.

Well he seemed to forget (thought probably not on accident) that I had already received nine, and thus he started on me again. He did the same crisscross motion that he has done during previous lessons, meaning four times the impacts. He gave me ten strokes, then moved around and gave her ten. I don’t quite remember how he laid the rest of the strokes, but I do know that at some point, he was beside us, whipping us both at the same time.

When he finished that again, I realized my hands were once again going numb and instead of fixing it, he decided to end our suspension time. He unhooked my arms and I nearly felt like I was going to fall off the tire. I’m terrified of heights so even though it was only a foot off the ground, I started hyperventilating.

He grabbed me from behind and held me, telling me I was safe, that he wouldn’t let me fall. He told me to wrap my arms around my sister’s waist and then he proceeded to let go, at which point I freaked out again. He unhooked one of her arms so that she was able to hold me and she kissed my head and whispered that it was going to be okay.

He unhooked her other arm and she wrapped it around me, continuing to whisper as he unhooked our legs. He lifted me off of the tire and set me on the ground where I regained my balance and calmed.

I was surprised to find myself very…wet (for lack of a better, more pristine term) as I stood in the middle of the floor, waiting for instruction.

And this is where things got super fun. It was time for sensation play! My favorite!

I asked him how he wished me to lay on the table and he told me to choose. I said I wished to lay on my stomach as I rather like things being done to my back, at which point he informed me that if I laid on my back, he would allow my sister to play with my nipples. So I lay on my back.

He brought out the blindfold, the one that blocks out any manner of light and keeps your eyes shut. After it was secured, he then informed me that he was proud of me today and that he would now allow me to be collared. He also said that because he was so proud of me, I would be allowed to wear the collar whenever I entered his dungeon. I love that damn collar.

It’s like a regular dog collar, only heavier and when I’m in subspace, the clasp feels so cold against my skin. It’s amazing.

At this point he pulled out various implements, allowing my sister to use some as well. There were moments in time when I was unable to tell who was doing what. The only very obvious one was when he used the leather gloves, manhandling my body.

And he was definitely using the satin scarf because she would definitely not have wrapped it over my mouth the way he did. I don’t know why I find it so erotic to be unable to speak, to have my moans muffled.

At some point, he gave her permission to begin teasing my nipples and she leaned down, suckling on them gently, grazing her teeth over them.

He asked me if I liked watching a girl orgasm and I told him very truthfully that I didn’t know, as I had never seen it (I’ve only ever had one serious girlfriend and the sex was, well, bland.). He then asked if I wished to watch it and for reasons I don’t even know, I said “I guess.”

He left to set up the Sybian, the giant vibrator that I believe he said is somewhere around 18 horsepower. I know it was in the teens.

My sister was allowed to continue playing with me and let me tell you, she’s damn good at using some of those implements. I believe at this point, the only one she used was the tiny hammer with the five pins in the head.

And the most erotic part? It got to the point where my breaths became dependent on the hammer’s contact with my skin. I let out a quiet pant each time it fell, becoming still as soon as it lifted. And these were nothing more than quick taps each.

When he finished setting it up, he gave her instructions as to how she was to sit on it. As they weren’t directed at me, I was barely paying attention. What I do know is that he put her on the one that’s mean specifically for stimulating the clit.

I was to position myself on my knees behind her, doing what I could to help her orgasm as she rode the Sybian (It literally is riding. It’s a large hump on the ground that you straddle and then it vibrates with you on it. It’s really freaky.). Basically this consisted of sitting behind her, planting kisses on her back, my arms wrapped around her torso, my hands playing with her nipples.

I can safely tell you that I was out of subspace by this point and frankly I was feeling nothing whatsoever. I don’t think my Master realized I was no longer in subspace, but he should realize that any talk of orgasm or sexual activity immediately snaps me out of it. My mind has some sort of trigger words or something, little mental red flags that tell me I need to be on my guard, something highly impossible if still in subspace.

So the thought of being naked, pressed against her, no longer turned me on because in the real world (a.k.a. outside subspace) this girl just doesn’t turn me on. It’s nothing against her, it’s just a fact of life. And I’m actually almost positive I don’t turn her on either. Which begs the question why I agreed to this in the first place?

For some odd reason, I was compelled to allow this activity to continue. She was still in subspace and I mean I decided to just play along. It wouldn’t really have been fair to her to cut it short. Though I’m not so sure it was fair to continue in such a disinterested manner either.

So she rode it to orgasm (Although he would not allow her to orgasm until she asked him and if she merely said ‘please’ he promised that he would shut the machine off and not let her orgasm at all.). Then I was told to move around the front and the process was repeated.

The third time, he told me I was to determine when she was allowed to orgasm and she had to look me in the eyes while she did. Let me just say that it was VERY hard not to look at HIM at this point. I thought this was rather ridiculous, but I played along, although not for very long. I made her wait like a minute before I let her orgasm, stating merely “Cum for me” in a hushed voice as she rode it out.

And then I held her and kissed her when she finished. It just seemed appropriate.

Don't forget, for full, unedited posts, stop by Kay's blog; A Life Beneath. Until next time, have fun and play safe! <3


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