Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Party (Pt 2) :: By Kay

At a random break, she took my purse from me, dropping it to the floor, informing me that I was not leaving, before she kissed me again.

Over and over, biting, clawing, kissing, her teeth randomly tugging at my lower lip. My neck throbbed with each of her bites, her lips always finding the same spot on my skin, I knew I’d have a hickey and I really didn’t care.

I would like to take the time to point out that we never touched each other in blatantly sexual zones, except the couple of times clutching each other’s asses, drawing our bodies closer together. And still, I found myself moaning, panting, whimpering into her mouth.

It was around this time, after we’d already spent forever entwined in each other, that they declared it was time for the birthday girl to get her birthday whippings. Twenty-six for her age, to be delivered by the people of the party, the twenty-seventh by the master himself for growth.

The girl and I were separated at this point, finding room to stand near the table where the birthday girl was strapped. I was rather disappointed, but I preferred not to look desperate and reserved myself to stand beside the stairs near a guy who began to eye me rather openly. He ended up standing behind me and, having been a voyeur to the show upstairs and possibly a participant I never saw, began to dig his nails into my back, clawing me.

My Master tried to pass the whip around, but people were wary to take it. Some people finally took turns and by about number 16, I believe, I took mine (only with the urging of the guy now rather intent upon me) and I laid one across her thigh, the thudding sound hitting my ears. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it as she shrieked on the table, but others soon took my place and I moved back to stand by the stairs.

A different guy, the one who had mixed my drinks, came over and placed ice cubes in my hand, telling me I should make a new friend. I gazed at him for a moment as he walked back across the room, unsure exactly what I was supposed to do and I let the ice melt for a long moment before I finally turned to the guy beside me, the one that had taken an interest in me, and ran them over his neck, to which he responded by clutching my back tightly, digging his nails in.

Drink Guy came back over and continued to stock me up with ice and at some point, I called The Girl back over and ran the ice over her neck as well, watching happily as her eyes fluttered shut. Her Boy walked by and I asked him if he would like some ice and I ran the remainder over his neck, trailing my cold fingers over his skin after it melted, playing with his skin momentarily before I was snatched back by Drink Guy and the other guy again.

By this time, they had found one of those tubey popsicles…it was pressed against my skin and they played with temperature for a short amount of time. Drink Guy pressed it against a place on my back and when he removed it, the two of them instantly placed their lips there, biting down, the warmth combining with the actual bite to make it seem that much worse than it was. I must say it was one of the craziest things I’ve ever felt and their lips felt so…warm…

Another guy came into the party a little while later and they invited him to bite me…apparently everyone was allowed to take a turn if they so chose, and at this point I was really beyond caring anyway. This guy was a gentler biter, nibbling more so, but still making sure to clamp hard enough to elicit and gasp and make it feel oh so good.

If I counted correctly, five people bit me on Saturday night, although I do not remember correctly. I had definitely slipped into a certain manner of subspace by this point and my time sequence and relative awareness of events was long gone, although never to the point where I was unsafe, of that I am definitely certain. I was fully aware that I could have said no, I just found that I didn’t want to. I felt so…sexy…for the first time in a long time, and really the sexiest I had ever actually felt.

My roommate and I went home a bit later and she counted my hickeys/bite marks. There were nine. Nine markings scattered over my neck and back. And The Girl was the only one that had touched a particular spot on my neck, so I know exactly which one is hers. Yes, know, because it is still there and my neck is still sore where she bit, a long, narrow bruise running about half the length of the left side of my neck.

And my lip is still a little swollen.

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