Thursday, December 11, 2008

Huzzah For..Tissues?

I'm working on a couple of decent posts, and I'm sorry they aren't up yet, but I just HAD to show off my newest reviews about my new products from EF!!!

I was so excited to get them, and I was so happy when they came in, and I adore them. Click the links to see the products and my reviews ^-^

The first is a new Rabbit vibrator. I'm not usually big on Rabbit vibes, but I definitely love this one. The shaft doesn't twist like most do, it actually pulses upwards in waves. Plus it's cordless and really strong.
I love it. My Review is HERE.

The other, which I adore!, is called a ToiTissue. I was so confused when I first got the assignment, but when it came in I was thrilled! It's a storage container conveniently hidden inside a tissue box. ^-^
I've been wanting a storage container ever since I started my toy collection, and while this doesn't solve my storage problems, it is awesome anyway. It's so unique.

Plus, I think I did an awesome job with the review. W giggled a few times when reading it. ^-^
So, HERE's the review for the ToiTissue box.

Come back soon!

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