Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sexy Holiday Gift Ideas!

Inspired by Always Aroused Girl's recent post "Sexy Stocking Stuffers": I love the idea of giving sexy presents to friends and family members for christmas, so here are a few of my favorite (affordable) gift ideas from my favorite online sex stores!

For just about everyone!
Come for a Cause Kit: An interesting kit with a nice looking vibrator and a few condoms. Sends donations to both Planned Parenthood and the Living Beyond Breast Cancer foundation. Seems like a good price for a cute gift and a good cause. Really good price. I like it.

For your best (female) friend:
OMiBod Naughty Nano Vibrator: I want one of these sooo bad! Not exactly affordable, but it's an awesomely unique vibrator that plugs into your MP3 player and pulses to your music. Making music twice as sexy! Great for any music lover on your list.

For your adult family members:
Hot Heart Massager: An interesting gift idea for someone you want to get something nice and sexy for, but not something blatantly dirty. This heart shaped massage pack heats up and comes with an oil to give you a deep heat massage. Also very affordable.

For your guy friends:
Ultimate Jack-off Sleeve: Like a Fleshlight, only cheaper, this is for your lonely and/or adventurous guy friend (or boyfriend). This is a great gift to keep them from burning the skin off their palms. Just make sure to let them know your gift is completely sincere and not a mean joke. With the right attitude they really could have fun with this.

For the one you're sure is a closet kink:
Lover's Fantasy Kit: A cute, inexpensive little kit with handcuffs, a blindfold, and a small flogger. Great for beginners and couples who you think could use a little spice.

For the older couple:
Basket Of Love Kit: A simple basket of sensual sex products. Includes incense, warming oil, and massage lotion, and a bit more, all for a pretty low price. Good gift to put the spark into anyones long-lasting relationship. :)

For the Candle-Lover:
Faerie Lights Candles: Cute little square candles, in four different aromatherapy scents. I think their pretty, and the faerie idea makes me want them even more. Or maybe a better idea would be the Suntouched Edible Massaging Candles; nummy smelling candles with wax that melts into massage oil, and can be licked off afterward. ^-^

For the Pre-Orgasmic:
The Orgasm Loop: From what I've read, this is a great book with an interesting (and pretty effective, from what I tried) technique to help any girl reach an orgasm, alone or during sex. Definitely worth a read, and a greatly considerate gift.

For the Erotica Lover:
Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth: "African American" erotica-writer Zane shoots out a crapload of really interesting, often fantastic, short erotic stories. Well written, for the most part, and definitely sexy.

For the Lesbian:
The Lesbian Kama Sutra: An interesting book adapting the kama sutra for lesbian sex. The pictures range from crappy and stereotypical, to classic and sexy. They also have one for Gay Men.

Adam and Eve's
The Honeymooning Couple:
Lace Cami Set: A sweetly sexy lingerie set for any new couple still in their lovey-dovey excited and sexy phase. Also very affordable and adorable! Might go great with one of the erotic For Couples Only porn DVDs.

The Single Girl:
Adam & Eve's Massaging Vibrator: This seems like A&E's cheaper alternative to the much-loved and ever-wanted Hitachi vibrator (claimed to be the best and strongest hand-held vibrator ever). Some shoppers boast more than 8 orgasms at a time with this thing.

The Experienced BDSM Player:
Crave Collared Nipple Clamps: Not exactly cheap, and not for the newbie, but this clamp/collar combo certainly looks sexy and worth the price. Great for anyone you know into the lifestyle (if you like them enough to pay for it ^-^)

For the One with All the Sex Toys:
Sugar Sak: A great bag for all your favorite sex toys. Simple, affordable, pretty, and hygienic. I've always wanted one of these, and I bet anyone with a collection would love to get one. I know I would; they're so cute!

So if you haven't gotten all your Christmas gifts yet (or one for me >.<), definitely stop by these nifty gifts and see if they'd be right for someone on your list!
Happy Holidays!
^-^ Sin


Goddess said...

You've been awarded at out site. Congratulations!

Oh, and I want one of everything, please. Heh!

SINgleGIRL said...

WOW. That's all I have to say. Wow. Thanks for the amazing list.

Barako Brew said...


That should be fun.

.... But maybe I should wait for the Video Version. ;)

Kidding aside, you've presented really neat, adult, products.