Friday, December 5, 2008

Sexy Survey From Sin

One of my favorite bloggers, PhoneGirl (who has been a bit MIA recently, and sadly, is considering shutting down her page) has a survey on her site for anyone and everyone to fill out about Phone Sex and Phone Sex Callers. A while back I filled it out, and have meant to post it for a while, but kept forgetting.

So here, for your mediocre interest, is my response to PhoneGirl's Phone Sex Survey ^-^

Name: Sin Sekret

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Have you ever had phone sex? Not really, no, but I’ve had Text Sex during classes.

If no, do you want to? Sometimes.

Has a significant other ever wanted to have phone sex? No…

If not, would you do it? Probably.

Did you both cum?. Not with the texting, no

What were they into? Were you shocked, explain During “Text Sex” everything was pretty standard. I haven’t found a guy that was into anything weird. I kind of wish I did, because then I wouldn’t feel awkward about the odd things I like.

Did/do you two have phone sex often? No.

Everyone has a secret fetish, what is yours? Don’t be shy… I looove being tied up, and have recently found a fascination with being hit hard on the back. A lot of Bondage and S/M stuff really interests me. Especially the idea of being owned.

Have you ever called a phone sex service? No, but I’ve wanted to.

If never, would you ever call? What would you want to talk about? I might, but not so much to get off. I think I’d mostly call just to see what it was like. But then again, that’s what I have you for ^-^ <3

Do you think you would ever call? Maybe one day when I’ve got enough cash and curiousity.

What is your ultimate fantasy, the one you are probably nervous about admitting to yourself, think hard I think being completely owned, and I mean completely- to the point of servitude and punishment- is a fantasy that nags at me a bit. I’m not sure if I could ever do it in reality, but the fantasy is nice. It’s so interesting and appealing; giving up all that freedom and being loved and punished and cared for.

Any comments or suggestions for my site? Not so far.
I assume you’re not allowed to record your phone sessions, but maybe when you get someone especially interesting you could write little conversations up based off of what actually happened. I think that’d be cool to read.

Until Next Time,

Have fun and play safe!



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Anonymous said...

I have taken that survey as well. I won't reveal my answer though because I'm too shy. Your answers to the questions caught my attention. It was the statement about having text sex. I never thought anyone else did that. I thought it was a weird thing to do but I see I'm not alone.

SinSecret said...

Lol, nope, your not alone at all. I haven't done it in a while, but I used to love doing it during classes to make my bf turned on and uncomfortable while in class or work.

My only problem is that guys usually want to do it quickly. I like to get and send answers over the course of a whole day; leisurely, not all in one hour. Its more fun ^-^