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Strawberry Sheets Forever

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Aphrodisiac #1; Strawberries!!!!

For the first day of my aphrodisiac experiment, I decided to start with something simple; Strawberries.

I love fruit. So so so much. So starting with strawberries was my way of slipping into the tests easily. It helps that Harris Teeter was having a sale.

I didn't feel like finding something intricate was necessary for these, so I decided to go with what we had. Strawberries, Whipped Cream, and a bottle of Champagne. No need to complicate things, right?

We started the night with the champagne and strawberries, with a ring of whipped cream around the bowl. While watching House (oh, yeah, so sexy), we drank glass after glass of champagne and indulged in the strawberries (most of the champagne went to me, and most of the strawberries went to him).

After getting slightly tipsy, I pushed him into the bedroom. I must say I was pretty ready for action, but it's very likely that was all thanks to too much champagne. It was probably a bad idea to have them both at the same time.

Either way, I was definitely in the mood. The mixed flavors of sweet strawberries and bitter alcohol in my mouth made some things easier to do, and the champagne made my head spin and release my inhibition.

The following is a (erotic) account of how the night went: (read at your own discretion)

Three glasses later I pushed Coal up against the couch where he was sitting. We both stumbled, grasping each other to keep from falling over. I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd had a decent amount to drink, and my mind spun as I pushed my lips against him.
For a moment I was afraid I'd be too rough, pushed into clumsiness by the champagne. I wasn't looking for drunken sex.

But it didn't go badly. I kissed him again and fell to my hands and knees. Walking didn't seem like a good idea, so I crawl slowly towards the bedroom. Coal followed, crawling behind me into the bedroom. I got to the bed, collapsing onto it, my head spinning.
"Oh no you don't" Coal said roughly, most of his clothes already off "Back on the floor". Mine came off easily as he pushed me against the carpet.
He was too dry to enter me from behind, so he slid his fingers in instead, it didn't work enough so he sat up, looking around for a lubricant. Maybe it was the alcohol, but I didn't feel like waiting.

"You need more practice" I said quietly, turning around and slipping the tip of his penis into my mouth.
"What are you...oh god" He moaned, surprised but completely willing.
I didn't stay for long, just swirled my tongue around him and pulled back. Normally I'd cringe at the taste, but all I could taste was the leftover burn of champagne.
I turned back around, leaning on my elbows and lifting my ass, presenting myself once more.
He slid in more easily then, filling me slowly, then moving to thrust, deep and sure.

He lasted so long, all on his own, my body tingled with the pounding sensations. After a few more labored moans, he moved to the bed, grabbing a condom and slipping it on before pushing me onto the bed entering me. He took by breasts into his mouth, one by one, his tongue sliding against my skin while he continued to thrust into my body.

He pushed harder, in small bursts of speed that made my breath catch in my throat, moans escaping my mouth desperately. When he slowed again, he left me gasping for air, only for a few moments before he'd speed up again. I couldn't keep up with the thrust, but reveled in the sensations until finally his voice rose, his body shuddering in tight spasms gradually, thrusting lazily until he was spent.

We lay for a while, our breathing quick and deep, grasping each other from across the bed where we had collapsed separately. Once we had caught our breath, Coal lifted himself out of the bed, cleaning himself off and coming back to where I lay on the bed, this time with our brand new pink whip in hand. I had moved up on the bed by then, back exposed to the air, my hair strewn across the pillows.

Afterwards W tried out our new Pinkline Leather Whip from EF. There's a further account of it at my review for it here, but simply said, I enjoyed it.

I can't say that the strawberries worked at actually turning me on, and W can be turned on by anything, so he wasn't very useful as a subject.
I can say, however, that I was a little more willing than usual, and W lasted longer than he has in a long time.

All together, I definitely enjoyed our Strawberry excursion. I can't say the strawberries worked as far as aphrodisiac properties go, but it was definitely fun to try them out.

As for a recipe for the evening, here's how it went:

One case of perfect strawberries, rinsed

On small can of Whipped Cream
One bottle of Champagne (or maybe wine)

One movie of your choice (perhaps a high-budget porn?)

Arrange the strawberries on a platter or bowl, and spray the whipped cream around the edge of the plate, ready for the berries. Make sure you save some of both, in case you want to use it for more intimate activities later on.

Set a mood and watch or listen to something that makes you both feel relaxed and sexy. Eat up, drink up, and have some fun.

Our next experiment will hopefully be a little more in depth and helpful, but for now at least this was fun. For us at least ^-^'

Have fun and play safe!!!

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Pinkline leather whip - Whip - EdenFantasys


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Sounds like a great evening was had by you both!