Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Sexy Post-Its Contest!!!

Note Contest Details

Okay. I'm a little nervous, I've never done a contest before. But here goes.

Idea: I'm looking for Sexy "Post-it" notes.
Use a Note Generator (like this one, or this one), a Sharpie marker and post-it, a camera, or photo shop to write a simple, sexy, sentence on a Post-It Note. It can be cute, sexy, erotic, witty, funny, dirty, whatever! It can be true or fiction, and could even include a little image!
It can be as long as you want, technically, as long as it fits on one post-it.

Yet another example from me over here, so you get a taste of what I mean.

I've already gotten three submissions, and I hope to get lots lots more before the week is up.

*No more than two entries per person.
* Send all submissions to me at
*Make sure to include the following information
- Name (doesn't have to be your real name, but I need to call you something)
- E-mail address ( or however i can contact you)
- Permission for me to use your image on Sin's Secret posts, etc.
- Any requests from you (If you'd like me to keep your name or submission off of the site and out of the interwebs eyes, let me know)

Entries must be in by Saturday, September 27th. That's a lot of time, so I expect to get lots of entries!

I haven't yet decided on how entries will be judged. I'm thinking I'll post up all the entries in a post, have readers vote on which they like the best, and if it's my favorite as well, it'll get first place. If it's not, the most popular entry will get second place, and my personal favorite will get first.
If anyone prefers it a different way, let me know.

I'm still debating a prize. I don't know how so many sex bloggers manage to get sex toy companies to give them prizes to send out, but if anyone else knows, let me in on the secret!
Either way, this is what I'm thinking I'll go out and get and send out (but I'm open to suggestions):

First Prize:
Choice of:
A best-selling book of erotica (being that this is a writing based contest, i thought it seemed fitting)
A mini sex kit (i.e.: BDSM kit might contain handcuffs, blindfold, warming oil, Basic kit might contain condoms, flavored lubricant, mini-vibrator, Massage kit might contain mini bottles of massage oil, candles, or oils, ETC. Kit type would depend on the content of your entry.)
Second Prize:
A small book of erotica
A bag of sex-inspired candies. (You know those penis candy necklaces and boob lollipops? Yeah, a bunch of those.)

Prizes will eventually have to be sent by mail, so be prepared to send me a mailing address (only if you win).

Prizes are up for debate and ideas. Let me know if you have any better suggestions.

That's all for now! Start sending those Post-Its and let me know if you have any questions!!!



Samantha said...

I have a funny idea. My lack of imagination, since this side of me is budding, comes through with humor. :)

Da mon said...

Why the "or" on the prizes. I think both options would be cool for first and second place.

But I might just be being greedy :)