Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sparking of Ideas....

I'll try to make this short and sweet.

I'm really tired of taking pictures off of search engines for my posts.
So here's what I want.

I want YOU. (I want you so bad..^-^...)

I want you to send me pictures! Whether it's photos, computer generated stick figures, or sketches of naked girls and guys from the edges of your notes (when I get a scanner, you'll see mine), I want them all.

See that picture right here? That's mine. Not off Google or any search engine, but mine. Yay me.
That's the kind of stuff I want. Not too much nudity, not too much un-cut sex, but stuff thats sexy, creative, and awesome. Genre based stuff (fetish, posing, etc) is awesome as well.

I'm thinking I could make a contest out of this, and that'd be really awesome, but I can't do shit if no one sends me anything, so I figured I'd start off by begging.

Please send me stuff!!

You know what else would be awesome? Writing.

This, I think, will become a contest, and I'll post details soon, but let me give you an idea of what I'm thinking.

Have any of you ever used this Digital Post-It Note Generator? I just re-discovered it today, and I just love it's random useless awesomeness.
So I want to use it. And I want you all to use it with me.

In any format from the Generator, write a short (really short) bit of erotica. Really, it's not going to be more than a sentence, maybe two, because Post-Its are small (duh). Write up something short, smart, and sexy, and email the image to me ASAP. It could even be a tiny bit of a poem, or even a haiku ^-^

If you don't want to use the Generator, you're welcome to be creative and do it your own way, as long as it's still a short, sexy sentence on a Post-It Note. Whether that means you using photo-shop or paint, or just writing it up on a real Post-It and scanning it, or even drawing/painting a picture of a post-it with your sentence on it and scanning that to me, whatever floats your boat.

I'll post more with details later, especially about the writing thing. But get your ideas flowing and, if you want to just do it, go ahead and email me at sinsekret@gmail.com.

Oh, and I want to mention this now, before I completely forget again.

PhoneGirl, author of the wonderful A Phone Sex Life, has an interview/survey on her blog about Phone Sex, and a while back I took the time to fill it out, just for the hell of it. She recently posted it up, and if you'd like to see it drop by there to learn about me and my sexual fetishes I encourage you to go :) She has a great page, you should see it.
She also did a very flattering review of Sin's Secret a little while after that, which was lovely of her ^-^


Edit:: I'd also like to mention, that if you want to actually write your sentence on an actual Post-it and actually mail it to me, I'd love it as well. It'd be awesome to put these up on my wall. So, if you don't have a scanner, don't want to use a generator, and wants to mail me their actual Post-it, email me for an address to send it to. <3


Phone Girl said...

Hey babe,
Love the picture.....I might have to send you one but it has to remain anonymous....lol. I'll send you some others I have to...look for those some time this week.

Love this site as you know, been so busy with other things but I will be entering any contest. You should really look into Entrecard, your traffic will go up lots. Think on it.

So here is my kiss....well I like to slowly lick....lmao!

Clarisse Teagen said...

This is such a brilliant idea.. I like it. Ok. Let me talk to my boyfriend and see how it goes ok. :D

Did you come up with it by yourself?
Oh sin... it's me alexis-marie. Had to change blog. :)

SinSecret said...

Well, I've been desperate for pictures, and while a mini
photo shoot" with W the other day, and finding a bunch of submitted pics on other sites, I decided to ask for images.
And the post-it contest came from me stumbling upon the generator for the millionth time.


da mon said...

Love the not to much thoughts for the pictures. No so no just saying there is a limit. And the post-t note generators is cool to.

So if this does turn into a contest what will be the prize. You can't have a contest without a prize. you know a sin teddy bear, a signed picture. something :)

just a thought, be safe & love you girl.

Anonymous said...