Friday, September 19, 2008

Two Wonderful Entries and A Cute Giggle

[20:32] Sin:
so, you sent the pics to the wrong email address, but haven't bothered to resend it to the right address?

[20:32] Kay: nuh-uh
[20:32] Kay: thats the address you gave tardo
[20:32] Sin:
[20:32] Kay: i think so...i just copied and pasted from your blog
[20:32] Sin: well it's not there
[20:33] Kay: ugh
[20:33] Sin: oh
[20:33] Sin: never mind
[20:33] Sin: hahahahahahahaha
[20:33] Sin: you're spam
[20:35] Sin:

[20:35] Kay: haha

[20:35] Kay: wow
[20:36] Sin: spam spam spam
[20:36] Sin:
[20:36] Kay: shut up XD
[20:37] Sin: I always knew you were
[20:37] Kay: you are such a whore XD
[20:37] Sin: >.< Just a random and odd conversation between Kay and I. And two of the wonderful Post-it submissions ^-^ The first, up at the top, is from my wonderful reader, D Man, and the second is from lovely Kay herself.

I'm being lazy again, and I'm sorry, but please don't forget to stop by Sunday for Kay's guest post, and don't forget to send me your Post-Its!!!

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