Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Anti-Abortion Day, duh.

Oh, I almost forgot. You mustn't forget to celebrate National Sanctity of Human Life Day, which, according to almost-ex-Pres Bush, is today (to be fair, it wasn't his idea first).

Yes, how delightful, a day essentially condemning anyone who actually uses logic and supports female medical rights (especially those hell-condemned young heathens who've already had abortions!). It's funny, isn't it? That with all the economic, foreign, and other (actually important) problems the so-called leader could be dealing with, instead he's spent the last few weeks specifically pointing out and bashing women's health rights. For "God", of course.
Of course, the sanctity of life only matters if you haven't been born yet. If you have been, or you're foreign (that is, of a different religion), he doesn't give a damn. How sweet.

I wonder if he'll let all the troops he's shipped off have the day off. You know, to protect the sanctity of their lives.

So, in honor of this ridiculous day, I'd like to take this opportunity to list a whole bunchness of websites I can find that are about contraceptives, abortion, and women's health information.

Hurray for Anti-Abortion Day, now get informed, dammit.

Planned Parenthood
(of course)
Abortion Clinics Online (wouldn't it be weird if abortion numbers doubled today? Not encouraging or anything, but it'd be ironic?)
Contraception Guide (because you should always know)
Let's Talk About Abortion (a great little manifesto about why abortion isn't wrong)
Healthy Women.Org (because it's all about women's health, really)
Scarleteen (sex education for the real-life teen)
AVERT Teen Contraceptives (Anti-AIDs site gives birth control info)
Trojan Condoms (Maybe you should save that sperm, it's life too, right?)
Durex (the condom brand that just keeps on growing...)
Women's Health Dept (branch of the US Dept of H&HS)
Eden Fantasys (reDiscover Sex, remember?)
One Healthy Lifestyle (Contraceptive information)
Population Council (Information on lifestyle choices, including EC)

Oh, and since I wanted to make sure to have this up, the first Sunday Sex Positions will be posted tomorrow morning, instead of today. Sorry >.<'
Have fun, Play safe, Keep your Choices.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that Bush is full of shit. Not everyone that's against abortion is like that, though. I'm against it, but I still think that women have the right to be informed and at least use contraception.
I mean PREVENTING pregnancy is different from having an abortion, if more women had the right to be informed about that, they could prevent it, and in other words not even need an abortion in the first place.
Those clinics also give information about adoption plans, and those idiots who are constantly walking over their own words DO know that.
I love how you point out things like that, Sin, and I think this blog is great. Keep it up! <3

Phone Girl said...

Wow...we are supposed to celebrate what again? People who don't believe in abortion? Is that it, it is the day that we say "hey thanks for not supporting a woman's choice" is that it? Wow...

Hmmm, thats all I have to

Love the links, I agree we should worry more about preventing pregnancies where women will be faced with that decision instead of saying "fuck you killer of your baby" and "we'll give a holiday to the people who don't know what they are talking about".

Dreaptha said...

I'm extremely conflicted over abortion.

Part of me believes in freedom and the right to do what you want but the other part believes life begins at conception and thus abortion = killing a human being. What about the baby? Does it have a right to choose life? I don't know. Is it murder? I don't know.

I don't know the correct answer. Something happened to me a few years ago that changed me from pro-choice to I think probably pro-life. I might have to write a blog post about it and try to figure out just what I actually think about it.


Anonymous said...


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