Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bye Bye Entrecard

No Top Droppers for this month, or any other month for that matter, because as it turns out Entrecard dropped me.

No idea why they suddenly decided that I was no longer "appropriate" for their "family friendly" site. I mean, I haven't posted any boobs lately, have I?

Either way, I am no longer able to access my account, so don't have my statistics or the nifty advertising opportunities.

Oh well, fuck you too Entrecard. Bite my sexy, inappropriate ass.

In other news, my last day at "the day job" is tomorrow, so starting Monday I'll have more time to do the psuedo-sexy stuff, with sexy things, that you love to hear about. At least, I hope you do.
Until around the 20th, I'll have no other job but this blog, so you'll probably be hearing from me a lot.

Hopeful pieces of interest this month include:

  • The comeback of the Positions of the Week. (although it might be every other week...also maybe an adult product of the week, but that's less likely) Yay! That seemed to be something popular that just dissipated as I got lazy...
  • More relationship advice, thanks to me attempting to jump-start a dating column for the paper.
  • An orgasm experiment! I'm considering the idea of seeing how many orgasms I can have in one day (or several days), while still actually getting things done.
  • The last few parts of the Something Sweet To Suck On experiment(hopefully), including garlic, sweet potato, chocolate, and cayenne pepper.
  • My full analysis of the Orgasm Loop, a book about achieving orgasms during sex, which EF sent me to review this past month.
  • A possible new article series about porn! Am currently looking for a porn rental site (if you know of any, drop me a line), for a new group of articles/reviews about porn- for women who don't like porn (and the men/women who love/fuck them).
  • More erotica for your personal enjoyment, if I can cough it up.

February should hopefully see some valentines day posts. Including sexy date ideas, what to have for dinner, and what toys, books, and videos you should have for bedtime. Hopefully February will also see the beginning and end of the series of posts I've been wanting to do about people in the sex industry. It seems like an appropriate time.

Well, that's all for now, see you soon!

Have fun, Play safe.


RBV said...

Entrecard dropped me a long time ago probably for similar reasons...I actually ranted on it here.

Whatever, Entrecard sucks.

Clarisse Teagen said...

Lol!! I can't wait for more sexy ideas. Just got myself a friend with benefits and we're having so much fun.
Bring on the ideas!!!