Sunday, May 17, 2009

$1000 Worth of Sex? Why, Yes, Please!

I stumbled onto a fantastic contest that I couldn't resist going for. It has taken me three days, two different calculators, and one sore-ass back, but I finally have in my "submission".
But really, it was worth it, what wouldn't you sacrifice for a chance at $1000 worth of sex toys!?!?!
Check out the rules here and do one yourself!

My wishlist is a mixture of quantity and quality. The things I have been dying for, some interesting tidbits, and those few things that I just have to try! It's long, I know, but my general lack of funds can sometimes make me a selfish girl...this took days to compile...

BWarm Soy Massage Candle, Fig - Something sensual to start off with, foreplay and romantic light all in one. I've heard amazing things about these and I'd love to have one!

Oralicious Pina Colada - I'm slightly ashamed to say oral isn't part of my general sex life, so I'd really like a few things to bring things up a bit.

Hitatchi Magic Wand
- The ultimate toy that every woman should own, but I don't. How could I not include this???

Body Souffle; Strawberry Creme
- Mmmm, sexual body luxuries. I have these little fantasies about having a dresser/vanity covered in pretty boxes, bottles, and containers full of tasty, sensual, sweet-smelling treats for my body.

Cleopatra's Secret Cream; Peaches & Cream - Another body item, but this one also works as a clitoral stimulater, and it's flavored. Can't say no to that!

Nea (White) - One of those high-priced, absolutely beautiful, luxury vibrators. One I set eyes on this sleek, classy little thing, I practically yearned for it.

Silicone Bunny Buddy - A cute little vibrator that's cheap but looks worth a try.

Clitoral Gel Gentle - I spend a whole lot of money on Clitoral gels, and this is one I would LOVE to try. No menthol!

Lockable Vibrator Case, Large, black - I have always always always wanted one of these nifty toy boxes!

Lockable Vibrator Case, Small, purple - As I said...I've always wanted one...two would be better...especially since this one's great for travel!

Lure for Him - The idea of pheromone colognes and sprays fascinates me, so I'd love to try these out with Coal...

Lure for Her - I could surprise Coal when he gets back from work, looking sexy, tasting sexy (see products above), and smelling oh so sexy. :)

Hopn Rabbitstroker - I've always wanted to try one of the "thrusting" rabbits!

I-Vibe Suction Cup Rabbit - From what I've seen, these rabbits don't run too strong, but I'm so intrigued by the use of the suction cup...mmm..riding away on it... I've always wanted to try it. :-D

GiGi, Deep Rose - I actually put back a few things so that I could add this, I just couldn't help it. The most expensive thing on here, this is an orgasm treat I would love to add to my tiny collection.

Trix for Chix - An interesting little cutie that I had to add. What a delight it would be with that little bitty tip!

Krystal's Strobing Bunny Vibrator - I'm not sure why I have so many Rabbit's on this list, because it's not uncommon for them to not work on me. They just appeal to me so much!

Heart Shaped Breast Massager - My nipples aren't generally sensitive unless I'm really really turned on. Maybe these can help...

Naughty Nano IPod Vibrator - The OhMiBod's sibling, I can't resist craving this thing too!

Pocket Rocket Plus - Yet another one of those toys that no girl should be without, so why don't I have one!! Especially with my clitoral problem, a toy this strong should definitely be in my purse at all times.

Playful Pleasures - Another cute little thing I'd love to try out!

Aphrodisiac Oil Exotic Fruit - Yet another small sexual luxury I'd love to have (and see- isn't it pretty?) on my dresser.

Sweet Surrender D & S Game - I don't usually go for sex-based games, but as someone highly interested in the "other side" of everyday sexuality, this caught my attention.

Astroglide 1 Ounce- Just a cheap add-on, to use with all the lovely products.

Afterglow Multi-pack Toy and Personal Tissues - Nifty little things for both your toys and yourself! To clean up afterwards...

And, lastly, the thing I want the absolute MOST!!

OhMiBod Music Driven Vibrator - Ever since this thing came out I've wanted this little baby so much I fantasize about it! I've heard mixed reviews abou it, but only an explicit lack of funds has kept me from it, and there's little else I want as much as!

If the calculation on my over-sized calculator is right, this all comes to $999.34
Hope they aren't including tax or shipping on that budget, I'm cutting it close! >.<

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