Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wonders of Planned Parenthood

So, I know I promised I was officially back, and then sort of disappeared again, but I promise I have been busy. For the most part. I mean, Plants Vs Zombies hasn't taken up all my time, I swear! I have actually done things!
I got my day-job back, am modeling for summer school in the mornings, and just did a new review! See? Progress.

On a random note, anyone notice how many new fairly hard-core BDSM things have just arrived on the EF site? It's crazy. From ball gags to hobbles to bridles to reins, it's crazy! And neat.

Tomorrow's HNT should be up around noon, but in the meantime, I just got back from my first visit to Planned Parenthood.
You'd think I would've gone sooner, being how much I support them and tout their greatness all the time, but I've always gone to doctors and clinics, and it never occurred to me to go somewhere different (I also kind of forgot we had one).

With many problems happening with my insurance, and a complete lack of birth control pills, I was desperate. The doctor at the clinic wouldn't prescribe more until I got an "annual", and I knew my insurance wouldn't pay for an annual, and though I took 2 from the pharmacy last month, my second has gone conveniently missing, so I was SOL.
I knew the Health Dept wouldn't book me immediately, and even if they did, I didn't want to wait four hours to be seen, then get a huge bill 6 months later when my insurance once again decides not to pay for it. So I asked one of the Twins at work how PP works for them, and she recommended I call.
People, this place is a life-saver! Use it!

Firstly, condoms. Condoms condoms condoms everywhere! Free for the snatching, grabbing, or shyly slipping into one's purse. Also, those "Just Wear It" stickers, I always wondered where people got them! Now I know, and Coal proudly sports one on his car. I think when I go back I'll pick up some more.

Secondly, it was fast. I called at one, I got an appointment at three. I filled out the paperwork, waited ten minutes, and got in. Sat for five minutes, had my stats taken, talked, got my pills, and went home. I've never had any kind of clinic visit go so fast.
A large part of this was because mine was a "HOPE" visit; one without any medical tests like pap smears or anything. As I said, insurance wont pay for it, so I might as well not do it until someone can.

Money wise, the visit cost $60, as a pay-now discount. If I'd tried to use insurance it would have cost almost twice as much, and I would have ended up with a giant bill in a few months when the insurance decided not to pay it. They claim my Dysmenorrhea (what I take BC for) is not a "medical" problem, so they wont pay for the consultation to get the pills to control it.
Whatever. Fuck them. I'm getting new insurance soon, hopefully, anyway.
So, I coughed up my last hundred and paid my discounted bill, along with the discounted price for my new pills. Not the exact ones I was on, but the name brand of them.
They weren't as cheap as the Health Dept ($21, where the HD has most for around $5), but still, I'm not complaining. I get the prescription (I think they called it a subscription) for a full year, which means no more finding doctors and clinics and ways to claim I'm getting a pap smear because of STD symptoms.

This place rocks, I love it. Please use it people!

I've rambled enough so I'm gonna go, but seriously, today was a good Birth Control day for me, and I feel a lot of relief about the future of my "family planning". Hurray for PP.

Have fun, Play Safe!

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Palette-Owl said...

Glad things worked out, I definitely know insurance iz a biyatch. ^.^

mckhoii said...

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erotictoys said...

i'm happy for you guys... i think it's very responsible to plan things...

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ElizabethBell said...

You really need to delete some of these comments and maybe update... Also, do you have to "find reasons" to get a pap smear every year? I mean, it IS recommended by every doctor in the United States that females should get a pap smear every year after they hit puberty. Does your insurance hate you that much?! Oh well, they are dicks anyways. Love you!

DominaDoll said...

Hello Sin,

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