Friday, January 22, 2010

Missing (You)

As is obvious, this blog has essentially fallen into the sad place that blogs go when they aren't given enough attention.

Some time over the summer, with work and my ever changing home life (I now have puppies, dont-cha-know), writing took a back seat. And with many of my friends graduating or otherwise disappearing, it seemed I had less and less support from those around me. It didn't help that comments and the like had dwindled yet again, lowering motivation even further.

I started this blog with the hopes of encouraging safe sex practices while still showing how fun sex can be. And although it evolved into more of a focus on the fun than the safe, I had fun doing it.

I don't want to say this blog is over and done with, but it's definitely going to continue on it's long hibernation. Hopefully one day I'll feel like writing again, and perhaps I'll find someone to write for.

Have fun, Stay safe.
~Sin Secret


Anonymous said...

we'll wait, it's fine. what kind of dog? oh I'm not logged in today. :(

Candy said...

You ought to moderate your comments to keep spammers and ads away....

Spanknsparkle said...

Hi Sin, perhaps we should make a writing pact, then the blogging world would be a better place?

SnS xxx