Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Stormy's SlimLine" Review Posted

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Two "finally!"s from EdenFantasys today.

First, my first Toy assignment was finally approved and it'll be shipped soon (I hope). It's a mini rabbit vibrator (like a full rabbit but without the insertable part).
Be assured you'll be told all about it when it gets here!

Second, finally posted a new review after buying a new toy the other day with W. It's a simple Slim Vibrator made my Wicked Essentials and California Exotic, and having the line name of Porn Actress "Stormy", with a sleek shape and classy silver look. Unfortunately it's not very powerful at all and definitely isn't my favorite. Wasn't at all strong enough for couples play, and took forever when I tried it solo.

But it'd still be great for you to check out the Review and drop me a comment if you'd like (either here or there; whatever). Especially if you've used it and have something to say about it too.

Did I mention I got my first sexual proposal last week? It was interesting.
"i would love to buy you a vibrator and watch u use it. or even better help you use it xxx"
This, of course, was after I posted a whole bunch of things begging for a vibrator. Of course I said no; A. I'm not single, B. I don't do this to get laid, C. I don't pick up people online. But still, it was amusing and kind of cute and (in a way) weirdly flattering.

I know this is a short post, but I figure the long review should keep you busy. I'll be back (hopefully) Friday with something more fun and interesting ^-^.



Phone Girl said...

Remember me? Love your site, and LOVVEEE sex toys... can't wait to get more, well I have almost everything...rabbits are great but right now I'm addicted to my Hitachi Magic Wand. Any way....just wanted to drop a kiss....oh and having internet proposals are great.

sarahann said...

I'm going to have to try and find it online, but I have been through like... 3/4 vibrators before this one, and omg its powerful. LOL

Sex Doll said...

I have to agree with you there, that Stormy vibe is pretty worthless in the vibration department.

Sex Toys said...

Well.. sex with a vibrator is better than no sex at all - look forward to the full story.