Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Appreciative Moment

I have no real entry or article or witty spout of words for you today, and I apologize, but I would like to mention blogger Stuck In My Head, and thank her (I'm pretty sure its a her >.<' ).

I found her blog Shouldn't Life Be More Than This after she put up a link to me in a post referencing blogs she'd read. Along with a link to my latest post about McCain she wrote a basic description and bit of opinion.
I don't normally mention blogs that link me, or I trade links with, but I wanted to point out how much I appreciate that she mentioned me in her blog. It's the first time anyone has (as far as I know), and I see it as an honor to be thought of and something of a milestone on my blogging journey.
Thank you. :)

So, I recommend checking out SLBMTT (because it is a good read; with Def Poetry clips, news info, and well written descriptions and personals) and thank you for stopping by, I'll have something up for you as soon as possible (hopefully tomorrow night).


Alexis-Marie said...

I know how you feel :) It's always nice to be appreciated

Stuck in my head said...

Thanks for the mention and link.

You wrote a good commentary about issues on a candidate that most people would not hear about in the mainstream media.

I felt was only logical that I link to it.